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United Parcel Service

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  • 4. What do you fell is the motivation behind UPS and its attention to the natural environment in which it exists?
  • 5. From Small Business to Big Business The motivation behind UPS is Because building a business is about having a vision and the will to succeed. The businesses started as small and have since become icons of the business world.
  • 6. 1. UPS continues to seek ways to improve its sustainability efforts and respect the natural environment in which it operates.2. UPS is not only impacting its own operations but is also displaying a sincere interest in protecting the natural environment and providing its customers with an opportunity to do the same.
  • 7. UPS is an Efficient Supply Chain is a Great business has its own unique needs and challenges. To remain competitive, you need a design for your supply chain that capitalizes on the most efficient methods available for sourcing, manufacturing, transporting, fulfilling orders, and managing returns.Whether you own your network assets or outsource your logistics and transportation, UPS can make their supply chain, more efficient, saving your time and money.
  • 8. UPS offers a variety of services that tie distribution tactics to their companys strategic goals. They are looking for ways to reconfigure their distribution network to accommodate carbon-reduction strategies.
  • 9. 1. To maintain efficiency on the ground they use a variety of strategies like telematics a set of technologies innovated by UPS to monitor vehicle performance; mile-reduction plans; and testing and implementation of alternative technology vehicles like composite car.2. As the worlds largest package delivery company,they have a lot of experience with packaging and canhelp their customer to become more environmentallyefficient with their own packaging. Their PackageDesign and Test Lab can help to make their shippingmaterials more environmentally responsible. They lookat content, configuration and even the closure methodand measure their effectiveness.
  • 10. The companies involved specialize in the time definitedelivery of packages and documents throughout the world.UPS is able to compete by differentiating its product whilemaintaining cost effectiveness. UPS strength is in its ability to integrate its distribution and information systems to provide unique transportation solutions at competitive prices UPS has established itself as a leader in this field, which has allowed the company to expand its expertise.
  • 11. UPS and downturn of economy UPS could effectively manage its operations through such significant downturn in the economyKurt Kuehn(CFO)says: (it was really just a process of having every function and every business unit realize that theyve got to find a way to managetheir costs to whatever level the revenue is goingto come in. Finance stepped up and took a strong leadership role and helped every business andevery function begin to read and develop plans to stay afloat and be prudent during this big downturn).
  • 12. In 2009 UPS joint ventures with a Turkish partner to more effectively reach the markets in the Mediterranean republic.11 Scott Davis( UPS CEO) revealed a major restructuring that included 1,800 management and administrative layoffs. Announcing plans to furlough at least 300 of the companys 2,800 pilots. These cuts com on the heels of a 4% reduction in UPSs 408,000 strong global workforce in 2009. UPS has positioned itself to withstand the recent economic downturn and continue to operate efficiently and at a profit.
  • 13. The company says it is also cutting spending on strategic investments by an additional $200 million, bringing the total to just below $2 billion in 2009. While the downturn of economy, UPS was expansion its market domestically. UPS chairman and CEO Scott Davis said, As economic activity deteriorated throughout the world during the quarter, we managed costs while maintaining our excellent service to our customers
  • 14. Challenges that UPS faced inestablishing itself in new market:UPS began the process of transformation.UPS started at the basic leveltaking ahard look at their core competencies andexpertise.
  • 15. UPS was prepared to meetchallengesUPS has been able to maketremendous strides because of theiropen and consensus-based companyculture.
  • 16. Conclusion UPS has done a remarkable job ofleveraging their core competencies forthe new world of e-commerce.UPS has been aggressive in finding newrevenue streams with existing and newcustomers.