Social Wendy Group | Owned Media Channel Update | June 2013

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Please enjoy this content collection especially created for the Digital CMO by the team at Social Wendy Group. Social Wendy Group At the Social Wendy Group, we have deep front and backside owned media channel expertise. Huh? In simple English, we have business development expertise on the following social channels: Conversation Channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare; and Content Channels including YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Flickr, and SlideShare. We collaborate with our clients and their teams… typically becoming an extension of them. This allows us to capitalize on their knowledge and create efficiencies in our communication & marketing development processes. This process is at the core of our success- we build what you want and what we envision together. We are talented and intentionally lean. Your team is assembled based on your project/campaign needs, and with what your team or other related resources can already provide. There’s no need to duplicate effort- why not build off current or successful work, and train your current team members in the process. We work with some of the biggest multinational organizations, including 3M Healthcare on Innovative Global Projects. We understand the strategy, technology, and operations needed to create and operationalize global marketing initiatives. Social Frontier™ Here at the Social Wendy Group we are pioneers, dare we say it guides, on the Social Frontier™. Our team readily travels with you to the edge of the digital frontier with our deep social knowledge- that is, what is happening now and what is next. In the Social Frontier™ you will find an easily-consumable set of tools, models, and learnings to translate your digital roadmap to date. And, to provide the seeds of framework for an effective and efficient strategy to navigate the current digital frontier. This is not a comprehensive guide… Our corporate clients and colleagues aren’t looking for textbooks to bring with them on their journey. They are looking for guideposts, like breadcrumbs to validate the unknown path they are simultaneously creating and following. Get more information on the Social Wendy Group at and connect with us on Twitter - @socialwendypr

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  • Owned Media Channel UpdateJune 2013
  • PRIMERThe hashtag has become almost ubiquitousas the means to connect with an audience so much so that Facebook was all butforced to adopt them simply to stay relevantwith the way we now communicate withbrands. By Andy White, Guest Contributor June 23, 2013Heres why: Its all about the second-screen audience.Data from Nielsens latest research shows that nearly half ofsmartphone owners and tablet owners (46 percent and 43 percent,respectively) said they use their devices as second screens whilewatching TV every day. And nearly half of that activity on tablets isdirectly related to the shows theyre watching (one-third forsmartphone users).Facebook Launches Clickable Hashtags
  • Hashtags EmbeddingVine is the best way to see and share life inmotion. Create short, beautiful, loopingvideos in a simple and fun way for yourfriends and family to see. Unlimited uploads and free Instantly post videos on Vine, then share toTwitter and Facebook (more coming soon!) Find, follow, and interact with people closeto you Explore trending posts, featured hashtagsand editors picksVine supports iPhone 3GS and higher.[ | 6.13]AnalyticsSocial Wendy Group LLC 2012-13 | Creative Commons Attribution | www.socialwendygroup.comPRIMERVine brings Short-form Video to Twitter
  • Resources & LinksToday, were thrilled to introduce Video on Instagram and bring youanother way to share your stories. When you go to take a photo onInstagram, youll now see a movie camera icon. Tap it to enter videomode, where you can take up to fifteen seconds of video through theInstagram camera.Youll also find that weve added thirteen filters built specifically forvideo so you can keep sharing beautiful content on Instagram. Whenyou post a video, youll also be able to select your favorite scenefrom what youve recorded as your cover image so your videos arebeautiful even when theyre not playing. [ | 6.13]Social Wendy Group LLC 2012-13 | Creative Commons Attribution | www.socialwendygroup.comPRIMER