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28 days that will jumpstart a healthier Happy Hour presentation.pdf · PDF file 28 days that will jumpstart a healthier you ! Our hope is that this becomes a lifestyle change of health

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  •   28 days that will jumpstart a healthier you   Our hope is that this becomes a lifestyle change of

    health and wellness for you and your family. Knowledge is Power! When you know better, you will do better.

      This is NOT a fad diet, or a rapid weight loss program. Common thinking is if you lose weight you will get healthy, but in reality, if you get healthy, the weight takes care of itself.

      The detox will reveal foods that are sabotaging your health, we will reprogram your body to efficiently remove toxins, reset your metabolism, reduce food cravings and renew your skin!

      There are no “points” or counting calories, fat grams etc.

      Light exercise is suggested but not required, you CAN NOT out exercise a bad diet.

  •   We will provide daily support through your coach, and a private Facebook Support Group, accountability, encouragement, education, weekly meal plans, shopping lists and so much more!

      We will teach you: ›  How to eat clean (No, its NOT boring!) ›  What foods to remove for the 28 days that may be

    causing negative effects on your body and WHY ›  How to increase your nutritional intake ›  How to balance your blood sugar ›  How to support your elimination organs and

    effectively remove toxins from your body ›  How to reincorporate foods back into your diet AFTER

    the 28 days is completed to see if you have intolerances.

  •   A toxin is anything your body can not use as energy   GMOs - Genetically Modified Organisms are plants that

    have been changed on a molecular level to withstand pesticides and herbicides that are sprayed on our crops. The problem is if you CHANGE our food it is no longer the same and our bodies don’t know how to process it anymore, and instead of being nutritious it is now a toxic to our bodies.

      Toxins can come from your food, environment, skincare, haircare etc. Virtually anything you put in or on your body, if it is not helping your body, it is harming it.

    Fit Fact: We don’t lose weight to get healthy,

    We get healthy and lose weight!

  • ¤  We plateau in traditional weight loss programs because we don’t eliminate the toxic influx.

    ¤  The faucet is on and is bringing toxins in the body. If the drain is clogged, the tub will gradually fill up and spill over the sides (i.e., muffin top). Then we grab a mop (prescriptions) to clean up the mess! What we do in our detox is turn down the faucet by taking in less toxins, and we unclog the drain so everything is flowing smoothly.

  •   Focus on eating REAL food   Grass-fed beef, without hormones or

    antibiotics.   Free-range chicken or turkey that are not fed

    grains, hormones, antibiotics, etc.   Cage-free eggs.   Wild caught fish, i.e. salmon.   Organic fruits and vegetables.   Healthy complex carbohydrates, i.e. brown

    rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes.   Healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil,

    avocados, almond butter, etc.


    Fit Fact: Eating a CLEAN, anti-inflammatory diet helps the body release toxins.

  •  Many of the common foods we eat have negative effects on our body and we chalk it up to “normal”.

     Did you know that foods you eat can cause drainage, stuffy nose, allergies, bloating, gas?

      The foods you crave mostly likely are the ones that have the most negative effect on


  • ›  No preservatives or additives ›  No pesticides, hormones, antibiotics ›  No dairy, gluten, corn, soy or whey ›  No refined sugar ›  No coffee or alcohol ›  No artificial flavors or sweeteners - Aspartame is

    a poison and has been linked to over 90 medical conditions including memory loss, headaches, fibromyalgia, MS, joint pain, Parkinson's, chronic fatigue etc. ›  No white foods - no white potatoes, white rice,

    white flour, white sugar, etc. ›  No vinegar (except apple cider vinegar)

  •   Refined Sugar – ›  Daily intake of sugar causes a continual acidic state. ›  It leaches the body of precious vitamins & minerals.

      Dairy – ›  Causes bloating, gas, belly pain. ›  Only 30% of calcium in milk is absorbed. ›  You get twice as much from a cup of broccoli or other

    leafy greens. ›  Whey protein is a derivative of dairy. It is the most popular

    and cheapest form of protein available. Thought to help build muscle, but very difficult to digest. Arbonne protein has complete amino acid profile which includes the 3 amino acids for muscle building.

    Fit Fact: Whey is a major contributor to intestinal toxemia which leads to the overgrowth of bacteria toxemia can lead to IBS or Crohn’s Disease.

  •   Gluten – ›  Estimated 50% of population has some sort of

    intolerance to gluten. ›  Difficult to digest. ›  Causes inflammation (bloating or “pot belly”). ›  Decreases immune system, causes loss of energy,

    clogged sinuses & slow weight gain.   Soy – ›  Highly processed crop. ›  Acidic and difficult to digest. ›  Can mimic the effects of female hormones.

    Fit Fact: Drinking 2 glasses of soy milk daily for one month has enough

    of the chemical to alter a woman’s menstrual cycle

  •   When you eat clean, you correct your pH.   All food is either alkaline or acidic forming.   If your body is more acidic, you are more prone to

    diseases, illnesses, bacteria & viruses   Everything you put IN your mouth is filtered through

    your liver and everything you put ON your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream within 26 seconds and filtered through the liver as well.

      Your skin care/personal care products are just as important as what you eat! What are you putting on your skin?

      Arbonne’s products correct the pH inside and outside – Integrated Anti-Aging!

  •   Eating sugar AND acidic carbohydrates (simple carbs such as bread, crackers, cookies, fruit, white potatoes, etc.) causes the body to secrete insulin.

      Insulin signals the body to bring the blood sugar down and to hold on to fat.

      Low blood sugar causes cravings.   “Scientists have established that anything that cases a rise in

    our blood sugar results in inflammation and inflammation is at the basis of virtually every disease process.” Dr. Nicholas Perricone

      Some general recommendations for sustaining blood sugar: ›  Eat at regular intervals, about every 3-4 hours, including 3

    meals & 1-3 snacks daily. ›  Avoid skipping meals and eating excessively large portions

    of refined carbohydrates. ›  Eat balanced snacks or meals that include whole foods

    containing protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy and high quality fats, and fiber. THAT'S ARBONNE!!!

  •   Our bodies eliminate toxins through multiple pathways: liver, kidneys, intestines and skin.

      The liver has over 500 functions and detoxifying is it’s primary function

      The kidney filter over 200 quarts of blood every day

      The intestines can hold up to 5-25 pounds of waste at any given time

      All of our elimination organs need a “tune- up” and proper maintenance. If given the proper nutrients and supplements our bodies can actually heal themselves.

  •   All of Arbonne’s products are Pure, Safe & Beneficial.

      They are all alkaline forming, pH correct, low- glycemic certified (safe for diabetics), vegan certified, and our standard exceed those of the FDA.

      Arbonne Essentials products are formulated without animal products/byproducts, dairy, gluten, soy, GMO’s, cholesterol, trans fats, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

      You’ll see that our products support a busy lifestyle and are less expensive than grocery shopping or eating out!

  •   20 grams of vegan protein ›  Yellow peas, brown rice and cranberries ›  Having yellow peas at a meal help people stay

    full longer   20 essential vitamins and minerals   13 grams of Complex Carbohydrates (the

    good carbs)   Drink 1-2 a day   Can be used as a meal replacement or

    after workout recovery shake   Full amino acid profile which makes for

    great lean muscle building

  •   Replacement for coffee, soda, energy drinks, black tea, sweet drinks, etc.

      Alkaline forming   Burn stored calories   Only energy drink that will suppress

    appetite, boost metabolism, and increase energy

      No sugar, artificial sweetener or high fructose corn syrup.

      1-3 a day

  •   Promotes digestion and increases nutrient uptake   80% of your immune system is in your gut   80% of serotonin is in your gut(responsible for mood,

    libido, sleep, appetite and memory)   Nearly all skin conditions start in the gut   Contains Prebiotics, Probiotics and 11 Digestive


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