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    From To

    1. Glossary of MES Terms 1 6

    2. Minor Wks, Revenue Wks & Low Budgeted Wks 7 9

    3. Capital Wks 10 12

    4. Spl Items of Wks 13 13

    5. Maint of Bldgs 14 15

    6. Maint of Rds 16 16

    7. Furniture 17 18

    8. Summer and Winter Appliances 19 20

    9. Dem of Bldgs 21 22

    10. Arboriculture 23 24

    11. Financial Control 25 27

    12. Electricity/Water Saving Measures 28 31

    13. Improvements to OTM Accn 32 35

    14. Mod Line Plans Md Accn 36 36

    15. Zonal Plan/Master Plan/Civic Amenities/ Facilities 37 41

    16. Md Accn Proj 42 54

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    From To

    APower to sanction Capital Wks and Preparation cumscrutiny of rough cost and AEs

    55 55

    B Auth of Funds for Maint & Spl Repairs Bldgs 56 56

    C Auth of Funds for Maint & Spl Repairs Rds 57 57

    D Life of Furniture & Auth of Maint Fund 58 58

    E Auth of Summer and Winter Appliances 59 60

    F Power to Sanction Dem of Bldgs 61 61

    P Drg No CESC/SK 479 Sh No 1/2 62 62

    Q Drg No CESC/SK 479 Sh No 2/2) 63 63

    R Drg No CESC/SK/481/2003 Sh No 1/2) 64 64

    S Drg No CESC/SK/481/2003 Sh No 2/2) 65 65

    T Drg No CESC/SK/473/MAP/2004(R) 66 66

    U Drg No CESC/SK/474/MAP/2004(R) 67 67

    V Drg No CESC/SK/492/2003 68 68

    W Drg No CESC/SK/493/MAP/2003 69 69

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    1. Accn Statement Part I. It contains statement of auth (category-wise) formanpower, vehs, arms, eqpt of a unit/sub-unit or fmn as laid out in WE/PE, WET/PET or through separate Govt orders. Preparation of this statement is Staff resp.

    2. Accn Statement Part II. It contains statement showing accn auth for pers,wpn, eqpt and veh based on str given in Accn Statement Part I, accn held againstauth and balance accn to be constr. The statement is prepared jointly by Staff andthe MES.

    3. Adm Approval. Adm Approval means sanction by the CFA to the exec oforiginal wk at a stated cost. Adm Approval will be conveyed by a letter specifying thesource from which funds will be provided, whether the wk is auth or spl, quoting

    specific auth or reasons for approving spl wks.

    4. Al lo tment of Funds. Amt which can be physically spend during the FY onthe wk services.

    5. Approx Est imate. Estimate of cost of wks and services incl in the BPsprepared by Competent Engineer Authorities (CEA) based on the approved scales,specifications and priced on Std Schedule of Rates (SSR) brought upto date takinginto acct the escalation, market variation and difference in cost of stores (MV andDCS).

    6. Agency Wk. Wk executed by MES for other users (who wk primarily for DefServices) like Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, CDA, CSD Department etc withconsent of the CFA without payment of departmental charges and without increase ofsanctioned est.

    7. Arbi trat ion. Disputes arising out of the contract which can not be resolvedbetween the department and the contractor are referred to arbitration during thecurrency or after completion of wk for decision. Arbitrator as per arbitrationagreement is an offr of the department who gives award after hearing both theparties.

    8. Auth Wks. Services auth by the Govt in regulations or by separate ordersof gen or specific nature as laid down in Scale of Accn for Def Services 1983 or anyother auth issued by the GOI are auth wks.

    9. Bd Proceedings. Document outlining justification and details of wkservices proposed to be constructed incl Accn Statements Part I and Part II , roughcosting, engr appre and site plan, based on the terms of ref set out by the CFA toenable engrs to prepare detailed estimate which forms part of sanction of wk.

    10. Carry Over Liability. Value of wk which is to be paid after end of the FY, istermed as carry over liability. This liability is to be catered for first, while working out

    fund reqmts of the ensuing FY.

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    11. Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs (CCPA)/Cabinet Committee onSecuri ty (CCS) Projs. All projs costing more than Rs. 50 crore need approval ofCCPA/CCS for accepting the liability of the expdr. CCPA/CCS paper contains aDetailed Proj Report (DPR) which gives details of total accn required, No of phases tobe constr yr-wise along with the cash flow, details of spl items incl the reqmt of

    sanction in normal way as per approved phases.

    12. Ceiling. This is the financial limit up to which the Govt accepts the liability tocommit expdr on wk services. This should not be mixed up with allotment of funds,which is different.

    13. Competent Financial Auth (CFA). Offrs vested with Financial Powersunder Govt orders for activities connected with wk services are called CFAs. Theresp of CFA incl sanction /release of wks, sanction of re-appropriation /dem,regularization of losses of MES, purchase /sale of stores etc.

    14. Competent Engineer Auth (CEA). Offr in MES vested with powers as laiddown by Govt, to give tech advice to CFAs, to plan, issue tech sanctions and tofinalize contracts for various wks services, is called CEA.

    15. Corrigendum. Following the Financial Concurrence, the revised AdmApproval is accorded by the CFA covering the part affected by the tender in theshape of a corrigendum. The corrigendum is not based on completion cost as suchthe provision with regard to tolerance limit i.e. 10% is still applicable.

    16. Def Civ Accn. Civs paid from def estimates are auth md accn of 15% of theirstr in various categories at selected stns. The list of these stns is given by Govt ofIndia, Min of Def.

    17. Deposit Wk. Wk executed by MES for other users like Central /State Govtetc on payment of departmental charges after gen/specific consent of the CFA.These also incl wks which are undertaken by other agencies like Electricity Bds, JalNigam etc for Def Wks on their terms as accepted.

    18. Deviation Orders (DOs). Any variation in the contract during exec of a wkis covered by ordering a DOs by engrs on the contractor. These variations are attimes necessary due to site conditions or tech reqmts. These may have plus or

    minus financial affect.

    19. Def Wks Procedure (DWP-1986). In Jun 86, MOD had laid downprocedure for def wks in supersession to revised Wks Procedure. This procedure iscalled DWP-1986, commonly referred to as DWP-86.

    20. Escalation Clause. It is the reimbursement to the contractor due to variationin prices of wages of labour, materials & fuel since the time of receipt of tender. Thisreimbursement is worked out quarterly on the basis of Escalation formul approved byGovt. All contracts harming period of completion more than six months are requiredto have provision of escalation.

    21. Financial Concurrence (FC). It means the acceptance of the CFA to incurexpdr more than catered for in Adm Approval based on the reasonable rates quotedby the lowest tenderer to avoid time and cost over-run of the full or part of the proj.

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    22. Funds. Money allotted by the CFA, based on demand of engrs to bephysically spent during the FY against various heads of accts separately.

    23. Fast Track Proj (FTP). This is a compact procedure adopted selectively for

    faster completion of selected md accn projs by giving go-ahead by CFA andsubmitting estimates on receipt of tenders for approval of CFAs.

    24. Interim Location Plan (ILP). Incls list of fmn, units, sub units though notlisted in KLP of the stn but are physically located due to adm/op reasons for shortdurations. No permt accn can be constr /services provided for such units in the stn.

    25. Key Location Plan (KLP). Gives out a list of fmn, units, sub units, dets to beloc in a stn on permt basis. This is issued by SD Branch on the auth of Govt andforms basis of acquisition of land for such units. Permt accn for KLP units only canbe constr in a stn.

    26. Maj Wks Programme. A list of Capital Wks indicating the scope of wks withrough cost proposed to be sanctioned /released during a particular FY. The wks areput in separate lists of OTM, Centrally Funded Wks, CCPA/CCS wks. OTM wks arefurther listed based on their intended value under Higher CFA/Lower CFA (Comd andbelow). Md accn is being separately sanctioned under MAP procedure.

    27. Master Plan. Total devp of zones incl in Zonal Plan of mil stn to inclorientation of bldgs, open area, layout of rds, external services is called Master plan.

    28. Market Variation. The amt by which the basic cost of wk service, priced onSSR/ED rates, is enhanced to bring the cost at par with the current market rates whilesubmitting the estimates. The addl percentage to be applied is based on acceptedrate of contracts by Zonal CEs.

    29. MES Key Pers Accn. The Md accn in a stn is meant for those staff of MESwhose presence near to their duty pt is considered necessary to maint and opessential services. These pers are called MES Key Pers and are auth accn based onthe Quantification Bd done by Stn HQ.

    30. Maint & Operation Estimates (M&O). All expdr in connection with M&O of

    E/M services is incl in M & O Estimates. These estimates incl water sup, electric sup,refrigeration /air-conditioning, misc (Boilers, Mechanical laundries, Geysers etc) andwages for industrial staff resp to run and maint the instln.

    31. Original Date of Completion (ODC). While issuing the Adm Approval, CFAspecifies the period required to complete the wk services from the date of release ofwk. The date by which a proj is to be completed is called ODC.

    32. Oral Inquiry. Oral inquiry is ordered to give full opportunity to the chargedGovt servant to cross-examine the docu and witnesses related to charges framedagainst him.

    33. Original Wks. Original wks comprises constr of bldg and def wks, theirinternal fixtures together with necessary services such as rds, E/M services, watersup, furniture, drainage, ranges etc.

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    34. Para 10 of DWP. If for urgent mil reasons, delay in issue of Adm Approvalbased on approx estimate (AEs) can not be accepted, the CFA is empowered toorder commencement of wk on essential item of accn prior to issue of Adm Approval.CFA (Lower than Govt of India) under this para may accord `go-ahead sanction

    restricted to collection of proj, piling and reclamation, temp accn for constructionalstaff etc. This will not exceed 20% of rough cost of proj.

    35. Para 11 of DWP. Wk required for op mil necessity or urgent medical grndswhen ref to appropriate CFA may entail dangerous delay, any cdr may ordercommencement of wk by furnishing an order in writing to engr offr concerned. Hewill, however, imdt report this at the earliest possible moment to appropriate CFAinforming imdt cdr concerned at the same time, with copies to CDA. At present,these wks in most of the Comds are sanctioned after obtaining approval of the GOC-in-C Comd.

    36. Para 12 of DWP. In case of imminent danger to bldg or of a breakdown of asup from instlns, when delay would be seriously detrimental to public service, thelocal MES offr will take steps to protect Govt property or the inhabitant. He must atonce report the facts to Superior Engr Auth, local MES Cdr and CDA stating theliability he is incurring.

    37. Plinth Area Rates (PA Rates). Are worked out on applicable SSR based onstd specifications laid out by the E-in-C to enable Wks Offrs to make approxestimates (AEs) by adding MV of relevant quarter and CFA to scrutinize beforesanction of wk.

    38. Probable Date of Completion (PDC). Of the proj as a whole, after the wkhas been released for exec, norms for these have been laid out by the Govt. Theextension of PDC has to be approved by the CFA who sanctioned the wk.

    39. Periodical Services Contract. Contract concluded by GE for annual white-washing /colour-washing /distemper /paintings of bldgs on his charge as per theperiodicity fixed in the MES Regulations. The expdr is debited to Maint Grants.

    40. Qrly Prog Report (QPR). It is a document which contains physical andfinancial prog of all wks sanctioned on the MES up to that qr. Copies of the QPR are

    fwd to all Fmn HQs (CFA) for ease of monitoring the prog of wks. The report is sentfor QE Mar, Jun, Sep and Dec by 10th

    of next month.

    41. Revised Approx Estimate (RAE). It is prepared by the CEA, if there ischange in scope or change in cost of the wk services. Based on the RAE, RevisedAdm Approvals are accorded by the CFA.

    42. Rate Contract. Contract concluded by the DGS&D with the manufacturersfor bulk purchase of stores, by the Govt Departments at rates fixed with mutualconsent for a duration of one yr. These items incl cement, fans, bulbs, refrigerator,air-conditioners, water coolers, pumps etc.

    43. Re-appropriation of Bldgs. This means the use of group of bldgs, a bldg orportion thereof for any purpose other than for which it was originally constructed. Re-

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    appropriation may be temp or permt and without cost or with cost when alterationsare necessary. The complete procedure is laid down in para 15(v) of DWP-86.

    44. Release of Wk. Release of wks for which Adm Approval has been accorded,constitutes auth of the CFA accepting financial liability to the extent of amt of Adm

    Approval. Wk can only commence after being released by the CFA. No release forwks ordered invoking Paras 10,11& 12 of DWP. 86 is required.

    45. Repairs. This comprise of all maint and periodical services, renewal andreplacement as well as alterations necessitated by tech or engg reasons, wk requiredto make good damage to bldgs, rds, instlns and services due to extraordinary causesbut which are still usable are classified as ordinary repairs. Repairs costing morethan Rs 50,000/- are termed as Spl Repairs.

    46. Revised Adm Approval (RAA). It is the revised sanction by the CFA of thesame wk necessitated due to change of scope of wk/cost of service/due to escalation

    /change of rates or for other reason.

    47. Rough Cost. The cost of a wk given by engrs, on not exceeding basis, forthe proposed reqmts and as per selected site. This is done with a view to determinethe CFA for the wk.

    48. Scale of Accn. During the yr 1983, Govt of India, Min of Def had laid downscale of OTM as well as md accn for all three wings of def services. The scales arelaid down in terms of floor areas /plinth areas for all types of accns for various units.These scales are known as Scales of Accn 1983. All the wks covered in the scalesare auth wks and wks not covered in the scales are spl wks. These scales are underrevision keeping in mind the latest technology introduced over the yrs.

    49. Specification. Detailed description of items of wks to be executed as per stdengg practice laid out in a relevant Indian Std.

    50. Std Line Plan. Std layout of bldgs approved by the QMG for md and OTMare to be adopted for constr.

    51. Supplementary Wk. If additions to a sanctioned wk becomenecessary through revision of scales or est or for any other adm reasons, a

    supplementary estimate will be prepared and Adm Approval obtained from CFAcompetent to accord Adm Approval for entire wk, incl both original and supplementarywk. The supplementary wk may be sanctioned based on the statement of casejustifying the necessity and stating reasons for its non-inclusion in the main wk.

    52. Supply & Fix Contract. Contract concluded by CEA only for supplying andfixing of fitments, plants and machinery.

    53. Term Contract (TC). It is a contract concluded by engrs for carrying outrepair wks of stn through wk orders placed on the contractor. TC is valid for a fixedperiod (generally one yr) and at uniform % age on SSR. Services can not be done by

    TC for which separate contract has to be concluded. Minor wks could be exec by theTC. Expdr of TC is debited of Maint Grant /Minor Wks Grant, as the case may be.

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    54. Tolerance Limit . Final cost of a wk may vary within 10% above or below theamt of Adm Approval for which prior sanction of CFA is not required.

    55. Wk Load. It is computed wk load of GE incl Capital, Revenue, Spl Repairs,Minor Wks and the Maint load (incl tariff) in a given ratio. This is the basis for

    sanctioning the est of a wk unit.

    56. Zonal Plan. It is a plan showing space allocation for various KLP units (inclfuture expansion), amenities, town centres, external services. Proposal shouldindicate total conceptual devp plan of the mil stn. Zonal plan (incl its amendment) ofmil str upto 5000 is appd by GOC-in-C and for str more than 10,000 is appd by QMGexcept in case of HQ NC.

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    Minor Wks

    1. These are original auth/spl wks costing up to Rs 1 lakh.

    2. Allotments for minor wks are made in bulk to respective Stn HQs.

    3. These wks are sanctioned by Stn HQs and completed during the same FY.

    4. No Bd of Offrs is to be convened for these wks.

    5. No Approx Estimates (AE) are required for wks costing up to Rs10,000/-

    6. Approx Estimate Part I and Part II are required for the wks costing above Rs10,000/-

    7. Dos.

    (a) Stn Cdr must ensure that all units submit their respective demands forminor wks duly prioritized by Jan/Feb of the previous FY.

    (b) Obtain rough indication of cost for wks up to Rs 10,000/- and for wksabove Rs 10,000/- obtain AE Part I and Part II from GE by 30 May of the FY.

    (c) Stn HQs must prepare a list of the wks priority-wise, based on totalfunds made available in the previous FY.

    (d) Stn HQs should take advice of the GEs before finalizing the list.

    (e) Imdt on receipt of bulk allotment, Stn HQs should sanction andsimultaneously allot full funds for the minor wks based on the list alreadyprepared priority-wise.

    (f) Some amt may be kept as res. However, this res must be released for

    exec well in time by 31 Dec latest, to enable the GE to exec the wk before theend of the FY and also spend the full amt.

    (g) Stn Cdrs should monitor the prog of these wks periodically with theirGEs.

    (h) The wks should be sanctioned in a progressive manner rather than all inone-go and that too at the earliest opportunity after receipt of funds.

    8. DONTs.

    (a) Do not keep funds as res beyond 31 Dec of the FY.

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    (b) Do not expect GE to utilise the funds for wks released towards the endof FY, as he has to go through a No of mandatory steps, which requires adefinite time frame to utilize the funds and to exec the wk.

    (c) Do not sanction /release unauth items of wk.

    (d) The wks on CFAs office and residence has to be sanctioned by nexthigher CFA.

    (e) Do not insist for imdt completion as specified procedure for procurementand tender action is to be followed irrespective of the cost of the wk. Hence,sufficient time is essential to complete the wk.

    Revenue Wks

    9. These are original auth/spl wks costing more than Rs one lakh and up to

    Rs two lakh.

    10. Bulk allotment for these wks as for Minor Wks are recd from Comd HQ/ AreaHQ/Corps HQ, as the case may be.

    11. These wks, unlike Minor Wks, can be carried over to subsequent FY, if notcompleted within the same FY.

    12. BOO is a must for each wk.

    13. AE Part I and Part II are essential documents to sanction the Revenue Wks.

    14. Dos.

    (a) Convene BOO for each wk planned as Revenue Wks.

    (b) Convene BOO for a max of addl 10% allotment of funds of the previousFY.

    (c) BPs for all likely wks which you wish to exec in the FY should becompleted in all respects by 30 Apr. The wks thereafter be sanctioned and

    kept ready for release.

    (d) Release the wks imdt on receipt of funds.

    (e) Monitor the prog of these wks periodically through the GE.

    15. DONTs.

    (a) Do not convene too many BOO. This not only leads to infructuous wkbut also raises undue expectations.

    (b) Do not allot excessive funds for wks released close to or at the end ofthe FY, as it would not be feasible for the GE to utilize the funds.

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    (c) Do not sanction wks which are not permitted in Scales of Accn 1983.

    (d) Do not sanction Spl Wks as a routine to avoid audit objns unlessinescapable.

    (e) Do not insist for imdt completion as specified procedure for tender etcneed definite time irrespective of cost.

    Low Budget Wks (LBW)

    16. These are wks costing more than Rs 2 lakh and upto Rs 10 lakh.

    17. Wks can be sanctioned by any CFA within their power.

    18. These wks can be carried over to the subsequent FY as carry over wks, if notcompleted within the current FY.

    19. Wks that can be sanctioned under LBW, in gen, are :-

    (a) Wks pertaining to op efficiency and security.

    (b) Welfare of tps.

    (c) Improvement to essential services.

    (d) Improvement of functional efficiency in offices.

    (e) Prevention of outbreak of fire and health hazard.

    (f) Original furniture deficiencies in respect of offrs, JCOs & OR accn.

    20. Dos.

    (a) Ensure all units submit proposals duly prioritized with statement ofcases and rough cost by Sep for next FY.

    (b) Convene BOO for wks within the ceiling laid down by Comd HQ for your

    area.(c) Sanction the wks and recommend them for release as per priority.

    (d) Monitor prog of the wks periodically with GE and CWE after the releaseand during their exec.

    21. DONTs.

    (a) Do not have too huge list of wks sanctioned but not released.

    (b) Do not recommend release of wks which have been sanctioned more

    than two yrs ago before reviewing the same.

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    Chapter 3 : CAPITAL WKS

    1. These are wks costing above Rs 10 lakh and are processed by QMG, AHQ asper Maj Wks Programme (MWP) drawn up each yr based on the ceiling allotted forthat particular yr and approved by MOD in MWP.

    2. The financial powers of various Cdrs to sanction these wks and the resp forpreparation and scrutiny of engr docu is given atAppx A .

    3. Pre Adm Approval (sanction) of a wk basically incls the following two stgs :-

    (a) First Stg (Recce-cum-Costing Bd).This stg takes place even beforethe Acceptance of Necessity (AON). During this stg, the BOO determinesbroadly the scope of wk, prepares accn statement, checks siting wrt to zonalplan and wks out the rough cost, basically to determine the CFA.

    (b) Sec Stg (Siting Bds leading to Adm Approval). This stg is done afterthe AON is issued, to determine the detailed siting of each bldg, draw up adetailed lay out plan on the basis of which AEs incl external services areworked out by MES.

    4. Before a wk is initiated for inclusion in MWP, following aspects should bechecked :-

    (a) Def land is available.

    (b) Unit for which accn is planned , is a KLP unit.

    (c) Deficiencies for unit are correctly worked out.

    (d) Wk is not split merely to bring it within powers of any CFA lower thanthe appropriate CFA.

    5. In addition to the above, before the BOO starts its deliberations, the followingshould be checked:-

    (a) Accn sited is in appropriate zone of approved zonal plan.

    (b) Items catered for are as per Scales of Accn 1983. If not, every spl itemshould be supported with statement of case justifying each item.

    (c) Wk is planned in entirety, even if phasing is resorted to. The phasingshould not lower the CFA. Phasing should be avoided as far as possible. Anywk costing less than Rs 20 Crore should preferably be exec in single phase.

    (d) All problems pertaining to site conditions, functional reqmts incl lay out,air-conditioning, humidity control, stand by power arrangement and any otherspl reqmts are considered in detail and proceedings finalized.

    (e) Composn of the BOO is correctly constituted. Members of railways, fireadvisor, state electricity bds etc wherever applicable should be incl by theconvening auth.

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    6. To achieve the above, every Stn HQ must have the following documents :-

    (a) Approved KLP of the stn.

    (b) Approved Zonal Plan.

    (c) Approved master plan of the zones within the stn.

    (d) GLR map showing the status of the land.

    (e) Accn statement Part I, based on updated PE/WE of the units (inapproved KLP).

    (f) Accn statement Part II (This gives the accn auth for each unit, accn heldand balance yet to be constructed).


    7. (a) Ensure availability of approved KLP of the stn.

    (b) Ensure availability of zonal plan.

    (c) Ensure availability of master plan

    (d) Ensure availability of GLR map

    (e) Ensure accn statement Part I is correctly prepared.

    (f) Ensure availability of def land before initiating a case for inclusion ofwk in MWP.

    (g) Ensure only wks auth in Scales of Accn 1983 are incl.

    (h) Ensure spl items of wks are supported by Statement of Case and priorapproval of user directorate is obtained, wherever feasible.

    (j) Ensure correct composn of the Bd of Offrs.

    (k) Ensure that all aspects pertaining to site conditions and functionalreqmts are considered in detail.

    (l) Ensure senior offrs, who can present the case with precision and authare only detailed as Presiding Offrs of the Bd of Offrs.

    (m) Ensure that enough time is devoted at the bd stg.

    (n) Ensure NOC is obtained from Civil auth /AAI /IAF auth, Municipal

    Corporation and other mandatory bodies, as the case may be, beforeprogressing any further.

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    (o) All items not auth but essentially required should be incl in BPs and AEsas spl items.


    8. (a) Do not detail junior offrs as Presiding Offrs or as reps of staff/users, asthey will not be able to present their case correctly.

    (b) Do not ask for indication of rough cost from GE/CWE when they are notthe CEA.

    (c) Do not ask for indication of rough cost from MES without convening aBOO for the purpose.

    (d) Do not proj the cost based on earlier wks on your own without consentof CEA.

    (e) Do not indicate less cost to incl more wks in MWP as ultimately thesame will have to be dropped due to ceiling constraints.

    (f) After sanction of wks, do not re-site or ask for maj changes on grnd.

    (g) Do not forget to get a presentation from the Presiding Offr before givingyour own recommendations.

    (h) Do not make any changes to the BOO once it is finalized and approved.This will only result in unnecessary hold ups and delays in Plg / exec.

    (j) Do not call for AEs for wks not incl in MWP.

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    Chapter 4 : SPL ITEMS OF WKS

    1. Any item of wk not covered by Scales of Accn- 1983 / not falling within authwks, is a spl item of wk. These may only be appd when exceptional local conditionsjustify the necessity as an imp experimental measure. Spl Wks should not be appd if

    the effect would be to intro a new practice or change of scale. When no scales havebeen laid down and there are no orders prohibiting the undertaking of those wks, theCFAs may, within their competence, sanction wk, if it is customary or technicalyessential to provide the same.

    2. A guiding principle is that sanction of a Spl Items wks should not set up a newpractice or a precedence.

    3. Power of various CFAs for sanction of Spl items wks are as under :-

    Ser Competent Financial Without IFAs With IFAsNo Auth concurrence concurrence

    (Rs Lakh) (Rs Lakh)

    (a) COAS 20.00 75.00

    (b) GOC-IN-C 7.00 30.00

    (c) Corps Cdr 3.75 15.00

    (d) Area Cdr 0.75 8.00

    (e) Sub Area Cdr 0.15 2.00

    (f) Stn Cdr 0.05 -

    (g) QMG - 2.00 * in r/o ArmyHQ officers

    4. CFAs have to exhaust their wk sanctioning powers with IFA before projecting itto the next higher CFA.

    5. If the CFA for spl item of wk is higher than the CFA for total cost of the job,then the wk will be sanctioned by the higher CFA.

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    Chapter 5 : MAINT OF BLDGS

    1. For auth of Maint funds to various types of bldgs, ref toAppx B .

    2. Auth of maint funds have been recently enhanced by approx 35%.

    3. Maint is a stn matter and is to be planned through annual maint programme(AMP) duly appd by the Stn Cdr.

    4. CWE is the final tech auth for all maint services in stn.

    5. Maint of stn assets is carried out by MES through :-

    (a) DEL (Departmentally Employed Labour)

    (b) Term Contracts

    (c) Piece Job Wks

    (d) Job Orders

    (e) Maint Contracts

    6. Due to limited availability of maint funds, based on the life of the bldg, wks canbe sanctioned and exec under Spl Repairs.

    7. For authorization of funds, which can be utilized for Spl Repairs, refer toAppx B .

    8. Funds for Spl Repairs of bldgs, unlike maint funds, are allotted only after wksare sanctioned and released.

    9. Spl Repair wks have to be processed for sanction and release to theappropriate CFA as per powers laid down for original wks subject to availability offunds.

    10. All repairs costing more than Rs 50,000/- each in a bldg or group of bldgs are

    to be treated as Spl Repairs.

    11. GE is the competent auth for grouping of bldgs for the purpose of SplRepairs.


    12. (a) Ensure AMP of stn is drawn up by Sep for next FY jointly by Stn HQ &MES, through unit reps.

    (b) Ensure that AMP for next FY is appd by Dec.

    (c) Ensure that priority is allotted to various items incl in the AMP as peruser units reqmt and engr appre of GE.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    (d) Ensure that the AMPs are drawn sub-division wise (of MES) in a stn forthe convenience of exec and monitoring.

    (e) Ensure that the cost of repairs is indicated in the AMP.

    (f) The anticipated cost of wks in the AMP should generally be kept in therange of 5% (plus) of the previous yrs total cost.

    (g) Ensure where individual item of repair in a bldg or group of bldgsexceeds Rs 50,000/- the same is processed separately as Spl Repairs toavoid undue taxing of scarce maint resources.

    (h) Ensure AMP is reviewed once every qr.

    (j) Min changes should be made in the AMP.

    (k) Do involve unit reps / stn reps for verification of implementation of themaint programme through docu for accountability /user satisfaction.

    (l) Users should be advised to replace lost /damaged item on their ownrather than accepting Bk Damages (BD) as the BD amt recovered goes toRevenue Head with no benefit to Maint-Head and causes inconvenience tonext occupants /users.


    13. (a) Do not make AMP disproportionate to the funds allotted in variousheads in the previous FY.

    (b) Do not give priority to periodical services, beautification wks etc oversanitation and hygiene if allotment does not permit the same.

    (c) Do not deviate from AMP until and unless it is absolutely necessary.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    Chapter 6 : MAINT OF RDS

    1. For auth of funds to maint various types of rds, ref toAppx C .

    2. Approx 80-90% of funds auth for maint of rds are only allotted every yr.

    3. As these funds are not sufficient for rds which need extensive repairs, wks canbe sanctioned and exec under Spl Repairs to Rds after due identification by a BOO.

    4. Resurfacing, filling of potholes and repairs to berms of rds can be carried outthrough funds allotted under normal repairs.

    5. Spl Repairs should be initiated for rds excessively damaged.

    6. For auth of funds under Spl Repairs-Rds ref toAppx C .

    7. Funds for Spl Repairs-Rds are not allotted like maint funds for rds but forthese, wks have to be sanctioned and released.


    8. (a) Ensure that AMP is drawn up to the extent of funds allotted in theprevious yrs.

    (b) Ensure that a part of the grant is reserved for petty repairs of rds.

    (c) Ensure that a five-yr renewal / resurfacing programme is drawn up.

    (d) Ensure that resurfacing under normal maint is carried out as per AMP.

    (e) Ensure that spl repairs are sanctioned for other rds as per three-yr planby Jun / Jul so that GE can commence wk imdt after monsoons.

    (f) Utilise the conservancy manpower to maint the berms and the drains.

    (g) After monsoons, convene a BOO with AGE as rep to identify low-lying

    patches where water stagnates for imdt repairs.


    9. (a) Do not insist on GE to exec bituminous wks in monsoons .

    (b) Do not direct GE to repair rds in small patches.

    (c) Do not allow any agency to cut the rds for laying cables / pipes etcwithout recommendation of GE.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    Chapter 7 : FURNITURE


    1. Furniture can be broadly divided into the following categories :-

    (a) Built in furniture.

    (b) Steel furniture.

    (c) Wooden furniture.

    Auth of Furni ture

    2. Auth of furniture of different categories is as under :-

    (a) For all types of accn less MH ref to Scales of Furniture for Def Services- 1989.

    (b) For MH, ref to Scales of Furniture for Armed Forces Hospital - 2001.

    Life of Furniture

    3. The normal life of wooden and steel furniture is as given atAppx D .

    Maint Grant

    4. Maint grant for repair of furniture is auth based on the present value offurniture as given inAppx D .

    5. Approxly only 80 to 90% of auth Maint grant is normally allotted each yr.

    Maint Programme

    6. The maint / repair programme for repair of furniture is prepared on the basis ofthe following inspections :-

    (a) Half yrly insp of furniture.

    (b) Annual furniture stock taking by Stn BOO.

    (c) Routine insp of the GE and CWE.

    (d) Annual joint insp by medical auth and MES Reps in hospitals.

    (d) Senior offrs visits cum insps.

    7. Ensure maint programme is drawn up (by Stn HQ and MES) and is finalized by

    Dec of proceeding yr for the next FY.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    Utilisation of Funds

    8. The funds allotted are utilized based on the following priorities :-

    (a) First Repair and re-taping of charpoys GI Pipe /Newars /Beds.

    (b) Sec Repair to wooden furniture for md accn JCOs and OR.

    (c) Third Re-caning of chairs.

    (d) Fourth Repairs to furniture for OTM accn.

    (e) Fifth Repairs to sofa-sets and other furniture of offrs.

    (f) Sixth Renewal against condemned articles of furniture.

    Renewal of Furniture

    9. Renewal of condemned articles of furniture are carried out as follows :-

    (a) Out of auth maint grant

    (b) By exec Spl Repair wks.


    10. (a) Stn HQ should take imdt action to convene BOO for sanction of wk forthe renewal of furniture under Spl Repair.

    (b) Stn HQ should advise units /occupant offrs to deposit furniture imdtwhenever the items require petty repairs.

    (c) Offrs should be advised not to insist for new furniture at all the time, asthe same is not feasible.

    (d) Stn HQ should earmark separate funds for Spl Repairs for replacement

    of essential furniture.

    (e) Replacement of furniture items up to Rs 50,000/- per GE per Stn out ofmaint grant is permitted. Stn HQ should avail of this provision each yrfor essential items.


    11. (a) Furniture should not be misused by the users.

    (b) Furniture should not be kept in open, exposed to sun and rain.

    (c) If furniture is not required by the offr, the same may be returned to thefurniture yard.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct





    1. Summer appliances auth to various types of md and OTM accn are as

    follows :-

    (a) Ceiling Fans.

    (b) Pedestal / Wall mounted fans.

    (c) Exhaust fans.

    (d) Desert Coolers.

    (e) Water Coolers.

    (f) Refrigerators.

    (g) Air Conditioners.

    2. Winter appliances auth to various types of accn is geysers only.

    3. Please note that no room heaters or blowers are auth for any type of accn.

    Auth of Appl iances

    4. Summer and winter appliances auth is given in detail in the Scale of Accn 1983 which is also given at Appx E.

    Sanction of Appliances

    5. Summer and winter appliances are sanctioned along with the bldgs.

    6. Original deficiencies wherever existing can be sanctioned as auth wk.

    Serviceabil ity and Replacement

    7. All summer appliances after their usage are insp by a BOO convened by theCE Zone every yr in Sep /Oct. The BOO after physically checking all the appliances,sub divides them into three categories as follows :-

    (a) Fit. Those which are only to be maint and do not require any repairs.

    (b) Repairable. Those which need to be repaired. The exact nature ofrepairs incl cost of repairs is indicated.

    (c) Beyond Economical Repairs (BER). Those items which have

    outlived their laid down life span and are uneconomical to repair.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    8. The items declared repairable are then repaired by the GE.

    9. As regards deficiencies arising out of appliances declared BER by the BOO,the same are made good by exec Spl Repair wks viz. Renewal and Replacement ofsummer /winter appliances. For these, the GE apch the Stn HQ to convene BOO.


    10. (a) Monitor periodically with GE the state of serviceability of summer andwinter appliances in winter and summer respectively each yr under normalmaint and to iden those needing replacements and repairs.

    (b) Promptly convene BOO for Spl Repairs for replacement of appliancesdeclared BER, and get the wk sanctioned and released. This must be donewell before the onset of summer as GE would require approx three months forprocurement of items on rate contract through DGS&D.

    (c) Instruct user (individuals / units) to handle and use appliances with care.For this, obtain DOs and DONTs for each appliance from the GE and ensureits implementation at user level.


    11. (a) Do not permit any user to indulge in meddling or shifting an appliancefrom its auth place /loc.

    (b) Do not allow temp instln of appliances.

    (c) Do not insist on instln of regt property appliances without techassessment.

    (d) Do not allow instln of air conditioners without written approval of Stn HQafter tech feasibility is given by GEs.

    (e) Do not allow use of any unauth / private power appliances without dueclearance from the GE.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    Chapter 9 : DEM OF BLDGS

    1. Dem can be ordered for part or complete structure as necessary.

    2. Dem of complete bldg may be on acct of the following :-

    (a) Having outlived its life.

    (b) Fouling with KLP accn which cannot be utilized.

    (c) Have become surplus.

    (d) When land is hired/ requisitioned for a specific period and is to bereleased.

    (e) When the structure has been rendered completely unserviceable due to

    natural calamities e.g. floods, fire or storm.

    3. Dem of part of bldg may become necessary due to :-

    (a) Partial deterioration of a structure requiring repairs, renewals orreplacements.

    (b) Additions, alterations and improvements.

    (c) Natural calamities e. g. storm, fire, floods.

    4. No separate sanction is necessary for dem falling under Para 2(b), 3(a) and3(b) provided approval accorded to new proj incls dem also.

    5. Cases falling in Para 2 (c) and (e) shall be dealt with after finalization of Courtof Inquiry / Bd of Offrs.

    6. Powers to sanction dem are vested with adm authorities.

    7. Powers for sanctioning dems are as given atAppx F.

    8. To decide the CFA, the capital cost of individual bldg and not the total cost ofall bldgs in a dem statement is to be taken into acct.


    9. (a) Critically analyze the dem. Carry out dem only if inescapable.

    (b) Dem should be imdt to avoid misuse and ugly appearance in the area.

    (c) Stn HQ should periodically monitor prog of dem of each case.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct




    10. (a) Do not sanction dem of bldg until the laid down procedure has beenfollowed.

    (b) Do not approve dem of bldgs, which can be repaired keeping in viewthe high cost of new Constr.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    Chapter 10 : ARBORICULTURE


    1. Arboricultural wks covering plg & maint of trees, hedges and gen landscaping

    is auth as per Scales of Accn- 1983. The amt auth as on date is Rs 1000 per acre.

    Detailed Scheme

    2. Detailed Scheme of plantation is prepared taking into acct the local conditionsin conslt with forest deptt/ State Horticulture Department or Agricultural College, ifavailable. Approval of the scheme is to be obtained from appropriate auth based onthe detailed estimates.


    3. Separate wk to be sanctioned by appropriate CFA based on the actual detailedestimates or else on an amt worked out at the rate of Rs 1000 per acre of the landarea occupied.

    Exec & Maint

    4. Exec and maint is at the discretion of the Army Cdr keeping in view the localconditions. It could be MES or any other agency as decided by Army Cdr. Maint ofplants, after wks are completed, shall be carried out by units / fmn and Stn HQs.

    Imp Policy letter

    5. Detailed instrs on arboriculture have been issued by Army HQ, QMGs Branchvide their letter No B/22333/Q3W (Policy) in Jan 92.


    6. (a) Ensure regular cutting of tree branches which are touching / likely totouch the Over Head lines, reaching over roof tops of bldgs.

    (b) Ensure regular clearing of rdside drains as tree leaves block drains

    during rains.

    (c) Feasibility of using raw water for arboriculture be explored.


    7. (a) Do not plant trees very near to bldgs, structures, water sup / sewagelines and boundary walls.

    (b) Do not plant trees over under grnd (UG) cables (see cable routeindicator) or below the overhead lines.

    (c) GE should be consulted before tree plantation is carried out on a largescale.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    (d) Do not permit use of potable water for arboriculture.

    (e) Do not permit haphazard devp of kitchen gardens in md accn. It shouldbe limited to auth fenced area or area defined by Stn HQ.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct





    1. Even though the best method of fnancial control consists in evaluation of

    physical achievements against resource inputs, but in the Army, it is not alwayspossible to quantify the outputs. Therefore, it becomes necessary to use combinationof physical and financial evaluation as an instrument of control. In the Army, financialcontrol is exercised in financial terms only.

    2. The method of control and system of accounting for plg and exec of EngrServices in MES is designed to ensure full adm, financial and tech control, to enablefinancial authorities to submit the accts of expdr in the form desired by Govt and toenable expdr to be compared with Adm Approvals and with allotment of funds. Theadm control is exercised by CFAs but the resp to render engr advice to CFAs restswith CEAs. Resp for financial and tech control of Engineer Services devolves fully on

    the CEAs. These are in three phases namely Financial Control, Constr Accts andMechanics of Budgeting.

    Financial Control

    3. Financial Control ensures that : -

    (a) Total estimate for each service is not exceeded beyond permissiblelimits.

    (b) No expdr or liability is incurred until funds to meet it are available exceptas indicated in Para 183 of RMES regarding incurring liabilities.

    (c) The funds are expended on those duly auth services for which fundsare allotted and not on others.

    (d) The funds allotted in any yr and available under any Head or Subdivision of that Head are not exceeded.

    4. The essential ingredients to ensure effective financial control are : -

    (a) Correct maint of wks accts.

    (b) Budget formulation and its periodic review.

    (c) Expenditure monitoring and reporting.

    Maint of Constr Accts

    5. To exercise effective financial control, it is essential that correct andmeticulous acct of the expdr and the liabilities are maintained. RMES lays downdetailed guidelines on the maint of constr acct. The constr acct is the basic docu

    which would help in arriving at the correct assessment of the budget reqmts, andcontrol of expdr. Detailed instrs on maint of constr accts have been issued vide E-in-Cs Branch letter No A/00358/ POL/E2(WPC) dt 10 May 93.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    Budget Formulation and its Periodic Review

    6. Correct budget formulation and its periodic review enables the engrs to carryout various constr and maint activities planned for exec during the yr. Wks budgetcomprises of Capital Wks as well as Revenue / Maint Wks.

    7. Capital Wks budget consists of two elements viz. Carry Over Wks and NewWk. Assessment of the reqmt of funds for carry over wks is carried out on the actualreqmt basis depending on the proj profile (time frame) and funding pattern. The reqmtfor New Wks is assessed at 5 to 10% of the ceiling approved by the Ministry.

    8. For low budgeted wks, a time frame of one and half to two yrs is envisaged.For proj costing Rs 2 Crores, it is 3 to 4 yrs and those above Rs 2 Crores is 4 to 5 yrs.In the case of CCPA projs, a time frame is specially incl in the CCPA approval. Theideal funding pattern in respect of low budgeted wks is 20-70-10. In case of wks uptoRs 2 Crores funding pattern is 10-40-40-10 and it is 5-20-30-30-10-5 for wks over Rs

    5 Crores.

    9. Keeping the proj profile and the funding patterns as indicated above, anassessment of the carry over liabilities are to be carried out depending upon thephasing of the proj, contract packages, delays if any anticipated in the exec as alsothe incidence of FCs /RAEs and the sanction /release of the matching services.Before the budgetary projections for Capital Wks is made, it is essential to determinethe planned prog of each of those contracts along with the reqmt of the Schedule Band other stores required.

    10. To wk out the reqmt of funds as also to assess the carry over liabilities, info onthe proforma attached at Appendix A to E-in-Cs Branch letter No 03364/ 92-93/E5dt 22 Jun 93 will be maintained by the Zonal CEs /CsWE/ GEs. This info will beupdated each qr. In addition, a financial stock taking statement will be prepared onthe proforma attached at Appx B of the same policy letter of E-in-Cs Branch and willbe maintained by the Zonal CEs / CsWE / GEs and updated each qr.

    11. If the allocation recd is less than the reqmt projected in Forecast Estimate /Budget Estimate, a detailed analysis should be carried out to prioritise the variousitems of expdr with a view to keep the expdr for the yr within the allocations made.

    Revenue and Maint Budget

    12. Experience over the last few yrs indicates that the expdr has exceeded thebudget allotments as the allocation against the revenue budget were short of thereqmts. It is essential that a detailed analysis is carried out imdt on receipt ofallotments to prioritize various items of expdr against the revenue wks budget. Thefirst change on revenue budget is age element against each Sub-Head. Next in theorder of priority will be the obligatory tariff payments for electricity /water. Expdr onother items should be incurred only if funds are available as the Govt is committed torestrict the revenue expdr within certain specified limits. Excess expdr againstrevenue budget is viewed seriously by the Ministry and would invite discp action

    against the offrs resp. Local Fmn Cdr and the Users should be apprised of the fundsposn at the beginning of the yr and the maint programme drawn up for each stnshould match the availability of funds and no liabilities in excess of the allotmentsshould be incurred.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct




    13. A revised format for Monthly Expenditure Return (MER) has been laid downvide E-in-Cs Branch letter No A/022500/ POL/E5(Army) dated 16 Apr 93. It should be

    ensured that all colns of MER are invariably filled in and the figures indicated shouldreflect the correct posn with regard to the liabilities. Expdr should be monitored everymonth in comparison to predetermined yard sticks and corrective action should betaken in all cases where excesses are likely to occur. It should also be ensured thatthe MERs are submitted on time to enable higher HQ to compare the same with theEDP compilation and reconciled in conslt with CGDA /CDA.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct




    Electricity Saving Measures

    1. The industrial and agriculture growth in India has enhanced the energy

    demand manifolds, but there has not been a proportionate incr in the powergeneration. Due to this, gap between demand and sup is rising daily. As MES doesnot generate electricity and is totally dependent upon the State Electricity Bds (SEB),the total energy available to MES also gets affected due to this overall shortage.

    2. Along with the over all shortage of power, the tariff for energy is being raisedby the SEBs exponentially every yr. The revenue that is collected from theconsumers is only a meager percentage of the tariff we pay. Due to high tariff, thetotal funds available for maint of bldgs reduces correspondingly. Tremendoussavings in tariff can be made by avoiding wasteful use of electricity.

    3. A few tips to help you to conserve electricity are given below : -

    (a) Street Lights .

    (i) Ensure that the street lights are switched on only after last lt andthese are switched off at first lt.

    (ii) Whenever the lights are found switched on after first lt, the sameshould be brought to the notice of the GE.

    (iii) Use only alternate lights on max rds in the stn. Decision onwhich rds alternate street lights are to be switched on should be takenby the Stn Cdr.

    (iv) Ensure that no unauth connections /tapings are taken from thestreet lt feeder. The Stn Cdr should direct the GE to carry out surprisechecks and report defaulters.

    (b) OTM Accn.

    (i) The OR should be taught to switch off all lights after sunrise or

    when ever the same are not required.

    (ii) The OR should be taught to make max use of natural lt duringday time.

    (iii) Window panes and ventilators should be kept clean to allowaccess of natural lt during day.

    (iv) Low wattage Compact Flourescent Lamps (CFL) should be usedwhere precision wk like writing etc is not done. Examples are corridors,bathrooms, veh parking areas etc.

    (v) Unauthorised electric gadgets like heaters, immersion rods etcshould not be permitted under any circumstances. Raids should be

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    conducted by the COs and Stn Cdrs and discp action initiated againstdefaulters, if any.

    (vi) All lights should be switched off when lt out is announced andsame should be ensured through the Duty NCO /ni sentry.

    (vii) Lt should be switched off while going out for PT in the morning.

    (viii) Lights of cook houses and dinning halls should be switched offafter dinner timings.

    (ix) Security lts should be switched on at last lt and switched off atfirst lt.

    (x) Main switch should be switched off if it is connected to a large Noof lights, which are not reqd at a particular time instead of resorting to

    switching off the individual lts.

    (c) OR Md Accn.

    (i) Do not permit anyone to use the heaters /improvised immersionrods etc. Surprise raids /checks should be carried out and discp actioninitiated against defaulters, if any.

    (ii) Users should be educated of the need to save energy.

    (iii) All the relevant pts enumerated under OTM accn should beimplemented.

    (d) Offices.

    (i) Max use of natural lt should be encouraged and therefore barestmin No of lights should be used during day time.

    (ii) In the mornings, the sweepers and the duty JCO be directed toswitch off the electric pts in the offices imdt after the rooms have beenswept/cleaned.

    (iii) Suitable checks be initiated and implemented to ensure that noelectric gadget is kept switched on inadvertently after office hrs.(iv) All offrs and clerks be directed to switch off their respectiverooms electric lts and appliances as and when they leave theirrespective offices (even for short duration).

    (v) To reduce the peak load, the No of air conditioners switched onat any one time be restricted by staggering their use.

    (vi) Offices where sufficient sunlight is available be advised not to

    use lt pts unnecessarily.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    (vii) All lights of an office room should be switched off whenever theoccupant leaves the office for discussions, mtgs and confs etc or anyother purpose requiring his absence for more than a min or so.

    (viii) Lights of corridors, conf rooms, stores, libraries etc should be

    used only when required.

    (ix) Low wattage CFL should be used in bathrooms, canteens,waiting rooms etc or the places where precision wk like writing andreading is not undertaken.

    (x) All lights, fans and other appliances should be switched offbefore leaving the office.

    Water Saving Measures

    4. India receives the sec highest annual rainfall in the World. Yet there is chronicshortage of water. Water conservation has thus become the urgent need of the day ifwe are to solve the problem, which has, today, assumed alarming proportions. Waterconservation really commences at the individual level. For this, there are manysimple, cost-effective measures we can adopt in our daily activities, measures, whichdo not call for a drastic change in our lifestyles. A few tips to help you are givenbelow : -

    (a) Close taps tightly.

    (b) Report about leaking taps imdt to the GE and get them repaired.

    (c) Do not remove overhead tank float valves.

    (d) Report about overhead tank overflow to the GE and get them repaired.

    (e) Regularly check faucets, pipes and the base of your toilet for leaks andget them repaired promptly.

    (f) Check for leaks in your flushing cistern tank by putting a little colouringin the cistern. If the colour begins to appear in the bowl without flushing, youhave a leak that should be repaired at once.

    (g) When cleaning your teeth, shaving or washing your hands, never leaveyour tap running. Fill a mug or bowl with water for mouth rinsing, shaving orbrushing.

    (h) To save water do not use the shower. A bucket of water suffices for abath.

    (j) Wash vegetables, fruit and meat in a bowl of water, washing thecleanest ones first. Use this water for your plants.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    (k) Use water from cooked vegetables in dal or rice cooking. Not only youwill save water, you benefit as well, as it is full of nutritious vitamins andminerals.

    (l) In times of acute water shortage use a bucket to water in your garden

    rather than a hose.

    (m) Wash your vehs with bucket and sponge instead of a hose. By usingthe hose for washing a car over 400 litres of water is utilised. By using abucket upto 300 litres of water can be saved.

    (n) Never use a hose to clean your driveway. Use broom instead. If youfeel the driveway really needs a rinse, start by washing the car there.

    (o) Water the garden early in the morning, as watering during the heat ofthe day results in evaporation.

    (p) Resort to water saving techniques like mulching. Grass clippings fromthe lawn can be used to cover garden beds and thus retain moisture.

    (q) Waste water from the kitchen can be used to water the garden.

    (r) The size of kitchen garden should be kept to the very min.

    (s) Catch rain water in large tubs or cans and use it to water your plants.

    (t) Lawns need only 2 to 3 cms of water and can be watered only 3 to 5days a week, less if it rains. When you water, give it a thorough soaking. Thiswill produce a deep root system and stronger grass. Daily watering results inshallow roots and weaker grass.

    (u) In drought prone areas, using drought resistant plants in your gardenlike cacti etc, are good options. Your local nursery owner can advise you.

    (v) During a drought, you can skip watering the lawn. It may turn brown,but it will revive when it rains.

    (w) Do not cut your grass too short. Taller grass holds water better andactually looks richer.

    (x) Avoid using pesticides, fungicides and herbicides in your garden forthey leach into the grnd and pollute grndwater. Instead, resort to organicgardening. Repel insects and wks by planting friendly flowers such asmarigolds, pull up weeds by hand and introduce carnivorous insects to killpests. A good text on organic gardening can help.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct




    1. Dining Hall Dining hall requires enormous ventilation with fly proofing. Theincumbents enter the Dining hall for lunch directly after their routine exercise. At this

    hour they are sweating profusely. The stench of the sweat is trapped in dining hall, inabsence of adequate ventilation. The ventilation to the dining hall therefore should bein the form of very large windows and continuous horizontal fixed mosquito proofopenings underneath the roof beam alround the dining hall.

    4. Plate Wash. Guidliness for the design of plate are as follows :-

    (a) There is a need to cater for two sets of plate washes for the Dining hall.

    (b) After taking food in the dining hall, the incumbent has to go out andwash the plate himself. Traditional trough type wash basin is not suitable for

    washing the plates. The food particles clog the outlet of wash basin and thepresent width of the wash basin is inadequate for washing the plates.

    (c) It is therefore necessary to provide wider trough type wash basin at lowlevel with saucer drain for effective cleaning of the plates. Max No of tapsshould be provided to reduce long queue. The plate wash should have agarbage bin outside but accessible through the hatch with collapsible flap. Theplate wash should have the water pt for drinking water in a segregated fashion.

    (d) It is possible to derive the area of the plate wash from the plinth area ofthe dining hall.

    5. Servery. Guidelines to be followed while designing servery are as follows :-

    (a) The present length of servery is grossly inadequate. Only two personsat a time can get the food served resulting in long queue and delay. It alsoresults in crowding in front of the servery. To avoid this situation, it isnecessary to increase the length of the service counter. It may be possible toachieve this by utilizing the total plinth area auth.

    6. Cook House. Guidelines to be followed while designing Cook House are as

    follows :-

    (a) The clear height of the cook house should be at least 4.2 mtrs Thereshould be a covered hatch in the roof slab of the kitchen which will take care ofventilating the heat and smoke which accumulates under the roof slab. Inaddition to this continuous roof ventilator under the roof beam with fly proofingshould be provided for the entire length of the wall. Ample amount of exhaustfans should ne provided.

    (b) The kitchen layout should be divided into two types of cooking. On oneside proper arrangement for the Steam Cooking with a raised platform (200

    mm height) and saucer drain in the center with provision of water taps forwashing the container at this platform itself, should be provided. On anotherside in the kitchen, place for dough kneader, chapathi stand and hot plate forchapathi in an assembly like fashion should be provided. The chapathi table

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    should be in the form of a wk table having a size of 2.5 x 1.2 mtr with a granitetop. At a time 4 to 5 persons are making chapattis. Thus, there is a need toleave clearance around this wk table.

    (c) Provision for housing the kitchen equipments like wet grinder, potato

    peeler, mixer, deep freezer etc should be made in the preparation roomadjoining to the kitchen.

    (d) The LPG gas cylinder should be housed outdoor which should beplaced outside the kitchen wall on a two tier platform with a chajja and grilldoors. This arrangement can be below the level of the windows of thekitchen.

    7. Boiler Room. There is a need to provide a separate boiler room. The minsize required is 3x3 mtrs. The boiler room should be in the form of a shade with roof,to be provided outside the kitchen.

    8. Fresh Store. The vegetables are stored in this store. This room requires 3tiers shelving all-round with glazed tile dado. Polished Kotah flooring with a Nahnitrap also to be provided with proper slopes, so that this store can be washed. Therehas to be provision of extensive ventilation and provision of a fan.

    9. Dry Store. The Dry Store should have only a platform 60 cm high from thegrnd level so that the gunny bags and storage bins can be kept on this platform.Provision of 3 tier shelving is not reqd in the dry store. The dry store should alsohave provn of ventilation and provn of a fan.

    10. Meat Preparation Store. The meat prepration store must have extensiveventilation and a ceiling fan. Since the dressing of the meat is done by squatting onthe floor rather thatn on the platform, it is preferable to provide polished Kotah stoneflooring.

    11. Pan Wash. The Pan wash is meant for washing big containers. There is aneed to provide low level platform on one side to keep the container after they arewashed. For washing, there should be min 3 taps with a saucer drain. The pan washalso should have extensive light and ventilation. This ventilation should be in theform of a fixed fly proof frame for the entire length of the wall commencing from cill to

    bottom of roof beam.

    12. Gen Pts. The flooring of Dining hall, Plate wash, Cook house, Fresh store,Dry store and Pan wash should be of polished kota stone.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct




    Zonal Plan

    1. Zonal Plan is the docu in the form of a map indicating the zone allotted to eachKLP unit based on the density norms and functional basis. It aims at a long term plgtowards functional efficiency, security and safety. It encompasses OTM areas for thefmns/units, md accn for all ranks, civic amenities, town centre facilities, play grnds,buffer zones, trg areas, rgs, eco parks, green belt, danger zone etc.

    Master Plan

    2. After the Zonal Plan has been appd by concerned authorities, Master Plan ofthe Mil Stn/Cantt is drawn up. The Master Plan gives the detailed picture of the

    proposed Mil Stn/ Cantt and indicate the siting of each bldg, open spaces, trainingand recreational areas, layout of rds and services etc. It incorporates modernconcepts of town Plg and takes max advantage of the topography of the land. Everyeffort is made in this plan to harmonize the natural landscape and panorama with thebldg activity to result into a healthy and conducive urban environment.

    3. Need to Formulate Zonal Plan/ Master Plan.

    (a) To achieve a systematic, planned secured environment and wellintegrated devp as a whole.

    (b) As a ready reckner to the siting bds.

    (c) Facilitates plg of services viz sewage, water sup, electrification,drainage, communication sys etc in an economical and integral manner.

    (d) Results in overall economy in developing the Mil stn/Cantts.

    (e) Fulfills the socio-psychological needs, due to the organized habitableworking spaces.

    Land Norms

    4. Classification of Lands in Cantts.

    (a) A -1 Under active occupation of Armed Forces for def units.(b) A - 2 Under the Management of DEO, but kept reserved for Mil use.(a) B -1 Occupied by Central Govt Deptt other than Ministry of Def.(b) B - 2 Under the occupation by the State Govt.(c) B - 3 Leased to private party to be returned after expiry of lease period.(d) B - 4 Vacant land under the management of DEO(e) C - Cantt Bd lands for municipal or other public use.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    5. Central Amenities. 18 acre per 1000 Tps Str. (for existing

    stations) 9.0 acre/ 1000 mil population.

    (a) Offrs Institute On Stn basis (For not less than 100

    Offrs)100 to 200 Offrs 232 SM201 to 1000 Offrs 232 sm + 1 SM/Offr Subject to 700 SM (Max)

    (b) Community hall cum On Stn basis Area 0.75 SM/Recreational Centre Civ Str not exceeding 350 SM

    (c) Auditorium cum On Stn basisCinema hall 3000 5000 Str 400 Seats

    5001 7500 Str 600 do-

    7501 10000 Str 900 do-100001- 15000 Str 1200-do-Addl Hall can be planned above 150000 Str.

    (d) Health centre/ On Stn basisGymnasium 1000-2500 Tps Cl II

    2501-5000 Tps CL IFor over 5000 one one more

    (e) Swimming Pool On Stn basisSize 25x13.5 M Small50x21 M large1000-5000 Str (1 small)5001-8000 Str (1 large)8001-14000 Str (1 small & 1 large)

    (f) Sports Stadium 1 No for 3000 or more

    (g) Tennis Court 30 Offrs 1 No31-100 Offrs 2 NosAddl 1 No for 50 Offrs

    Subject to 4 Nos (Max)

    (h) Badminton Court 50 Offrs 1 No100 Offrs 2 Nos

    (j) Squash Court 50 Offrs or 1000 Tps 1 No100 Offrs or 2500 Tps 2 Nos or more

    (k) ORs Institute Up to 500 Men 7 SM/25 Men501 to 750 Men 180 Men751 to 1000 Men 240 SM

    Above 1000 men 240 SM + 3.5 SM PER25 men over 1000.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    (l) Family Welfare Centre 100 SM for large unit.Area 0.75 SM/Person on the auth Md Accnmax size 350 SM.

    (m) Religious Bldg On Stn basis at the discretion of GOC-in-Cor eqvt 0.5 SM/Person, 250 SM (Max) and75 SM (Min).

    (n) School At the discretion of GOC area or equivalentfloor area 2.37 SM/Student.

    (o) MES IB For the use of Offrs and subordinates of theMES. The opening of IB is subject to prior

    approval of the Engineer -in Chief, Army

    Headqrs.(p) Burial/cremation grnd.

    Note : Above amenities may be grouped while zoning as offrs amenities, commonamenities, JCOs/ORs Amenities.

    6. Town Centre Facilit ies. 2 AC per 1000 population. (for existingstation) 0.75 acer/1000 population (for newstations)

    (a) Shopping centre At discretion of GOC Area or equivalent.1000-3000 Tps 408 SM3001-5000 Tps 552 SM5001-10000 Tps 720 SMAbove 10000 Tps 720+72 SM

    (b) Post and Telegraph At the discretion of GOC area or EQVTOffice Floor area 67 SM (Max)

    (c) Telephone Exchange Accn as per tech reqmt of theexchange eqpt.

    (d) Cantt Bd Office

    (e) DEO Office

    (f) LAO Office

    (g) Bank At the discretion of GOC area or eqvt.Floor area 150 SM (Max)

    (h) Cinema hall (Civil)

    (j) Police Stn

    (k) Living Accn for civ

    (l) Bus stand/Taxi stand.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    Note : Each item will be analysed individually and provided based on actual reqmt incase of Mil Stn no living area for civ be catered.

    7. Norms for Rds. Carriage way

    (a) RD 1 40 M right of way 7.5 M x2(with divider/Median)

    (b) RD2 30 M right of way 10 M x1

    (c) RD3 20 M right of way 7 M x1

    (d) RD4 1O M right of way 3.5 M x1

    RD1 All arterial rds off from NH/SH to Div HQ or above fmn

    RD2 Sub arterial rds at Bde HQ levelRD3 Approach to units/div zones.RD4 Within units/ leading to houses.

    8. Norms for Ranges.

    (a) Classification Ranges.

    No of Ranges Mil Str Acres(i) 1 4000 335(ii) 2 4000-7999 474

    (iii) 3 8000-11999 613(iv) 4 12000-15999 752(v) 5 16000-19999 891(vi) 6 20000- 23000 1030

    (b) Grenade Ranges.

    (i) 1 6000 100(ii) 2 6000-11999 200(iii) 3 12000-17999 300(iv) 4 18000-24000 400

    (c) Baffle Range.

    9. Norms for Store Holding.

    (a) S & T Depots and Bulks storage 100 Tons/acre

    (b) POL Depots 250 -do-

    (c) Engineer Depots and parks 300 -do-

    (d) Ordnance Depots 300 -do-

    (e) Ammunition Depots 15 -do-

    10. Norms for Play Grnds.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    (a) Foot ball 110m x 75 m

    (b) Hockey 90m x 60m

    (c) Basket ball 13.5m x 6m

    (d) Volley ball 13.5m x 6m

    (e) Tennis Court 24m x 11m

    (f) Squash Court 6.5m x 9.5m

    (g) Parade Grnd 73m x 73m for Coy/Bty

    137m x 91m or Bn/Regt

    11. Approx Dis tr ibut ion of Trg Area for Inf Bn.

    (a) Parade grnd 1 No 4.65 acres (150m x 100m)

    (b) Recreation grnd 3 Nos 9.00 acres

    (c) 30 Yds range 1 No 1.6 acres

    (d) Individual 1 No 15 acres

    mixed trg area --------------

    30 Acres--------------

    12. Utilisation Of Land For Inf Bn.

    (a) Bldg 17 Acres 26.16%

    (b) Rds 2 Acres 3.07%

    (c) Parade grnd 3 Acres 4.615

    (d) Play Fields 5 Acres 7.70%

    (e) Open spaces 11 Acres 16.925

    (f) Trg area 27 Acres 41.54%

    65 Acres

    13. Revised norms in case of assessments of land required for a station are asfollows :-

    (a) KLP requirements 122.10 acres/1000 Military population

    (b) Other requirements

    (i) Md accn for Def Civ 2 acres/ 1000 Def Civilians

    (ii) Separated family 0.2 acres/1000 Military population

    (iii) Storage of first line & 7.33 acres/ 1000 Military populationTrg Amn

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    (iv) MES installations 3.09% of total space

    (v) MES Key Personnel 0.34 acres/ 1000 total population

    (vi) Civic Town 0.75 acres/1000 total population

    (vii) Open Spaces & play fields 4.86 acres/1000 total population

    (viii) (aa) Central Amenities 9.00 acres/1000 Military population

    (bb) Arterial roads 9.95% of total space

    (cc) Extra requirement for 2.5% of total spaceKendriya Vidyalaya Sewagedisposal or unbuildabilityfactor, in case such

    requirement is justified.

    14. Revised norms for assessments of land requirement in an existing station onthe basis of 41.8% cut from 1947 Handbook Norms (Model) are :-

    1. Total Military Strength 2000

    2. Total population (4 x Military Strength) 8000

    3. Land requirement as per 1947 Handbook Norms (In acres)

    (i) Area required for KLP units and other requirements@ 258.10 acres/1000 of Military strength


    (ii) Civic Town Centre @ 2 acres/ 1000 of Totalpopulation


    (iii) Total spaces @7 acres/1000 of Total population 560.00

    (iv) Playing Fields @ 6 acres/1000 of total population 480.00

    (v) Amenities @ 18 acres/1000 of Military Strength 360.00

    4. Total of KLP requirement as per 1947 Handbook 6722.00

    5. Less Defence land acquired prior to 1972 500.00

    6. Balance (Sl No. 4 minus Sl No. 5) 6222.00

    7. Less 41.8% cur from S. No. 6 above 2600.00

    8. Balance (Sl No. 6 minus Sl. No.7) 3621.00

    9. Less Defence land acquired after 1972 1000.00

    10. Deficency (-)/Surplus (+)excluding ranges (-) 2621.00

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    11. Land Required for Ranges

    (a) Land requirement for classification Ranges 1030.00

    (b) Land requirement for grenade ranges 400.00

    (c) Existing Land holding for ranges 300.00

    12. Deficiency (-)/Surplus (+) for Ranges(Sl No. 11(a) & (b) minus Sl No. 11(c)


    13. Special requirement for AD Nil

    14. Special requirements for OD 5.00

    15. Special requirement for WES 2.00

    16. Net Deficiency (-)/ Surplus (+) of Station, Landrequirement (Sl No. 10+12+13+14+15+)

    (-) 3758.00

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    Chapter 16 : MAP WKS PROCEDURE 2003

    Scales of Accn

    1. The revised scales of accn issued by GOI MOD letter No 35105/79/ Q3W(Pol)/ 379/US/D (Wks-I) dated 30 Aug 1983 along with amdts thereto and as mod byGOI MOD letter No 1(1)/2001/D (Wks) Vol III, Annx II dated 29 May 2002 will beapplicable to the MAP Wks. The brief specifications as appd by Govt for MAP wks aregiven as under :-

    (a) Offrs.

    (i) External finish. Resin based paint in lieu of cement based paint.(ii) Internal Finish. Oil bound and dry distemper in lieu of oil bound

    distemper and color wash.(iii) Provision for AC connection in master bed room.(iv) Terazzo with white cement in flooring.(v) Non skid tiles in toilets.(vi) Plaster of Paris (POP) finish for ceiling in drawing and diningrooms.(vii) Increase in No of lt pts and plug pts.

    (b) JCOs/ORs.

    (i) Increase in auth plinth area 12.22% for OR and 23.14% for

    JCOs.(ii) Provision of 25 liters geyser and exhaust fan in kitchen.(iii) Scooter shed in lieu of cycle shed for OR and 25% garages and75% scooter shed in lieu of 100% scooter sheds for JCOs.(iv) Flooring in main room changed from PCC to terrazzo with greycement.(v) Kota stone flooring for toilets.(vi) Provision for fixing desert cooler with electrical connection in bedroom and living room.

    (c) Misc (Al l Cat).

    (i) Line plan as per users reqmt.(ii) Usage of solar energy and provision of rain water harvesting,arboriculture and land scaping.(iii) Provision for telephone and cable connections.

    Initiation of Wks and Acceptances of Necessity

    2. The Service HQ will proj the ph wise reqmt of dwelling units to be constr ineach stn along with the rough cost to DG MAP, for approval by the ASC.

    Al location of Wk

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    3. The ASC may accept the necessity of wk and entrust wks to various agenciesviz Govt Departments, PSUs and others under the overall control OF DG MAP.


    4. The Stn cdr shall decide the availability and location of land for constr of thedeficient md accn in the stn. The land shall be freed from litigation, encroachment orany other encumbrances.

    Stn Cdrs

    5. In the exec of MAP Wks, Stn Cdrs have to perform a key role. The deficiencyof the stn must be correctly computed, appropriate land iden and housing planned ina holistic manner with a long term perspective. The Zonal Plans may be reviewed inconslt with HQ Comds to cater for schools, shopping complex and other amenities.Optimal utilisation of land must be ensured by the stn cdrs while plg MAP wks. The

    stn cdrs will closely associate themselves in the plg, exec and taking over of MAPwks.

    Concept Proj Report (CPR)

    6. CPR will be prepared by the executing agency/ conslt in conslt with the StnCdr based on the acceptance of necessity. Suitable instrs have been issued to theStn Cdrs regarding preparation of CPRs. CPR of the stn will cover the planedservices and infrastructure devp like rain-water harvesting/ water conservation/recycling, energy saving devices and arboriculture for all the phases of MAP wks.

    (a) A min of four copies of Stn CPR will be prepared in conslt with the StnCdr.

    (b) CPR duly recommended by the Stn Cdr will be simultaneously fwd tothe Comd HQ, Service HQ and the DG MAP.

    (c) Comd HQ and Service HQ will scrutinize the CPR and fwd comments ifany, direct to DG MAP within two weeks from the date of receipt of CPR. Incase no comments are recd, it will be deemed to have the approval of Comdand Service HQ. The DG MAP will examine and put up the CPR to ASC for

    approval within three weeks from receipt CPR.

    (d) Approval of the CPR by the ASC will be communicated by DG MAP toall concerned.

    Detailed Proj Report (DPR)

    7. DPR shall be prepared by concerned exec agency/ conslt based on the appdCPR. DPR will be prepared for each ph, with full details of the accn to be constr inthe concerned ph. It will incl site plans, working drawings, design calculations, detailsof services, details of rain-water harvesting/ water conservation, energy saving

    devices, arboriculture plans, bill of quantities, tender documents, pre-qualificationcriteria for proposed contractors to be deployed etc. DPR will be proceeded as givenbelow :-

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    (a) The stn Cdr will finalise the DPR in conslt with the Proj Manager/ TechAdvisor.

    (b) The DPR for Comd MAP wks, costing less than Rs. 20.00 crores, will besubmitted to the respective Comd Committees for approval.

    (c) DPR for wks costing more than Rs. 20.00 Crores will be submitted toDG MAP for scrutiny and approval by ASC/VCC. The copy of DPRs will alsobe fwd to respective comd HQ/ Comd MAP (CE) and Service HQ to keepthese HQ info about the details contained in the DPRs. May be projected byComd HQ to Service HQ and DG MAP within two weeks.

    (d) DPR for wks to be exec by CPWD/ PSUs (even those costing less thanRs. 20.00 crores) will be approved by VCC.

    Adm Approval

    8. Powers for Sanctioning Wks. The DPR prepared by different agenciesare to be approved by the following Standing Committees : -

    (a) ASC. Wks exceeding Rs 50.00 crores for each proj.

    (b) VCC.

    (i) Wks above Rs 20.00 Crores but below Rs 50.00 Crores of eachproj.

    (ii) Wks allotted to CPWD and PSUs even if they are below Rs20.00 Crores.

    (c) CC. Wks undertaken by DG MAP/ Comd MAP upto Rs 20.00 Croresfor each proj.

    9. Adm Approval will be accorded by the competent committee for exec of wk atthe cost indicated in the DPR. The powers of adm authorities for issue of AdmApproval for MAP wks are laid down in Table 1. The issue of Adm Approval will beconveyed to the exec agency by DG MAP/Comd MAP (CE) through a letter

    specifying the Head of Acct from which funds will be provided. Ink signed copies ofthe letter according Adm Approval along with a copy of the appd DPR will be sent tothe CDA and all concerned. The completion cost of the wk shall not exceed the admApproval amt by more than 5%.

    Exec of Wks

    10. Supervision.Constr management will be carried out departmentally throughProj Managers (PM). The PM shall be resp for exec of wks as per drawings andspecifications as well as for quality control, tech check of bills for payments and formaint of site docu. The decision of DG MAP/Comd MAP (CE) regarding the

    meaning, scope and intention of an item of wk/ claim/ condition/ specification asmentioned in the contract agreement shall be final and binding on the contractor.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    11. Monitoring of Prog. The Stn Cdr will initiate regular prog reports to keepthe concerned Comd, Service HQ, DG MAP/Comd MAP (CE) info about the prog ofwk and hold ups, if any. The PM will initiate separate prog reports in addition, to keep

    DG MAP/Comd MAP (CE) informed about the prog.

    12. Measurements. Measurements for the wks carried out by the contractorsshall be jointly recorded by the departmental Junior Engineers (JEs) and the authengineers of the contractors. The JEs will be resp for correctness of all themeasurements. The JEs will be assisted by the conslts in recording measurements.The Proj Manager shall ensure correct measurement of the wk.

    13. Payments. Payment to contractors shall be made by the concerned CDAafter tech check of the bills by PM incl supply and job wk orders. The bills will beauthenticated by the Stn Cdrs and recommended for payment by the concerned

    Regional CDA. Tech check of final bills shall be carried out in the office of DG MAP/Comd MAP (CE). Payment to outstation contractors may be sent through DemandDraft and the charges, if any for the DDs, will be recovered from the payments due tothe contractors. The CDA will make payment within ten working days.

    14. Quality Check. Quality assurance of all wks is to be done by the PM andthe Contractor. The PM and the Stn Cdr are to monitor the quality of wk being execat the site. In addn, quality check of wks shall be carried out by the offr(s) appointedfor the purpose by DG MAP. The cost of defective wks and mtrl not conforming tocontract specifications shall be recovered from the contractors, only if it cannot berectified but techly acceptable.

    15. Handing Over of Assets.MES will take over bldgs with inventory oncompletion of proj from exec agency through Stn BOO for revenue matter. Execagency will prepare PSMBs, RPMBs, rd registers, record drawings, layout showingbldgs incl all external services, plant record books and any other docu as and whenrequired by MES.

    Al lotment o f Funds

    16. The allotment of funds shall be made by respective Service HQ to DG MAP.

    DG MAP will sub-allot funds to Comd HQ, Stn HQ and PM etc as the case may be.The allotment of funds shall be communicated to the concerned CDAs.

    Hiring of Tpt

    17. DG MAP and PM are auth to hire tpt for official use as per powers given inTable II.

    Role and Responsibi lit ies of Stn Cdr

    18. Time being essence in handling such large projs, stn cdrs have a very imp

    role to play in successful and timely completion of MAP besides ensuring quality ofthe end product .To this effect, all stns cdrs should take measures as enumeratedin succeeding paras.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    Plg Stg

    19. Stn Cdr has a maj role to play during plg stg so that users aspirations aremet. He is required to ensure the followings :-

    (a) To wk out net defi state of md accn in the stn by casting AccnStatement Part I meticulously and cross check the same with the earlierprojections made by Comds in respect of all the phases of MAP strictly interms of existing orders on the subject.

    (b) Make available corresponding A -1 def land for all the phases of APand have them earmarked/ reserved for the stated purpose. In case of defi inland holding, ensure initiation of case for procurement /acquisition of land asper laid down procedure.

    (c) Ensure all earmarked A -1 Def land for MAP is free from allencroachments and no litigation cases are pending.

    (d) Liaise with forest department and obtain their clearance for cuttingtrees, if applicable.

    (e) Initiate action for removal/ diversion /shifting of existing tele/ powerlines. U/G cables sewer lines etc if they are passing/ crossing through theearmarked A -1 def land for MAP.(f) Initiate action for dem of existing dilapidated/ BER bldg/ structures and wkout financial implication, if any for its dovetailing in DPR /CPR.

    (g) Ensure proper segregation of accn (Offrs/PBOR) while earmarking A-1def land for MAP.

    (h) To revise Zonal Plan for the purpose of all phases of MAP in accordancewith AHQ QMGs Br letters No. C/01793 /Q3 (Plg) dated 18 Mar 02 and 01 Apr02 addressed to all Comd HQs.

    (j) To assist and furnish following details/info to various agencies entrustedwith MAP for prep of DPR/CPR.

    (i) Functional and inter se relationship of various rooms in a DU.

    (ii) Norms for security reqmts in the mil stns/cantt.

    (iii) Specific/peculiar reqmts of service pers in a DU.

    (iv) Keeping in mind FSI restrictions, cantt bylaws and local aestheticsindicate choice/preference for double /multi storeyed constr.

    (v) Indicate location of site office/stores /service centre keeping in

    mind the entire layout of the stn on completion of MAP vis-a-viz theirfunctional use thereafter (during maint liability period).

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    (vi) Keeping in mind local aesthetics and surroundings projarchitectural reqmts/preference for MAP.

    (vii) Reqmt of rain water harvesting landscaping arboriculture spacemgt etc.

    (k) Ensure application of auth scales & specifications with proposedimprovement in scales and specification for PBOR and specifications for offrsin prep of DPR/CPR.

    (l) Ensure holistic plg of water sup, electricity reqmt and sewage disposalfor all the phases of MAP in the first ph itself and assist the agency entrustedwith the exec of MAP in the stn to get approval of local municipality/auth.

    (m) Ensure meticulous working out of furniture reqmt as per auth scale.

    (n) Ensure reqmt of rd netwk is meticulously wked out and projed inDPR/CPR.

    (o) Assist other govt agency(s) engaged for conduct of survey investigationof geotech/petrology/rockmechanics, grnd water etc test/examination.

    (p) Ensure DPR incls on y rough bldg cost for DUs only and they do not inclconstr cost of schools, markets and other community facilities in the adjacentareas. On the other hand, a CPR would depict entire layout incl details ofDUs.

    (q) Proj and identify the reqmt of sample qtr incl all finishes.

    (r) Ensure layout plans in DPR/CPR are prepared after physical siting thebldgs/services on grnds.

    (s) Check and approve block devp plan and site plan with the assistance ofnominated PM/GE (Maint).

    (t) To check and approve arch drawings and elevation of bldgs throughPM.

    (u) To ensure timely prep of CPR/CPR through PM strictly in terms ofinstrs/guidelines as laid down by DG MAP.

    (v) To ensure time processing of CPR/DPR for its sanctioning byappropriate committees strictly in terms of approved fin power vested withthem.

    (w) To act as nodal agency in the stn for furtherance of MAP plgincorporating various Govt/PSUs agency(s) engaged for the stated purpose.

    Exec Stg

    20. PSUs/Other Govt Agencies Wks.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    (a) Render assistance to officials/resident engineers of the agency (s).

    (b) Ensure wk is executed/ progressed as per approved design andspecification through TA.

    (c) Ensure no deviation from approved scope of projs as no auth other thanthe authorities which approved the initial proj can change the scope of proj.

    (d) Ensure strict monitoring of MAP projs and timely initiation of physicaland financial prog as per frequency stipulated by DG MAP.

    (e) Ensure timely release of payments as per the stipulated guidelines(keeping in mind that bills for payments if pended without justification it stinks).

    (f) Ensure timely approval of sample qtr and its use during the prog ofMAP.

    (g) Detail stn bd of offrs for taking over MAP assets on completion of proj inthe stn.

    (h) Ensure rectification of defect are undertaken and completed by theConstr agency prior to taking over by the users.

    21. DG MAP/CC MAP Wks.

    (a) Ensure MAP wk is progressed properly by PM.

    (b) Ensure no deviation and wk is executed strictly in terms of ContractAgreement.

    (c) Ensure strict monitoring of proj and timely submission of MPR/MER bythe PM.

    (d) Ensure timely release of payment for the wk done by the PM/GE (P) tothe agency.

    (e) Ensure timely approval of sample qtr and its use during the prog of


    (f) Detail stn bd of offrs for taking over of MAP assets on completion of projin the stn.

    (g) Ensure rectification of defect are undertaken and completed by theConstr agency prior to taking over by the users.

    Af ter Exec

    22. Stn Cdr will have to ensure :-

    (a) Judicious utilization of constructed accn.

  • 8/12/2019 Aide Memoire-17 Oct



    (b) Defects noticed during defect liability period are recorded and rectifiedproperly by the agency/contractor through GE (Maint)/Local MES auth.

    (c) Proper Accting of all assets created out of MAP by GE (Maint).

    (c) Smooth transfer of assets to local MES auth imdt on completion through aStn BOO.

    Assistance to PM

    23. Stn Cdr will ensure that following assistance is provided to PM nominated forMAP in his stn :-

    (a) Provisioning of out of turn office and residential accn in the st