BITSConnect The Project to Wire BITS Pilani. BITS Pilani One of India’s largest engineering institutionsOne of India’s largest engineering institutions

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  • BITSConnect The Project to Wire BITS Pilani
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  • BITS Pilani One of Indias largest engineering institutionsOne of Indias largest engineering institutions 4,000 students currently enrolled4,000 students currently enrolled RANKINGS:RANKINGS: Consistently among the top 5 engineering schools in India. India Today ranked BITS 3rd overall in 2002 Ranked 1st overall in curriculum and academics for 2002. Asia Week ranked BITS 19th among all technical universities in Asia. 2003 BITSAA International
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  • Current Network Infrastructure Internet Connectivity ONLY at Computer Center (IPC)Internet Connectivity ONLY at Computer Center (IPC) E-mail facility usable ONLY at the IPCE-mail facility usable ONLY at the IPC 2 Distance Learning Server Farms, but ONLY 1Mbps total external bandwidth2 Distance Learning Server Farms, but ONLY 1Mbps total external bandwidth Network infrastructure limited to Institute buildingsNetwork infrastructure limited to Institute buildings 2003 BITSAA International
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  • BITSConnect Most advanced Network Infrastructure in North India Connect all students and faculty to Institute servers World-wide access to Institute: Distance Learning Widely-available Internet (2-4 Mbps @ BITS) Ubiquitous computing access (802.11 access in SKY!) Web based learning Tele-teaching IP telephony (all rooms!) IP video conferencing 2003 BITSAA International
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  • BITSConnect Benefits: BITS Pilani Desktop Collaboration Software Wide-Area Collaboration Programs (BITS & BITSAA) Research @ BITS IPv6 Ubiquitous/Wearable Computing (802.11b Wireless) Multimedia Operating Systems (BITS-MOS) Distance Learning External (DLPD, Virtual University) Internal (Archived Webcasts Cisco IPTv) Next-generation Voice Campus-wide IP Telephony Exponential Productivity Leap Campus-wide Access to Institute Compute Servers/Supercomputers Distributed Computational Simulations (Grids) Impacts Physics, Chemistry, Numerical Analysis Improved Local Access (Cisco Hardware Cache Engine)
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  • BITSConnect Benefits: BITS Alumni Opportunity to Give Back to Alma-mater Increased Branding of BITS, Pilani 501c3 Status: Contributions are tax Deductible in the US
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  • BITSConnect: Technical Details Institute, all hostels, library, staff quarters and guest house connectedInstitute, all hostels, library, staff quarters and guest house connected 4000 voice-grade 10/100 access points4000 voice-grade 10/100 access points Gigabit BackboneGigabit Backbone Staff House connectivity through LRE (Long Range Ethernet) & Wireless Access.Staff House connectivity through LRE (Long Range Ethernet) & Wireless Access. 2-4 Mbps WAN connectivity2-4 Mbps WAN connectivity ~20 kilometers of cables~20 kilometers of cables Wireless Access (802.11b)Wireless Access (802.11b) SKY; Senate Room; Library NMS, Router & Hardware FirewallNMS, Router & Hardware Firewall VoIP Phones, Voice-management SWVoIP Phones, Voice-management SW High AvailabilityHigh Availability 3-yr Maintenance Contract with Wipro3-yr Maintenance Contract with Wipro 2003 BITSAA International
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  • For BITSians Greater Access: IPC has only about 100 terminal accesses for 3000+ students. Extensive Usage: Increasing number of computer based courses. E.g. Engineering Drawing is now on CAD software Improved Connectivity: Several hundred students already have their own PCs but no connectivity. No internet access in hostels. Students are compelled to use the IPC. Student Collaboration: Students can share lecture notes over an active intranet. More team learning. With wireless access points in select locations, one can access network from library or sky. BITSConnect: Practical Implications
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  • For BITS Faculty Improved Instructional Technology: Lecture-notes, assignments and course notices on the network. Greater interaction with students. 24x7 network internet access: Professors will have network access to computing resources from their offices. Enhanced academic and industry linkages. More projects/research/consultancy. BITSConnect: Practical Implications Higher Calculus Home Page Prof. V.P. Mainra
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  • For BITS,Pilani Improves the exposure level of the whole educational community on campus Academic excellence and engineering research is closely tied with the quality of computing facilities Serves as a model for other educational institutions in India Maintain and enhance the reputation of BITS Leadership role: IIM and IIT-Kgp have comprehensive connectivity. BITSConnect: Practical Implications
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  • BITSConnect : Core DS Connectivity MMF Cable Wing 3 Wing 6 Wing 8 Wing 10 Meera Bhawan Vishwakarma Bhawan Bhagirath Bhawan Ashok Bhawan Rana Pratap Bhawan SMF Cable Library Budh Bhawan Ram Bhawan Malviya Bhawan Distance Learning Vyas Bhawan Shankar Bhawan Gandhi Bhawan Krishna Bhawan IPC Core Guest House BITSConnect: Network Diagram
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  • BITSConnect: Operational Details All volunteer effort => no overheads Initiative driven by BITS alumni worldwide Design expertise from Alums Cisco equipment Wipro is heavily discounting implementation Student internship programs to support & maintain systems Resident experts from Wipro for first 3 years 2003 BITSAA International
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  • BITSConnect Financing Total cost is $1.5 MillionTotal cost is $1.5 Million BITS has $300KBITS has $300K Vendor funding $450kVendor funding $450k Need to raise $750k by March 2003Need to raise $750k by March 2003 Commitment: BITSConnect Operational before December 31, 2003Commitment: BITSConnect Operational before December 31, 2003 2003 BITSAA International
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  • BITSConnect: Worldwide Campaign Have pledges of more than $250K BITS committed to budgeting for long- term support & maintenance Dedicated finance, marketing, fundraising and project management teams in place Teams meet weekly Network design complete 3-month Phase-I implementation starts in May MUST place orders by Feb-end
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  • Contributions Recognition Levels Senate Circle - $25,000 plus Directors Circle - $10,000 to $24,999 Deans Circle - $5,000 to $9,999 Professors Circle - $1,000 to $4,999 Friends of BITS from $250 to $999 Tax Deductible in the US (501c3 Status) How to contribute Online Checks Wire Transfer Stock donations Cash How to maximize your contribution: Matching funds from your employer Approach other organizations & individuals
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  • Who is Involved? Sandeep Arora (L&T Infotech) Dr Rahul Banerjee (BITS Pilani) Shyamoli Banerjee Mukul Chawla (Cisco Systems) Rajesh Chelapurath (Burnham) Ajay Chopra (Pinnacle Systems) Mythreyee Ganapathy (Microsoft) Satish Gupta (Cradle Tech) Krishnaraj Inbarajan (OnStar) Prem Jain (Cisco Systems) Roop Jain (AARCEE) Brijesh Khanna (Sun Microsystems) Amit Khetan (Cisco Systems) Jai Krishna (MIPS Technologies) Karthik Krishna (Deutsche) Vidur Luthra (Microsoft) Prof J.P Misra (BITS, Pilani) Venu Palaparthi (Instinet) Jayan Ramankutty (Cypress) Anand Rajaram (jPeople) Deepu Rathi (Cisco Systems) Devesh Satyavolu (OPNET) Anupendra Sharma (Indigo Capital) Mani Sundaram (Stratus) Satish Tadikonda (Tribiosys) Prasad Thammineni (jPeople) Yogesh Vaidya (STG) Prashant Viswanathan (Echelon)
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  • BITSConnect Pledge Today!!!