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Massey University's College of Creative Arts welcome book for new students 2016. Find out more at

Text of College of Creative Arts Welcome Book 2016

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    Massey University WellingtonCollege of Creative ArtsToi Rauwharangi

    WELCOME 2016

  • 2E ng mana, e ng waka, ng hau e wha. Ng maunga, ng awa Ngataonga tuku iho. Nau mai, piki mai, haere mai.

    Mi te P, ki te o Mrama from Novice to Expert

    Cover ImageBare Roots Plant Pot, 2015Spencer Buchanan, George Wallis, Elliott Graham, Victoria Wong

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    The College of Creative Arts (CoCA), Toi Rauwharangi at Massey is highly respected internationally, being ranked in the top three universities in Asia-Pacific for design innovation (Red Dot Design Awards 2012 - 2015), and the only university outside the United States to be benchmarked by NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art and Design).

    As a student here youll work with top ranked art and design researchers and practitioners in amazing facilities, with plenty of opportunity to expand your studies through collaborative projects, industry partnerships and study abroad.

    This year a special welcome goes out to the students starting in the new commercial music programme, who join their peers in creative media production, which launched in 2015.

    There are exciting times ahead as these new degrees develop alongside our well-established fine art and design programmes.

    Orientation (24 -26 February) is your opportunity to meet new people and become familiar with your surroundings. Youll learn about the academic systems of a university; tour the campus facilities; find out about student services; and take part in social events both on and off campus that will introduce you to life as a tertiary student in Wellington, the coolest little capital in the world 1.

    To be sure you have the latest info on what's going on please check online at:

    Whether you are aiming to be an artist, designer, digital media specialist or to create the worlds next big thing, were looking forward to working with you to develop your skills and talents!

    Siliga SetogaPasifika Artist in Residence 2012

    1 Source: Lonely Planet's 'Best in Travel 2011' guide book

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    First year coordinator Caroline Campbell

    It is my pleasure to welcome you to the College of Creative Arts at Massey University. You are about to embark on a journey that is both challenging and rewarding, and very different to what you have experienced at school. During your study you will engage in different types of learning as part of your core studio and elective papers. This learning aims to give you grounding in the subject areas and language of commercial, creative and critical practice, so that you can go on to become independent and collaborative creative thinkers and practitioners.

    Youll encounter terms and systems that may take time to understand, such as our assessment system, timetables and the online environment known as Stream. Briefly, Stream is an online teaching and learning platform that includes the assessment briefs relevant to your papers. The assessment brief introduces the paper theme, the learning aim, the tasks that you will engage in, the work that you will complete and submit for assessment,

    and the assessment criteria by which that work is marked. The brief is a vital learning document, which your lecturers and tutors will explain more fully in class.

    As the key point of contact for the first year, I aim to support you in your year of transition. Whatever you might be concerned about, I am here to help all you need to do is contact me.

    Dr Caroline Campbell CoCA first year coordinator Telephone: (04) 801 5799 ext 63079 Email: Office: Te Whare Pukaka, Block 1 Hours: Monday/Tuesday 1-5pm.

    N.B. For students studying creative media production and commercial music your major coordinators, whom you will meet at Orientation, will be your main contact people.

    First year student work 2015

  • 6Pwhiri frameworkDesign and fine arts: your programme is structured around themes from a pwhiri (Mori welcome). This is designed to foster collaboration across subjects, and gives you the chance to explore uniquely New Zealand creative practice.

    Find out more in the link below:

    Introducing the Pwhiri Framework

    Office hoursAs a CoCA student, you can consult any CoCA tutor or lecturer about your studies not just the ones who teach your classes. Staff will let you know when and where the Office hours will take place, so make sure you use these opportunities when you need them!

    CoCA clinicsThese workshops teach essential skills, eg InDesign or Photoshop, or introduce you to the toolboxes, e.g. 3D workshop. As a CoCA student, you are entitled to use almost any workshop or media facility in the college, provided you attend the clinic first. A full list of clinics will be available on Stream and your tutors will let you know when these take place, so keep your ears open!

    Your studio, your spaceOnce your studio class is finished, you are welcome to stay and work there. Please keep the studio tidy, and look after each other if youre going home late.

    Studios on campus are available for students from 6am - 12 midnight during term time (time may be extended during hand in, on request).

    Campus security 24/7 helpdesk Telephone: (04) 801 5799 ext 83333 or Freephone: 0800 MASS 50 / 0800 6277 50 Mobile: 027 496 3681

    Bachelor of Design (Hons) Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)Bachelor of Creative Media ProductionBachelor of Commercial Music

    Useful information for first year students

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    Understanding how your degree is constructed


    Requires 10 hoursof work per week,including classes.


    Requires 20 hoursof work per week,including classes.


    Requires 30 hoursof work per week,including classes.


    60 credits

    40 hours work per week

    Full time workload


    60 credits Semester 1

    Plus 60 credits Semester 2

    120 credits in total

    Requires 40 hoursof work per week,including classes.




    3 x 120 credits

    Three years

    360 credits over 3 years



    4 x 120 credits

    Four years

    480 credits over 4 years

  • 8StreamStream is an online teaching and learning environment that provides a dedicated site for each of your papers. Here you will find your timetable information and details about the Paper Coordinator. Each paper will incorporate Stream into their teaching/learning resources differently, but you can expect to find such things as assessment briefs, weekly study plans, links to online, text or video resources, as well as grades and feedback. Your lecturers will also correspond with you via Stream. This is an important study resource which you will need to engage with and use regularly.

    To access Stream login at: using your student ID number and PIN. The system will prompt you to set up a password that you will then use whenever you visit Stream. Set this up now, check out the site and you can be well prepared before classes start.

    While you are online, check out our website and find out more about the college, and if you'd like to keep up with events, like our facebook page:

    Frequently asked questions There are a lot of things you may have questions about in your first weeks. Please ask college staff and come along to orientation events to find out more. One of the most frequently asked questions is:.

    Q Where do I get my computer PIN number?

    A In your letter of confirmation you will find your Student Identification Number and PIN number. This PIN number is your computer PIN. You can change this PIN after logging in.

    Stream and your timetable

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    If you cannot find your PIN, simply call 0800 MASSEY and speak to one of the Helpdesk staff, they will talk you through logging in and how to reset your PIN. You may need to answer some security questions to confirm your identity.

    Alternatively go to Student Central on campus and they will advise you of your PIN. You will need to produce photo identification such as your driver licence or passport.

    Timetable Stream is where all CoCA students find timetable information. Please DO NOT use the information on the MyMassey timetable.

    There are different methods and locations, depending on your degree:

    BFA and BDes First Year Timetable 2016*. On this site you will find which classes you have been assigned for your core papers. Once you have seen this you can sign up for a time for your elective.

    Creative Media Production Forum*. On this site you will find your Schools timetable. Your papers typically have a fixed lecture slot, and alternate workshop times that you will have to sign up for.

    Music Programme Forum*. On this site you will find your Schools timetable. Your papers typically have a fixed lecture slot, and alternate workshop times that you will have to sign up for.

    Most Stream sites will open from mid-February.

    * If you cannot access the appropriate Stream site, please go to Student Central for assistance.

    Orientation workshopsFrom 9.30am on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 February, workshops will be run for CoCA students to introduce you to your programme, how to use Stream, and negotiate your timetable. Please see: for details relevant to your programme.

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    Student calendar 2016

    22 26Orientation Week

    04Due date to add papers for Semeste