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    Mr. Gert D. de Bruin


    - Managing of Departments / Divisions / Company to reach profit targets.

    - Evaluating, analysing and conceptualizing current status quo.

    - Strategic planning and visioning.

    - Identifying, planning, implementing value adding activities to better effectiveness and profit.

    - Budgets, cash flows, cost centres, profit centre accounts.

    - Due diligence studies and submissions.

    - High level communications with clients, suppliers and industry.

    - Production functions in Feed Mill, Dog Food plants, ensuring effective capacity utilization and

    superior quality.

    - Stock management, bulk and semi-bulk handling facilities.

    - Commissioning of plants and or facility upgrades

    - Manage Capital expenditure

    - Human resources, policies and all personnel related aspects as performance appraisal, job

    descriptions etc.

    - Statuary compliance (to Acts: Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Occupational Health and

    Safety Act, Fertilizer, Farm Feeds and Remedies Act, Financial Advisory and Intermediary

    Services Act and Financial Intelligence Centre Act, Competition etc.)

    - Analyse Markets and market potential, Identify market opportunities.

    - Negotiations, Procurement, Contracting.

    - Trade setting in specific trades of importance.

    - Hedging of prices, open interests and mark risks

    - Risk Management. Key person for NWK regarding FIAS

    - Trading of commodities and derivatives on Safex

    - Design and implement marketing and sale strategy and policies for products.

    - Managing sale personnel and agents

    - Adult training through study groups, farmers unions and individuals. Give technical advice to

    farmers/clients on market opportunities, price risks, diversification, branch activities and

    production systems.

    - Serve on various industry and internal comities.

    - Represent in Industry organizational Organizations.

    - Labour relations and Disciplinary procedures and processes.

    - Reporting to Board of Directors / Top Management

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    - I am looking for an opportunity with an established and reputable organisation that would

    offer me an opportunity to not only utilize my current knowledge, skills and experience, but

    also afford me an opportunity to gain more experience and be awarded for achievements and

    grow within the organisation.

    - . I strive to live in and through the power of my Creator , the Godhead Three in One, in my

    marriage, family, workplace, work conditions and in community life, a life according to my

    believe system, to be worth full through positive attributes and to built out and enlarges my

    own and my families self respect and pride and in this whole process live a thankful and as

    far as possible enjoyable life in sharing and channelling to other people the goodness I am



    - Positive attitude, Broad on outlook

    - Analytical , Opportunistic, Challenging, Critical

    - Creative thinker, Problem solver, Conceptualizer, Logical

    - High integrity, Reliable, Honest & Trustworthy

    - Conscious of Priorities, Efficient, Competitor

    - Work to high standards, Hard working, Driving, Loyal

    - Persistent, Persuasive, Disciplined

    - Respectful, Calm Confident, Diplomatic

    - Teachable, Clever, Knowledgeable

    - Team player, Caring, Motivating, Encouraging, Sensitive

    BELBIN STRONG ROLES (high to low):

    - Planter > Resource > Investigator > Shaper > Coordinator > Monitor Evaluator > Team

    Worker > Implementer > Completer Finisher > Specialist


    - I Introversion

    o Receiving, Expressive, Gregarious, Reflective, Enthusiastic

    - N - Intuition

    o Concrete, Imaginative, Conceptual, Theoretical, Original

    - T - Thinking

    o Logical, Reasonable, Questioning, Critical, Tough

    - J - Judging

    o Systematic, Open ended, Early starting, Scheduled, Methodical

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    Secondary Qualification: Matric

    School: Lichtenburg High School

    City/Town: Lichtenburg

    Year: 1974

    Tertiary Qualification1: B.Sc. Agric. (Animal Husbandry)

    Institution: University of Pretoria

    City/Town: Pretoria

    Year: 1978

    Tertiary Qualification2: B.Sc. Agric. (Hons) Management and Feeding

    Institution: University of Pretoria

    City/Town: Pretoria

    Year: 1982

    Tertiary Qualification3: Farming Management

    Institution: UNISA

    City/Town: Pretoria

    Year: 1986

    Tertiary Qualification4:

    B. Inst. (Agrar) Hons.

    Institution: University of Pretoria

    City/Town: Pretoria

    Year: 1987

    Computer Literacy:

    - MS Word (Levels 3) Damelin College.

    - Power Point (Levels 3) Damelin College.

    - Excel (Levels 3) Damelin College.

    Courses attended:

    - Investment in Excellence (IIE) - Pacific Institute

    - Work of the role - Kaya Consulting

    - Disciplinary Chair person, Investigator, Compliant - SA Labour

    - ADP Option trading Drew Markson, Sue Goll

    - Technical Market Analysis Share direct

    - AMD Trading - Safex

    - Sorghum Malting - CSIR

    - Marketing - MAST SA

    - Group Dynamics, Creative thoughts, Lecturing - Senwes

    - Management Principles and Techniques - Senwes

    - Kepner Tregoe - Handling grievances, Discipline in the workplace - NWK

    - Extrusion of Soya to edible Protein - Extru Africa CFAM UNW

    - Extrusion of Aquatic Feeds, Dog Food, and By-- Extru Africa CFAM UNW

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    Employer 1: VKB Landbou (Pty) Ltd

    Position 1: Manager Grain: NTK (Limpopo)

    Date: February 2015 to date

    City/Town: Modimolle

    Duties: - Management of the Grain Department in Limpopo (9 silo complexes and a two traders)

    - Financial reporting to CEO, Budgets Strategic planning,

    - Ensure optimal grain management in silo's and optimizing capacity utilization, physical grain

    management to ensure good and best practices,

    - Ensure compliance to statuary- legal- internal policy and work procedures

    - High level negotiation of deals and contracts.

    - Define framework for traders to do physical trading, hedging and contracting

    - Organisational represent on Industry Committees like Agbiz, JSE Agri technical etc.

    - Ensure high level communication to client basis

    Employer 2: Profert Holdings HQ

    Position 1: Commodity and Derivative Trader

    Date: September 2013 to December 2014

    City/Town: Vryburg

    Duties: - Derivative trading strategies, value adding strategies on market movement long- medium-

    and short term

    - Intraday/week trading

    - Hedging strategies for affiliates (FeedPro)

    - Physical trading Agent for affiliates

    - Ad hoc input in New Project Development

    Reason for consider leaving: Company refocus - core activities trading - will be phased out

    Employer 2: FeedPro (affiliate of Profert Holdings)

    Position 2: CEO FeedPro

    Date: February 2011 to August 2013

    City/Town: Vryburg

    Duties: - Turnaround strategy for FeedPro at Vryburg focus areas, change management,

    restructuring in functionality, upgrading facilities , resolve bottlenecks to free capacity, change

    total workforce culture, mechanizing labour inefficiencies and lower strike risks.

    - Ensure the national and international vision of Profert for Feedpro.

    - Determine the viability of satellite plants in border countries and Africa.

    - Identify business opportunities in related industries where value adding can be achieved.

    - Do submissions and Report to Board of directors..

    Reason for leaving: Transferred to holding company Profert

    Employer 2: FeedPro (affiliate of Profert Holdings)

    Position 3: National Marketing Manager

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    Date: July 2010 to January 2011

    City/Town: Vryburg

    Duties: - Put marketing and sale strategy in place which include development and restructuring

    functions and activities, continues adjustments thereof to ever changing market requirements

    and circumstances.

    - Price policy and guidelines. Budgets, Systems and procedures

    - Personnel training and motivating.

    - Revive Costumer services culture change , continues evaluating and revaluating.

    - Promotion, Advertising and Communication strategy, Revamp Feedpro Logo and Brands.

    - Technical support and coaching of marketing team.

    - Evaluate and suggest plant improvement, market penetration possibilities.

    - Get direct involved in the Dog Food industry and marketing. Advising on Raw material


    - Reporting to CEO.

    Reason for leaving: Promoted to CEO of FeedPro

    Employer 3: NWK (Pty) Ltd.

    Position 1: Manager: Grain Marketing

    Date: February 2000 to June 2010

    City/Town: Lichtenburg

    Duties: - Manage Division to reach profit targets

    - Focus areas: Procurement, Contracting, Hedging, Sales, Arbitrage, Risk management of all

    open interests, Structured deals.

    - Determine strategy which includes restructuring of activities, continues development and

    adapting/changing to market requirements and technology and client preferences.

    - Enlarge market share and specific