GMN Agustus 2015

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Rotary District 3420

Text of GMN Agustus 2015

  • 1Dear Presidents dan fellow Rotarians,

    Assalamualaikum, Wr. Wb., Salam Sejahtera, Om Swastiastu, Nammo Buddhaya.

    Tidak terasa sudah 2 bulan saya melakukan pengabdian sebagai District Governor D 3420, dan hampir separuh klub di District ini sudah saya kunjungi, banyak sekali pelajaran berharga yang saya dapatkan. Klub yang beraneka ragam budaya dan kebiasaan telah membuka wawasan saya terhadap pengabdian kita di Rotary dan kebesaran lembaga pengabdian ini. Saya semakin yakin bahwa Rotary adalah tempat untuk kita berbagi tanpa memandang ras, agama, suku bangsa serta tingkat social, tujuan kita hanya satu yaitu PENGABDIAN KEPADA KEMANUSIAAN.

    Its been 2 months I do service as a District Governor D 3420, and almost half the club in this District has my visit , I got a lot of valuable lessons during the visit. Club diverse culture and customs has opened my horizons to our devotion in Rotary and the greatness of this devotion institutions . I am increasingly convinced that the Rotary is a place for us to share regardless of race, religion , ethnicity and social level , we have only one purpose , namely DEDICATED TO HUMANITY .

    Guna meningkatkan pengabdian kita dan lebih semangat untuk membangun klub menjadi lebih sehat, maka di tahun ini District 3420 mengadakan kompetisi Best of The Best Club untuk the most Vibrant Club , yaitu untuk meraih sebuah Piala Bergilir, yang akan dipersembahkan kepada satu klub yang memenuhi beberapa kriteria dan mendapatkan nilai tertinggi dari beberapa poin yang dipersyaratkan yaitu :

    In order to increase our devotion and passion to build a better and healthy Club, this years District 3420 held a competition to reach Best of the Best Club thats call The Most Vibrant Club in the form of Rotation-Cup that will be dedicated to one club that meets several criteria and reach the highest scores of otherwise require multiple points in the form of :1. Global Grant; 2. District Grant; 3. Humanitarian Service Project based on 6 areas of focus; 4. Every Rotary Club : 1 project/club (minimum); 5. Club to Club: 1 project/club (minimum); 6. Voca-tional ServiceRotary Youth Exchange: 1. In bound Student/Out bound Student; 2. Host Club; 3. Host Parent; 4. RYE Officer / participant; 5. Attend all RYE event Rotaract: 1. Have Rotaract Club (1 club minimum); 2. Have Rotaract Chair ; 3. Active Project (1 project minimum); 4. Attend all District Rotaract Event Administration: 1. Pay RI dues on time; 2. Pay District dues on time; 3. Attendance (minimum 50%); 4. FellowshipMandatory Project base on six areas of focus: 1. Sanitation (Program 1 Juta Jamban); 2. Blood Bank (Donor Darah); 3. Cleft lip; 4. Etc.District Conference: 1. Member attend 50% (minimum) based on membership; 2. Discon officer / participant

    Besar harapan saya dengan diadakan nya kompetisi ini seluruh klub di distrik ini bisa berlomba lomba dan berkompetisi secara positif untuk menjadikan klub nya sebagai klub yang vibrant sehingga bisa melakukan pengabdian lebih baik lagi kepada masyarakat dan bersama sama membantu Rotary International dan Distrik untuk mencapai goal di tahun ini.

    Hopefully by holding this competition throughout the club in D3420 can compete to race and compete in a positive way to make his club as the club were vibrant, so it can do better service to society and at the same time will help Rotary International and District to reach The Goal of this year .

    Dengan di canangkan nya tahun ini sebagai tahun paperless dan seluruh report dimasukkan ke dalam My Rotary melalui Club Central, untuk itu di harapkan seluruh board dan seluruh member club mempunyai account di My Rotary dan memlaporkan apa saja yang telah dilakukan baik project maupun aktifitas lain.

    With the launch this year as the year of paperless and the entire report is inserted into the My Rotary through Club Central , the board and all members of the club are expected to have an account on My Rotary and make direct report what has been done both the project and other activities.

    Di masa pengabdian tahun 2015 2016 ini mari kita jadikan distrik kita ini menjadi distrik yang kuat dengan adanya klub klub yang sehat dibawah kepemimpinan para Pres-ident yang hebat dan dukungan dari seluruh member yang luar biasa. Jadikan lah tahun ini tahun terbaik dari pengabadian kita, BERSAMA KITA BISA.

    Due to the period of 2015 2016,let us make this District with the presence of the club strong and healthy under the leadership of the President and the support from all members remarkable. Make this year to be the best year of our perpetuation, TOGETHER WE WILL ABLE TO REACH THE BIG GOAL.

    Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

    Yours in Rotary,

    A. Mufid WahyudiDistrict Governor D-3420

  • 2AUGUST 2015

    In the 1930s, Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter, had a wooden sign hanging on his wall that read, Det bedste er ikke for godt: Only the best is good enough. Today, Christiansen is remembered as the inventor of Lego, the colorful plastic bricks beloved by chil-dren around the world. But in the early days of the Lego company, its signature product was a wooden duck one built to the highest standards, out of aged beech, with three coats of clear varnish. Legos company history tells how Christiansen used his ducks to teach a lesson in quality to his son, Godtfred Kirk:

    One evening, when I came into the office, I said to my father: Its been a good day today, Dad. Weve earned a little more. Oh, said Dad, what do you mean? Well, Ive just been to the station with two boxes of our toy ducks for the Danish Co op. Normally they get three coats of varnish, but since its for the Co-op, I only gave them two. So I saved the business a bit of money. He looked at me in dismay. Godtfred, fetch those boxes back. Unpack them and give the ducks another coat of varnish. Youre not going to bed until the works done and youll do it all on your own. There was no arguing with Dad. And it was a lesson for me about what quality meant.

    Today, Legos quality standards are legendary, and its products are the most popular toys in the world: Lego pieces outnumber humans 86 to 1.We all recognize that this success stems directly from Legos business practices its insistence on quality, efficiency, and innovation. I compare this with our efforts in

    governance and accountability in Rotary, and realize that sometimes we fall short of the standards expected.The leaders at the Rotary International, zone, district, and club levels have to maintain the highest standards in governance. The RI president and directors must serve the

    membership in a meaningful manner; zone leaders must deliver on the investment Rotary makes in them; district leaders must provide dynamic leadership in the district and focus on transparency in accounting and timely reporting of financials; and club leaders must adhere to proper reporting functions and get their clubs onto Rotary Club Central.

    Just as Christiansen refused to consider sending a lesser product to any of his clients, so should we refuse to consider giving a lesser effort to any of our work. We must always demand the best of ourselves in our professional lives, and especially in our Rotary work.

    For in Rotary, what is our product? It is not wooden ducks or plastic bricks. It is education, water, health, and peace. It is hope, and it is life itself. For this work, only our best is good enough. I ask you all to remember this and to do your very best to Be a Gift to the World.

  • 3MESSAGERotary Public Image Coordinator, Zone 7A (Philippines and Indonesia)

    This issue is the first for the current Rotary Year 2015 2016. Allow me to start by wishing our new Rotary Leaders in Zone 7A the best in their tour of duty. They are:

    RI District 3410 DG HidayatHidayat Tjokrodjojo RI District 3420 DG Mufid Mufid Wahyudi RI District 3770 DG Manuel Manny Sy Peng, Jr. RI District 3780 DG Reynaldo Rey David RI District 3790 DG Ma. Inez Mai Ocampo RI District 3800 DG Alfredo Jun Abellar, Jr.RI District 3810 DG Roberto Obet Pagdanganan RI District 3820 DG Jose Pepe Estevez, Jr. RI District 3830 DG Jose Pepito Bengzon, III RI District 3850 DG Oliver Oliver Ong RI District 3860 DG Salvador BuddyEstudillo RI District 3870 DG Leopoldo Leo Ochia

    As far as our Zone 7A Public Image Team is concerned, I reappointed PDG James McGyver Makasiar of RI District 3850 and PDG Eva Eva Kurniaty of RI District 3410 to continue to be my Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinators for the current Rotary Year. And my four Liaison Officers are still PP Maria Adelica Maridel Villavicencio for RI Districts 3780, 3800 and 3810; PP Ma. Rosario Elizabeth Lilibeth De La Cruz for RI Districts 3770, 3820 and 3850; PP Maria Concepcion Chacha Camacho for RI Districts 3410, 3830 and 3870; and PP Marivic Marivic del Pilar for RI Districts 3420, 3790 and 3860. The only newcomers in my Zone Public Image Team are the District Public Image Chairs appointed by their respective incumbent District Governors, and I wish to welcome the following to my Team:

    RI District 3410 Rtn. Prita Kemal Gani RI District 3420 PP Yetty Puspitawati Sutan RI District 3770 PDG Felix DomigpeRI District 3780 PP Rose Imperial RI District 3790 PP Nelson Caroy RI District 3800 PP Nikki de VegaRI District 3810 PP Arlene Velez RI District 3820 PDG Chit Lijauco RI District 3830 PP Randi LoricoRI District 3850 PP Jigger Latoza RI District 3860 PP Ely Baquero RI District 3870 DGN Linda Deleste

    Welcome to the Team! While I may not be in regular contact with these District Public Image Chairs, I am certain that my four Liaison Officers will be in touch with them regularly for the regular reports I need to submit to RI President Ravi Ravindran, particularly on three valuable data number of unique local media placements during the period, number of district training semi-nars on