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Innovative Fundraising Aka Community Management. Team 839 : Rosie Robotics Agawam High School (Agawam, MA). Who we are . Authored by: Many Presented by: Dana Henry Rosie Founder (2002) Technician, Hamilton Sundstrand Space, Land and Sea Systems John Burns Rosie Founder (2002) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Innovative FundraisingAka Community ManagementTeam 839 : Rosie RoboticsAgawam High School (Agawam, MA)

  • Who we areAuthored by:ManyPresented by:Dana HenryRosie Founder (2002)Technician, Hamilton Sundstrand Space, Land and Sea Systems

    John BurnsRosie Founder (2002)Tech Ed Coordinator Agawam School DistrictMany State Wide Tech Ed Committees

  • Who we areRosies story---Rookie year 2002Offshoot of BuzzRookie All Star/Top Rookie Seed 2002KPCB Entrepreneurship 2004, 05 and 06.Daimler Chrysler Spirit 2004Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam 2004

  • What are we going to talk about?It takes a village to make a FIRST Robotics team truly successful.

    More than just a teacher and some students.Support from every discipline.Support from every level.Support from parents.Promote promote promote!!!By drawing attention to your team, you draw checks

  • School Support School CommitteePlay the game A strong backer or two on the school board is a must. A MA State Rep named Rosemary is a good thing.Visibility for the team is the goal. Put the students up front.

    Fit the program into the Superintendents goals.

  • Superintendents Goals for 2004-2007(and how Rosie helped)To increase student achievement.FIRST Robotics is the premier program of its type in the country for giving students a reason to stay in school, get good grades and become excited again about math, science, and business.

    To provide a positive and safe learning environmentWeve brought in trainers from Hamilton Sundstrand and FIRST to help teach the students conflict resolution, constructive feedback, working in a diverse group setting, brainstorming, setting goals (and achieving them). Encourage students to explore their options, offer praise appropriately, but not sparingly.

    To promote parent and community involvement in the education of the children.There is no way that one individual teacher can run a program of this scope without significant parental involvement, from chaperoning a road trip to supervising shop work. Rosie has recruited about 10 adults all from different employers; some parents, some recent graduates, some homemakers, etc.

  • Superintendents Goals for 2004-2007(and how Rosie helped)To foster a climate of communication and collaboration. Without communication, we would be nowhere. MIT, Balzar Tool, LM, Mechanical Plastics, HS, Buzz, Science dept., Career Center

    To recognize and support varied learning styles and differences in order to maximize individual success.We have a place for everybody. Every skill set is utilized. Its not just for nerds everyone has different intelligences.

    To provide professional development for all employees.Ask John Burns how much he has learned from this program!

    To maintain favorable student/staff ratios. We do pretty well in this department mentors are always available and present in multiples.

    To provide a curriculum with high standards for all students. Performance is the key. Expect high performance and you will get it..

  • Curriculum ConnectionsBecome part of the schools approved course of study

  • Curriculum ConnectionsEngineering the Future is the curriculum designed by the Boston Museum of ScienceAutomated systems is a VEX based robotics course

  • Curriculum ConnectionsPut independent study course in your curriculum

  • Curriculum ConnectionsUse the quality and diversity of your mentors to provide an alternate method for your students to receive credit and recognition for what they learn.

  • Curriculum ConnectionsBring your show to the Elementary Schools and demonstrate using the State Standards

  • School Support School AdministrationMeet with the Principal regularly.Even if its just in the hall for 3 minutes.It does not hurt to have a parent or two on the PTSO/SIC.Good way to find out what is happening within the school.Get quality face time. Go to school committee meetings, PTSO, football games.Volunteer to host a career fair or club night.If you volunteer to do the set up, then its automatic you get prime real estate!!Do NOT upset the custodial staff!Feed them!

  • School SupportStudent BodyNOT just for nerds. Thats a tough one to get over.Wide variety of skills needed. Spirit, writing, wwwDiversity: we are about 50/50.Develop a job applicationFaculty/StaffGet a great one. We did. Multiple is good. (Were training the 2nd one!)Make sure they are the Keeper of the Keys.Showcasing AchievementsShow off trophies/awards. We have our own case in the hall.Get on principals brag board.Showcase the robots, runem at lunch in the halls, display in the library, Back to School, Open House, Town parades etc.Lower Grade LevelsFarm System VEX/FLL/JFLLFIRST is providing it, utilize it.

  • Community Support Local GovernmentMayor, you need the office.Provide photo ops, they all love them.Be honest and forthright remember, they want to get reelected!

  • Community SupportCouncilors/School CommitteeYoung and AmerussoState GovernmentDOE get in front of them any way you canDriscoll and the Jensen twins at Conference hosted at AHS, MASC

  • Raising Awareness in the Community Brochures / PamphletsProvide tangible communications not just words unique designs (triangle, *tion ball)FundraisersLook at it not just as an opportunity to make money, but also to get the word out and provide a service to the community.Display your productbring bots to fundraisers, march in paradesBuild a World Class display boothWork with other city departments DPW, Senior Center for something that benefits them Were still getting mileage from Road Iron.Mentors/NEMOs dont turn down any assistance offered

  • Media ManagementFind a parent that doesnt like to see there kid on TV, in the paper, or on the radio. Not the police log or scanner. Do you know the phone/fax/email of your local beat reporter?Do you know the phone/fax/email of you local TV/Radio reporters?Letters to the EditorPress Releases & PRCan you write your own articles for the local paper?Do you have an AP English student?

  • Media Interviews Say YES!!!Students opportunity to shineKris/John on radio.Internet PublicationWebsiteForeign PolicyAu Canada!!, Au Belgique!!Thank you!

  • ION (Inter Organizational Networking) Local and National Engineering SocietiesESWM/ASME/SMEColleges & UniversitiesMIT, Northeastern, UMass, WPI, STCCOther TeamsTeam173/1368True North EventsCommunity OrgsLions ClubMasonic LodgesRotary Chamber of Commerce

  • ION (Inter Organizational Networking) Civic OrganizationsJunior Womens ClubShriners Hospital for ChildrenSpringfield Science MuseumSponsorsBerkshire PowerHamilton SundstrandHartford Steam BoilerRed SoxMass Mentoring Partnership

  • FIRST exposureFIRST HierarchyWoody, Dean & DaveCompetition StaffBe nice to Judges/Staff/CuersOther TeamsOffer assistanceRegional chaptersNE FIRST

  • FIRST and NEMOTraditional fundraising events include:Rosies World Famous Ziti Dinners6th Annual Tournament of RosieButter Braid/Gourmet Coffee salesRafflesSpecifics and white papers of these ideas can be found on

  • Community ManagementTopics that were coveredGetting support from the school From the topRaising Awareness in the Community High profileDealing with the media Get publishedManipulating the Man Hello Mr. Mayor.Inter-organization Networking ESWM/MIT

  • Take away thisLeadership is an opportunity to serve. It is not a trumpet call to self-importance. Anonymous