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Manqus Maulid م ي ح ر ل ا ن م ح ر ل له ا ل م اس بِ قْ لَ خَ لْ بَ قُ هَ ورُ ن$ َ دَ خْ وَ اَ ى وَ دُ هْ ل اِ ّ يِ بَ نَ رَ مَ قِ لَ ّ وَ لْ اِ ع يِ 7 نَ رِ رْ هَ ; ش يِ فَ عَ لْ طَ ا ىِ دَ ّ الَ انَ حْ بُ س اَ دَ ّ مَ حُ مُ اهَ ّ مَ سَ وِ مَ ل اَ عْ ل اSubhanalladhi atwl`a fi shahri Rabeil awwali quamara nabiyyil huda,wa auojadha nurahu quabla khalqil a`alami wasmmahu Muhammada. I glorify ِAllah SWT who allowed the moon of the prophet to rise in guidance, during the month of Rabiul Awwal and named it Muhammad (SAW); his light has been there from before the creation of the world. ْ مَ ل يِ بَ ّ ل اِ الَ مَ حْ ل اَ هَ عْ لِ خُ هَ سَ بْ لَ اَ و$ ىَ دْ بَ اَ وَ رَ ّ دَ ا قَ مَ كِ انَ مَ ّ ر ل اِ رِ خ[ ا يِ فُ هَ جَ رْ خَ اَ و اً دَ قْ رَ فَ اوً رَ مَ قَ لَ حْ خَ اٍ هْ جَ وِ نَ دِ لُ وَ ف اَ دَ خَ ا اَ هْ سِ بْ لُ بWakhrajahu fi a`khiri zzamani kama quaddhara wa abdha,wa albasa hu khilatal jamali llatee lam yulbisha ahadha.fa wulidha bi wajhin akhjala quamaran wa farqadha. And he was brought out as the last for all prophets as decided by Allah and announced in old scriptures. He revealed [AL1] , and he was adorned with garments of beauty which none had ever received before. He was born with a face which even the moon and the Farqadh (the North Star, situated in the northern part of the sky, often used by sailors to to aid navigation) were humbled by. ِ هِ بَ ; اثَ عَ يْ س اَ ا وً دِ الَ وِ هِ بْ وَ كِ بَ رَ خَ بْ ق اَ وُ مَ لَ ّ س ل اِ هْ يَ لَ عُ مَ د[ اِ هِ بَ لَ ّ سَ وَ ن ىِ دَ ّ الَ وُ هَ لَ َ ا

Manqus Maulid

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Manqus Maulid

Subhanalladhi atwl`a fi shahri Rabeil awwali quamara nabiyyil huda,wa auojadha nurahu quabla khalqil a`alami wasmmahu Muhammada.

I glorifyAllah SWT who allowed the moon of the prophet to rise in guidance, during the month of Rabiul Awwal and named it Muhammad (SAW); his light has been there from before the creation of the world.

Wakhrajahu fi a`khiri zzamanikamaquaddhara wa abdha,wa albasa hu khilatal jamali llatee lam yulbisha ahadha.fa wulidha bi wajhin akhjala quamaran wa farqadha.

And he was brought out as the last for all prophets as decided by Allah and announced in old scriptures.He revealed[AL1], and he was adorned with garments of beauty which none had ever received before. He was born with a face which even the moon and theFarqadh(the North Star, situated in the northern part of the sky, often used by sailors to to aid navigation) were humbled by.

Alaa huwalladhee tawassala bihi A`damu alahissalam waftakhara bi kounihi walidan wastagatha bihi Nuhun alaihissalam fa naja mina rradha.

You know, he is the one by whose status Adam (A) asked Allah, and Adam was proud to be his father. He is the one by whosebarakaNuh (A) sought help from Allah (as he travelled in the ark made by him and his followers) and he escaped from mishaps and difficulties.(Note: The ship had a length of 300 fee , width of 50 feet and depth of 30 feet, and was three stories high). Nuh (A) spent six months in the ark during the flood, not seeing any land. Later he and the others in the ship landed on thepeakofMountof Judi[AL2]as mentioned in the Holy Quran 11:44 and 29:15.)

Wa kana fi swulbi Ibrahima alaihissalam hina ulkhiya finnari f a`dha wa swara lahbuha mukhmada.

He has been in the backbone of Hazrat Ibrahimalaihissalamwhile he was put into the fire and the flames were wondrously extinguished.

Wara-at umuhu Aminah(R) hina hamalat bihi malaekata ssamae madhadha,wa dakhala alaihal anbiyaau wahum yaquluna idha wala`ti shamsal falahi wal huda fa sammihiMuhammada.

And when his mother Aminah was pregnant, the angels of the Heaven came to help, and the former messengers met her saying, when you give birth to the sun of victory, please name him Muhammad (SAW).

Qualallahu azza wajalla laquad jaa akum rasoolum min anfusikum aziizun alaihi maa anittum hareeswun alaikum bil mumineena rawoofur raheem

Allah says: Verily, there has come unto you a Messenger from amongst yourselves. It grieves him (SAW) that you should receive any injury or difficulty. He is anxious over you. For the believers, he is full of pity, kind and merciful.

Waruwiya ani nnabiyyi sallallahu alaihi wasallam annahu qala kuntu nuran baina yadayillahi azza wajalla qabla an yakhlukha Adama bi alfai abinyusabbihullaha dhalika nnuru wa tusabbihul malaekatu bi tasbihihi.

And it is reported from the Prophet (SAW) that he said, I was a light in front of Allah (SWT) two thousands years before Adam alaihissalam was created. That light had been glorifying Allah (SWT) and angels also were glorifying Allah along with this Tasbeeh (glorifying).

Falamma khalaqallahu ta`la Adama alaihissalam alqa dhalika nnura fi twinatihi fa ahbatwaniyallahu fi swulbi Adama ilal arl

When Allah SWT created Adam alaihissalam put the noor in his clay then Allah SWT descended me to the earth through the backbone of Adam alaihissalam.

Waja`lani fissafinati fi swulbi Nuh waja`lani fi swulbil khalili Ibrahim alaihissalm hina qudhifa bihi finnar.

And He placed me on the backbone of Nuh alaihissalam in the ship and put me in the backbone of Khalil Ibrahim alaihissalam when he was thrown to the fire.

.Walam yazal yanquluni rabbi minal aswlabil karimatil fakhira ilal arhami zzakiyyati twahira hetta akhrajaniyallahu min baini abawayya walam yaltaqiya ala sifahin qatt.

My Lord had been taking me from honoured backbones to purified wombs. Hence Allah SWT brought out me from my parents they had never engaged in any illegal sexual intercourse indeed.[Note: All these events are seen in MUJMAU (a Kitab) for Twabrani (4:213) and in MUSTADRAK (a Kitab) (4:391) and in SEERATUL HALABIYYAH (a Kitab) (1:47) for Haakim.)

Bal wa ashrafu minhu ya sayyidi khairannabi Anta tatwlau bainana fil kawakibi kal budur

Nay,you are superior to that, oh my leader, the best amongst all prophets (SAW).You shine amongst us like the full moon among the stars.

Repeat Chorus Mithla husnika qattu ya sayyidee khairannabi Anta ummun am abu ma raaina fihima

Like your virtues indeed, oh my leader the best amongst prophets (SAW).You are mother, father but we didnt see in them anything

Repeat Chorus Man lana mithluka ya sayyidi khairannabi Anta munjeena gadan min shafa`tika sswafa

Who is there for us like you, oh my leader, the best amongst all prophets (A).You are the one who saves us tomorrow, through your sacred shafa-a (intercession).(Rasul(SAW) will beg infront of Allah (SWT) to save his followers from the hell. There are many groups of people who will get his shafa-a.)Note: Other prophets, some pious predecessors and men whom Allah (SWT) selects, hafizs of the Quran who live according to its teachings, and some others also will have rights for some shafa-a by the permission of Allah (SWT). Without His permission, no one can intercede this is clearly explained in Aayatul Kursy)

Repeat Chorus Laka ashku fihi ya sayyidi khairannabi Irtakabtu alal khata gaira haswrin wa a`dhad

I do complain about them towards you(I express my helplessness and I am worried about how I face Allah. So, please help me by your shafa-a), oh my leader the best amongst all prophets (SAW).I have committed countless sins.

Repeat Chorus Yauma nashri kitabi ya sayyidi khairannabi Innana narju ila ka`si haoulika lil atwash

The day we take records of our deeds, oh the best of all prophets (SAW).We aspire towards your cup of Haulul kauthar to get rid of our thirst.(Note: Kauthar is a river which is whiter than milk and sweeter than honey).

Repeat Chorus Wah lana in laa` ya sayyidi khairannabi Asshafa`ta hab lana fil qiyamati mushfiqa

Woeto us if we do not receive it(shafaa),the loss will be ours, oh my leader, the best amongst prophets (SAW).Grant us shafa-a on the day of judgment, as your affection towards us.

Repeat Chorus Laha najmun fi ssama sayyidi khairannabi Asswalatu alannabi kulla waqtin daima

For as long as the stars shine in the sky, oh my leader, the best amongst prophets(SAW).May the blessings of Allah be upon the prophet (SAW) always and all the time.

Rawa Ka`bul Ahbari raliyallahu anhu lamma aradallahu ta`la ilhara nnuril makhzun wa ibrazal jauharil maknun min abdillahi ila batwni Amina (R)

Ka`bul Ahbar raliyallahu anhu reports:(Note: Kabul was a Tabie, ie one of those who succeeded the Swahaba or Companions of Rasulullah and one of the historians in the first Islamic century who learned more about the old testament and the new testament. He embraced Islam during the reign of the Caliph Umar bin Khattab (RA). He had many students from eminent companions of Rasulullah (SAW). He passed away in 32 hijriyya at Himsw.)When Allah (SWT) decided to reveal the Nur that he kept with care and honour and to bring out the hidden pearl from Abdullah to the womb of Amina (R)

Atwhari fatatin fil arab wa dhalika fi lailatil jumuati min shahri rajabin amara Rilwan

the most pious lady amongst the Arabs, that was at Friday night in the month of Rajab, Allah SWT commanded Rilwan(the Angel who is the Guard ofParadiseor Jannah)

Fafutiha abwabuljinanwa tazayyanatil huru wal wildan wadukhat bashairul afrah wa zaharat kawakibu sswabah

and the doors of paradise were opened.Hurs(heavenly girls with large eyes)and handsome boys were adorned. The good news(of the birth of Rasulullah (SAW))was announced and the stars of dawn glittered

Wanada munadiffissamae wal arli ala inna nnural maknun minhu sayyidul bashar fi batwni Amina (R)ta qadistaqarra

One caller (from the sky and the earth) announced, Know that the protected Nur in which the leader of mankind is kept has been placed in the womb of Amina (R).

Walammantaqala nuru nabiyyina swallallahu alaihi wasallam min Abdillahi ila batwni Amina (R) ihtazza arshu twaraban wastwibshara

When the Nur moved out from Abdullah to the womb of Amina (R), the Arsh(the throne of Almighty Allah SWT)trembled with all happiness and pleasure

Wazadal kursiyyu haibatan wa waqara wamtalatissamawatu anwara wa lajjatil malaikatu tahlilan wastigfara.

And Kursiyy(a thing of Gods creation that extends over the entire Universe)increased in awe and dignity.The Heavens were filled with light, the Angels cheered, reciting Tahlil (La ilaha Illallah Muahammadu Rasulullah) and glorifying Allah the Exalted

Fa aswbahat fi tilka llailati wal anwaru taluhu fi jabhatihal mu`tAmina (R)

Then All the night, holy lights were shining in the confident forehead of Amina (R)

Wa Amina (R)t bihi minal makhawifil ka`minah .walahara lintiqali nurihil ayaatu wa tabasharat bihi jamil makhluqat

And She was safe against all hidden fears. The signs for the moving of this Holy Nur was evident and all creatures informed each other about this great happening

Walamma hamalat bihi swallallahu alaihi wasallam fi rajabil hana wa busshirat fi sha`bana bi nailil muna wa qeela laha fi ramalana laqad hamalti bil mutwhhariminaddanasi wal khana.

When she became pregnant with Prophet(SAW),it was the happy month of Rajab. She was informed in the month of Shaban of the glad news that her wishes were to be fullfilled. She was told in Ramadhan that she carried in her womb a child who was completely purified from all bad and dirty things

Wa samiatil malaikata fi shawwalin yubasshirunaha billafri bi gayatil muna.

And She heard the Angels in Shawwal congratulating her, for her great ambitions were going to be fullfilled

Wara`til khakila Ibrahima alaihissalam fi dhil qadati wahuwa yaqulu laha abshiri biswahibil anwari wal waqari wthana.

And She saw Hazrat Ibrahim alaihissalam in the month of Dhulqadah, saying to her, Congratulations to be blessed with the man (SAW) of all lights, dignity and high status

Wa ataha fi dhil hijjati Musal kalimu alaihissalam wa a`lamaha bi rutbati Muhammadinswallallahu alaihi wasallam wa jahihil asna.

And Hazrat Musa alaihissalam came to her in Dhulhijjah and informed her about the position and high status of the Prophet (SAW).

Wanadaha fi muharramin Jibrilu alaihissalam bianna waqta wiladatihaqaddana,wastwaffatil malaikatu manzilaha fi swafer

Jibril alaihissalam called on her in Muharram, and she was informed that the time for her delivery was approaching. Angels formed rows (for the purpose of greeting the new born child) in her house in the month of Safar.

Fa alimat anna mouida ssururi qad qaruba wa dana falamma halla rabiul awwali ala`til arlu wassamawa ahraqatil baitu wasswafa.

And She knew that time fixed for happiness was near when Rabiulawwal came; the earth and sky were illuminated with brightness, the Kaaba and Swafa Mountain were also illuminated.

Thumma lamma ja-awaqtul wiladati wa qaraja manshuru ssa`ada wa jaddha bi a`minata amrul wilada

Then the time of delivery came and the proclamations of success was heard and the signs of delivery were seen in Amina (R)

Wahana buruzu shamsi ssa`dah tala`lal haqu nuran ala` wanushirat lahu fil kauni a`lamurrila

And the time for the appearance of the sun of victory was so close, the truth was shining, there as an extreme light and the flags of recognition were displayed in all parts of the universe

.Waidha bi twaerin qad saqatwa minal hawa fa marra bi janahaiyhi ala batwhni a`mina musrian falarabahal makhalu lailatal ithnaini athani ashara min shahri Rabi el awwali wa waladat swabihataha nabiyyathaqalaini swallallahu alaihi wasallam wa ala a`lihi wa swahbihiajmaeen.

And Then a white bird flew down and and flew over the belly of Amina (R). Then (as stated in Nurul Abswar, a kitab written by Imam Suyuti Rahimahillahu Ta-ala)she began to feel labour pains on the eve (night) of 12thRabiul awwal and in the morning(of 12thRabiul awwal), she delivered the prophet of mankind and the jinn.

Vannuru min wajanatihi yatawaqqadu Vulidhal habibussayyidul muta abbidu

The holy light is glittering from his cheeks.The beloved of Allah, Our leader and the great worshiper was born.

Repeat Chorus Hadha malihul kaoni hadha Ahmadu Jibrilu nada fi manasswati husnihi

He is Ahmad the most handsome of the universe. (Ahmad is one of the Prophets (SAW) many nicknames)Jibril called out from his throne of honour, and beauty.

Repeat Chorus Hadha jazilul waswfi hadha sayyidu Hadha kahilu twarfi hadhal mustwafa

This is the leader, honoured by all virtues.This is Mustafa(which means the selected another moniker for Rasulullah (SAW),with eyes anointed with colloryrium.(Note: He was born with eyes anointed with collryium or eye powder).

Repeat Chorus Hadha malihul wajhi hadhal aouhadu Hadha jamilu nnati hadhal murtala

He is the owner of sweet countenance, He is unique in all ways.He is the bearer of nice character, he is Murtala.[Note: Murtala is yet another name for the Prophet(SAW) which means everyone is pleased with him (SAW)][AL3]

Repeat Chorus Wa nafaisun fa naliruhu la yujadu Hadhalladhi khulia`t alaihi malabisun

And many other precious things, so there is no one similar to him.He is the one, who was put on with the valuable garments(of approvals from Allah)

Repeat Chorus Wulidal habibu wa mithlhu la yuladu Qalat malaikatu ssamae bi asrihim

Habib the Beloved of Allah was born, no one like him will ever be born again.All angels of the heaven said:

Repeat Chorus Hadha huval jahul alimul azyadu Bushra li ummatihi bi ru`yati wajhihi

This is a very great tremendous status Congratulations to the society of his time to be able to see his face.

Repeat Chorus Qad ja` fil khabari sswahihil musnadu Waladathu makhtunan wa makhulankama

As is reported in acceptable prophetic tradition.He was born circumcised and with eyes anointed with collyrium.

Repeat Chorus Manahatoirun fil gusuni yugarridu Swalla alaikallahu ya alamal huda

Whenever the birds sing on the branches of the trees.Oh, the flag of the right path, May Allah SWT bestow His blessings upon you.

Waruviya anna Amina (R)ta ra`t hina wala`thu swallallahu alaihi wasallam nuran al`alahu qusuru buswra min arli ssham .

It was reported that when the Prophet was being delivered, Amina (R) saw a bright light, and in that light the castles of Busra from Sham glittered.(Note: Sham was a region comprisingIran,IraqandSyriaat that time)

Waruwiya anna Amina (R)ta r qalat ,lamma wala`thu hu madadtu aini li anlra waladi falam arahu fa wajatuhu fil mikhdae wahuwa makhulun madhunun makhtunun malfufun bi thoubimminasswufil abyali alyana minal hariri yafuhu tweebu min janabihi

It is reported that Amina (R) said, When I gave birth to Rasulullah (SAW), I wanted to look at the baby but I couild not see the baby. When I looked again, I saw that the baby was in the cradle and was wrapped in a white cotton cloth which was softer than silk and a nice smell came from the baby.

Fa jaltu anlura ilaihi vaidha munadin yunadi akhfuhu ann a`yuni nnas,qalat fama kana gaibatuhu wa huluruhu illa ka lamhil baSAWar

When I started to look at the baby a voice said to hide him (SAW) fromtheeyes of people and that moment baby appeared and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Walamma kuntu mutahayyiratan min dhalika idha bi thalathatin nafarin qddakhalu alayya ,ka`nna wujuhahum aqmarun wa fi yadi ahadihim ibriqun minal fillati wa ma`l a`khari twshtun minazzabarjadil akhlari wafi yadi thalithi hariratun bailau matwiyyatun fa nasharaha fa idha hiya khatamun yuhayyiru a`yuna nnalirin min shiddati nurihi.

While I was surprised by this, a group of three were coming to me, their faces were looking like the moon . One of them holds a silver vessel, another one bearing a green emerald big saucer,another a white silk, it was folded, thus he spread it. Here is a seal astonishing the sights of the eyes, by its brightness .

Note:This seal was seen only by some of Swahaba like Salmanulfarisi(RA), as the Prophet(SAW) was very shy about revealing any part of his body except the face and the palms.It was predicted in Tourat and Injiel, that the Prophet (SAW) would be born with these signs. So, many of the scholars of these two books, embraced Islam, seeing these signs evident in Rasulullah(SAW)

Hamala ibni wanawalahu li swahibi twashti wa ana anluru ilaihi fa gasalahu min dhalikal ma`e alladi fil ibriqi saba marratin thumma qala li swahibihi ikhtim baina katifaihi bikhataminnubuwwah fahuwa khatimunnabiyyinwasayyidu ahlissamawati wal arli ajmaeen.

He carried my son and entrusted my son to the holder of the emerald saucer. While I watched, he bathed my son from that water seven times, then he told one of his companions to place the seal between two shoulders, the seal of khataminnubuwwah(i.e. the sign of the last propethood),the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last of all prophets and the leader of all those in the heavens and in the earth.

Wa qeela lamma wulida swallallahu alaihiwasallam khamidat tilka llailata naru farisa ba`da lliram,walam takun khamidat qabla dhalika bi alfai a`am.

It is reported, the fire ofPersiadied the night the Prophet (SAW) was delivered the fire had never been extinguished for the two thousand years preceding that day.

Wartajja eevanu kisra wasaqatat minhu arba` ashara shurafatan wa galat buhairatu SAWAwa aswbahat aswnamuddhunya kulluha mankusa wa rumiyati sshayatwenu minassamae bi sshuhubi thawaqib wanbalaja subhul haqi wa batwla ma kana ya`lamuhu kullu kadhib.

The Fort of Kisra trembled, fourteen minarets fell down. The Pond of Saawa dried up, all idols were stooped. Satans were driven away from the sky by sharpened flame sticks. The dawn of truth was exposed to all. All the false practices were to be useless.

Wa ruviya an Yahya bin Urwa anna nafaran min quraish kanoo indaswanamin min aswnamihim qad itakhdhu dhalikal yauma eidan min ayyamihim yanharunal jazura wa yakuluna wa yashrabuna waqad akafu alaihi ykhuluna wa yalabun.

It was reported from Yahya bin Urwa(Grandson of Zubair bin Awwam as in Al Bidhaya written by Ibnu Katheer), verily one of the groups of Quraish were sitting with an idol for them, they were celebrating their Eid-Festival, slaughtering the animals and eating, drinking and playing.

Fa dakhaloo alaihi fa wajaduhu makbuban ala wajhihi fa ankaroo inda dhalika alaihi wa radduhu ila halihi fanqalaba inqilaabaswagirin fafa`lu dhalika thalathan wahuwa la yastaqee

Entering there they saw that the idol was stooped on its face, it was unbelievable for them. They tried to re-establish it, but it again and again fell down and could not be put straight.

.Falamma raou dhalika abdau huznan wa taalluma wa awbaha eidulladhi kanoo feehi ma`tama .fa qala Uthmanu bin Huwairith ma lahu qad akthara tanakkusa ,inna hadha li amrin hadatha wa anshada wa qalbuhu yaswla binnar.

Seeing that they felt very sad, celebration was changed to sorrows. Uthman bin Huwarith(later Usman bin Huwairis)gave up all idols and travelled toRomeand embraced Christianity) asked what happened to this idol. Many times it keeps falling down! This is because of an important event and he began to sing, his heart was burning with anger.

Repeat Chorus Swanadeedu min wafdin baeedin wamin qurbi Aya swanamal eedilladi swaffa haulahu

All headsof groups from far and near.Oh, swanamul Eid,(Note: an idol of celebration)which is surrounded by

Repeat Chorus Famin huznina qaddarratil eeru bissuhbi Tanakkasta maqluban famadhaka qullana

Our tears are flowing because of our sorrows with such force that a caravan could flow away if our tears were rainYou stooped down, say to us, what happened you?

Repeat Chorus Nabu` bi iqrarin wa nalwi ani zzhanbi Fain kunta min dhanbin ataina fa innana

We regret, and turn away from those sins.If you have fallen due to any sin which we have committed, then

Fama anta fil aouthani bissayyidi rrabbi Wain kunta magluban wanukkista swagira

Then you are not the greatest lord and leader among all other idols.If you were defeated by anyone and fell into face ridiculously.

Repeat Chorus Jamiu fijajil arli khaufan minarru`bi Taradda li mauludin ala`t bi nurihi

Every path of earth,being frightened by the glory of that moment.Stooped because of a new born baby, lightened in the wake of his brightness

Repeat Chorus Waqad bata shahul fursi fi a`lamil karbi Wanaru jamiel firsi qad khamadat lahu

And the Persian king was caught by a great deal of unhappiness throughout the night.The fire for Persians(the Persians were worshipping fire)was extinguished because of him.

Repeat Chorus Wa hubbu ilal islami wal manzili rrahbi Fayala qusayyinirjioo an lalalikum

And rush to Islam, the wide convenient house for all.Oh ,Tribe of Qusay! Return from your way of falsehood.

Qala ibnu Ishaq lamma kana yaomussabie zabaha anhu jaddhuhu Abdul muttalib wa qama bi amrihi kama yajibu ,wa da` quraishan wa atwamahum wa akramahum fa lamma akalu qalu ya abdal muttalib ma sammaita bnaka qala sammaytuhu Muhammada .fa qalu qad ragibta an asmae aabaeka ,qala aradtu an yahmadahu man alal gabra`

It is reported by Ibnu Ishaq (one of the Tabiee who saw the prophet`s companions being as a muslim) that at the seventh day of his birth, his grandfather Abdul Muttalib slaughtered for him as an essential affair and invited the Quraish. He arranged for them food and honoured them.After having their meal, they asked Abdul Muttalib what name he had chosen for his grandson. He replied, Muhammad. They asked him, Why did you hesitate to put the name of your forefathers? He said, I would like him to be praised by all in the universe.

Wahuwa ahaqqunnasi bil hamdi Muhammadan sammau nabiyyal huda

He deserves to be praised more than anyone else.They named the Prophet of Guidance Muhammad.

Shamsulluha fi zalika ssa`di Swalla alaihillahu ma ashraqat

The morning sun that shines in that auspicious time .May Allah bestow His blessings upon him for as long as the sun shines

Falammakana waqtu luhuri asrarihi wa ishraqil kauni bi anwarihi fa bainama Amina (R)tu fi baitiha waheedatun mustanisatun bi barakatihi wahiya faridatun walam tashur illa waqad ashraqa fi baitihannur wa ammahal farahu wassurur ,wa aqbalatil malaekatu wal hur wa hffa hujratuha anwau` ttuyur wahiya tasmau`lizdihamihim wahtifalihim bi qudumil habibi hamsa wa kaifaq la wasayyidul aalAmina (R) fi baitiha amsa.

When the time for prophet`s (SAW) sacred delivery came nearer, it illuminated the universe due to his (SAW) brightness, Here was Amina (R) lonely, receiving happiness with his Barakas. She didn`t feel anything except that there is a light in her house, enshrouding her with delight and pleasure, Angels and Hur E`en(unique beautiful girls from heaven with large eyes)have come forward, different types of birds surrounded her room while she kept hearing the rumbling of crowds of people rejoicing. How could this not be the case as the leader of the entire world (SAW) had been born in the house of Amina (RA).

Repeat Chorus Laisa muhtajan ilassuruji Inna baitan anta sakinuhu

It does not need lampsVerily, the house where you (SAW) stay

Repeat Chorus Yauma ya`tinnasu bil hujaji Wajhukal wallahu hujjatuna

On the day(i.e. judgment day)that people have to produce evidence.Your brightened countenance wll be our proof

Repeat Chorus Qad atahullahu bil faraji Wa marilan anta zaeruhu

Allah would give the sick person the cure(for his sickness).If you (SAW) visited a sick man

Repeat Chorus Wasama fi arfae ddaraji Faza man qad kunta bigyatahu

And he is raised to the highest rank.The one, whose ambition is you, has really won

Repeat Chorus Samihabirruhi wal muhaji Bazilan fi hubbi muhjatahu

Dedicating his soul and blood.Giving his[the man who loves the Prophet (SAW)]blood(or life)for the love of him (SAW),

Repeat Chorus Fa kafaital bahra wallujaji() Ya kareemal judi rahatuhu

You exceeded in charity the seas and oceans.Oh, the man of generosity

Repeat Chorus Min laheebi nnari wal ajaji Anta munjeena minal huraqi

From the flames of hell and from the extreme heat of the hell.You are our saviour from the burning.(Note: On the day of Judgment, Rasulullah (SAW) will beg Allah to save all of his Ummah from the hellfire.)

Repeat Chorus Min zurufi ddame` wal a`jaji Zanbuna mahee la yamnauna

from shedding tears and from cryingO Mahee, our sins prevent us(Note:Mahee is another reference to the Prophet SAW)

Repeat Chorus Min raeeni zzanbi wal haraji Hubbukum fi qalbna mahwun

Because of the stain of our sins and our failingsThe affection in our hearts towards you is getting worn out

Repeat Chorus Likamalil husni wal bahaji Swabbukum wallahi lam yakhib

Because of the absoluteness of your (SAW) charm and happinessBy Allah, your (SAW) fervent lover would not be upset

Repeat Chorus Li swalahi ddheeni wannahiji Innana narju li shafiena

For the goodness of dheen and our life.We look hopefully towards our intercedor (SAW)(for his shafa-a),

Repeat Chorus Tweebuhu fil a`lamil araji Wahwa najjana minal balwa

His (SAW) fragrance spreads throughout all the worldHe (SAW) saved us from the danger of (disbelief) by the permission of Allah.

Repeat Chorus Qabla qablirruhi wal kharaji Rabbi warzuqna ziyaratahu

Before the taking of our soul and death happens.O, Allah, make way for us to make a visit to him (SAW)

Repeat Chorus Li sabilil haqqi wal fraji Swalli ya rabbi alal hadi

To the way of truth and relief.Oh Allah, bestow Your blessings upon the Guide (SAW)

Qala Aliyyu bin Zaid rahimahullahu ta`la kana ila janibee rajulun dhimmiyyun wa kuntu fi shahri rbi-l awwali adu-l fuqara wa a`malu maulidan linnabiyyi swallallahu alaihi wasallam fa qala lee zalika dhimmiyyu lima tafalu fi haza sshahr duna gwairihi fa qultu farahan bi maulidi rasulillahi swallallahu alaihi wasallam li annahu wulida fi haza sshahr fa ja-la yahzu bi fa azza alayya zalika wawajadtu min zalika amran aleema.

Aliyyu bin Zaid (may Allah SWT grant him His mercy)(Note: He was one of the scholars after the genaration of prophets companions who passed away in 131 AH according to the Tuhfatul Mushtaaqeen).says:There was a Dhimmyy(a non-Muslim who pays the tax to the Islamic republic)near me. I used to invite poor people in the month of Rabeeul awwal and celebrate the birthday of the Prophetswallallahu alaihi wasallam. He asked me, why you do this in this month and and not in others?. I said, Because of my happiness about the birth of the Messenger (SAW), as he was born in this month. He (the Dhimmy) began to scold me and I was very hurt.

Fa lamma nimtu fi tilka llailati raitu rasulallahi swallallahu alaihi wasallam fil manami fa qala ma bika ?fa akhbartuhu bi khabaree ma zimmiyyi fa qala la tahzan fa innahu yatee ilaika gadan wahuwa muminun.

When I fell asleep that night I saw a vision of the holy Prophet (SAW) in a dream.He asked me, How do you do?. I explained to him (SAW) my experience with the Dhimmiyy. He told me, Do not worry, he will come tomorrow to you as a believer.

Qala fastaiqaltuaqadtazayada wajdeewa ana antaliru injaza wadee wa suhbul madamie qad jarat ala khadhee wa izabil babi yutwraq wa zzimmiyyu yaqul iftah faqad zala swada qalbee in kanal habibu qad kana indak fal barihata qad kana indee.

He said, I woke up with increasing eagerness, as I had been waiting for fulfillment of the promise of Rasulullah (SAW), and there were tears flowing down my cheeks. Here is someone knocking at the door!. The Dhimmyy was saying, Please open the door, my heart`s stains have been removed, if the Prophet (SAW) was with you once, he was with me yesterday night!

Fafatahtu lahul bab wahuwa yaqul lailaha illallah muhammadarrasulullah ,fa qultu ma shanuka qala ra`itu llailata rajulan hasanal wajhi twoyyibu rraehati aleemal haibati azajjaal hajibain sahlal khaddaain iztakallama fa alaihil bahau wa iza swamata fa alaihil waqaru hulwul mantwiqi iza twla` taqulu hadhal badrul muneeru wa iza masha yafuhu minhul misku wal anbaru ma ahsana wajhahu wa ma atwyaba raehatahu fa aradtu an uqabbila yadaihi qala atuqabbilu yadee wa anta ala gwairi dheenee.

I opened the door for him. He entered uttering La ilahaha Illallahu Muhammadu Rasulullah (SAW), i.e. there is no God but Allah SWT and Muhammad (SAW) is His Messenger. I asked, What happened to you?He replied, I saw a man with a handsome face, who smelt very nice, bearing a reverential countenance, with long slim eyebrows, and with good shaped cheeks. When he spoke, his face shone and when he was silent, he looked very magnificent. He spoke very well. When he comes out you would say, This is the full moon. When he walks, the smell of musk and ambergris(Note: a fragrance)emanated from him. Oh,what a beautiful face it iwas! What a nice smell it was! Then I thought that I would kiss his hands. He (SAW) asked me, How can you kiss my hands while you are not in my religion?

Fa qultu man anta llazee mannallahu alayya bika? qala anallazee ursiltu rahmatan lil aalamin,ana sayyidhul awwaleena wal aaqireen ana Muhammadun khatamunnabiyyeen,wa rasulu rabbil aalameen.fa qultu lailaha illallahu muhammadurrasulullah fa fataha yadaihi wa a`naqanee thumma qala hazihil janna:wa zakal qasr laka fa qultu ma alamatu zalika qala an tamuta gadan.qala swahibul hikaya fa bainama huwa yuhaddithunee wa iza bil babi yutwraqu wa qailuln yqulu.

I asked, Who are you, by whom I have been blessed by AllahSWT? Then the Prophet (SAW) said, I am sent as a mercy to all worlds, I am the leader of those who came first and those who will come last, I am Muhammad, last of all messengers, and the messenger for all worlds. Then I uttered, Lailahaha illallahu Muhammadurrasulullah. Then he opened his arms and hugged me, saying that This heaven and that castle are for you. I asked him (SAW) what is the proof for it. You will die tomorrow.The reporter said that while the Dhimmy was talking with him, there was a knocking on the door and someone was saying

Zalal jafa anna waqad zala sshaqa In kunta anta hulita yauman billiqa

All difficulties and failures will be removedIf you get a chance to cast a glance on the Prophet (SAW )

.Fa qultu lahu man haulae?.qala zaujatee wabnatee qala fa dakhala wahuma taqulani lailaha illallahu muhammadarrasulullahi fa qala lahuma kaifa eemanukuma?.qalaa rainahukamara`aita ra`ya ainin wain kana waa`daka bi qaswrin faqad waadana bi qaswraini qala fa mata rrajulu fil waqti wafil gadi matat ibnatuhu wafil yaumithalithi matat zaojatuhu rahimahullahu ta`la wa rahimana ma`hum alhamdulillahillazee ja`lana min ummati Muhammadin swallallahu alaihiwasallam,kullama zakarahu zzakirun wa gafala an zikrihil gwafilun.

I asked him who these people were. He said, My wife and my daughter. The reporter said, They entered uttering Lailaha Illallahu Muhammadu Rasulullahi (there is no God but Allah SWT. And Muhammad (SAW) is His Messenger). He asked them both, How is your faith?(Iman). They said, We saw the Prophet (SAW) as you saw with our eyes. If you were promised one fort or castle, we have been promised two.The reporter said, The man died immediately thereafter, the next day his daughter died, and on the third day his wife also passed away. May Allah SWT grant His mercy upon them and upon us.All praises belong to Allah SWT who made us in the Ummah of Prophet (SAW) for as long as reciters of dhikr are reciting dhikr and for as long as neglecters are forgetting His remembrance.

Repeat Chorus ( ) Kullul anami bi zikri maulidi Ahmadi( ) Ahya rabial qalbi shahrul maulidi

All creatures are engaged with the remembrance of Ahmad (SAW)s birthThe spring of the believers heart the month of prophets (SAW) birth-The month of Rabiul Awwal is alive.

Repeat Chorus Wa khawariqul aadathi lailatha maulidi Jaath li maulidihisshareefi bashairun

And extraordinary wonders occurred that night in which the Prophet (SAW) was born.In the respect of his (SAW) great birthday, there had occurred many happy good things .

Repeat Chorus Shahidat bi swihhatiha uqulul hussadi Ayyatuhu wal mu-jizatu katheeratun

The envious peoples wisdoms bore witness to its(proofs and miracles)truthfulness.There are so many proofs and miracles related to him (SAW).(Note: Miracles shown by Allah through the prophets to prove their acceptance with him are known as Mujiza. Same events may come from Auliya by Allahs order, as a honour for them. These are known as Karama)

Repeat Chorus Garubat lahu ruddat bi gwairi taraddudi Al badru shuqqa bi amrihi wasshamsu iz

and the sun was evidently returned to its position.[Note: This event happened amidst the travel for theBattleof Khaiber at one place, namely, Sahbaah (7 AH). As the Prophet (SAW) was taking rest in his lap, Ali (RA) could not perform the prayer on time . So, the Prophet (SAW) prayed to Allah to move the sun back for a while and it happened. Same event happened in 6 AH in the battle of Khandaq in the case of Rasulullah (SAW) and Swahaba. According to Imam Thohawi and Qali Iyaal, accounts of both these events have been unanimously approved: Bukhari from Asma binte Umais (RA).]The moon was split by his (SAW) order.(Note : This event is mentioned in the Holy Quran (54:1). This event is also reported through many Hadiths, so cannot be denied (eg Ibnu Katheer 4/261; Sharah Muslim 2/373; Khazin 4/223)

Repeat Chorus Walaihi qad sallamna ba-da tashahhudi Wal wahshu wal ashjaru qad sajadat lahu

Greeted him (SAW) with salaam (Assalamu Alaikum ya Rasulallah)Animals and trees fell in prostration in front of him.

Repeat Chorus Hattaktafau wa yaseeruhu lam yanfadee Waminal yseeri saqa wa atwama jaishahu

It was sufficient for them his (SAW) supply of food and drink never ran out(even after feeding all the soldiers)When the Prophet (SAW) served his soldiers from a small ration of food and drink

Repeat Chorus Wa maqamuhul mahmudu yaumal mauidee Walahu waseelatu wal faleelatu wal ula

And Maqam Mahmud, in the promised day, i.e. the Day of Judgment.[Note: these are promised by Allah (SWT) to our beloved Prophet (SAW)].He deserves the position of Waseela, Falweela and many others.(Note: Waseela and Falweela are different positions given to the Prophet (SAW) inParadise.)

Repeat Chorus Fal madhu yaqsuru an bulugil maqswadi Ausafuhu ma yantahi ta-daduha

If we wish to praise him (SAW) perfectly, it is not possible.His good qualities are uncountable.

Repeat Chorus Arju himaka fala tukhayyib maqswadi Ya sayyida ssadati ji-tukaqaswida

I need your (SAW) protection(Barakas and shafa-a), please do not allow me to fail in my attempt.Oh, the leader of leaders, I came to you (SAW) wishing your (SAW) closeness and love.

Repeat Chorus Wallulmi walu-fi sshadeedi fa ase-di Qad halla bee ma qad alimta minal aza

Torture, unbearable helplessness, so please help me.You know what problems I am suffering from.(one personal event related to the author is mentioned).

Repeat Chorus Famnun alayya bi fal-li judika asa-dee Maa li siwa hubbee ladaika waseelatun

Bestow your (SAW) bounties upon me, so that I may be blessed.I have no way except my love towards you (SAW)

Repeat Chorus Khairal anami bi kulli khairin yagtadee Innee nazeeluka wannazeelu ladaika ya

Oh, the Best of all Creatures (SAW), he(the guest)should be granted with all goodness.Verily, I have come as your (SAW) guest and the one who comes a guest to you (SAW)

Repeat Chorus Azka ssalati ma-ssalami ssarmadee Fa alaika minna kulla waqtin dae-ma

The ever-growing swalats and continuous salamsFrom us may there always be upon you

Repeat Chorus Wattabieena lahum bi khairin fajhadi Wa-ala swahabatikal kirami jame-ehim

And upon those who follow the swahaba in the way of truth until the end of time, and so you try to be one those persons.And upon all your companions who are very honoured

Ya Rasool salam alaikum Ya Nabi salam alaikum

Oh Messenger, peace be upon youOh Prophet, peace be upon you

Swalawatullah alaikum yaHabeeb salam alaikum

Allahs blessings be upon youOh Beloved, peace be upon you

Fakhtafat minhul buduru Ashraqal badru alaina

Therefore, all other moons have disappearedThe full moon has risen on us

Qattu ya wajha ssururi Mithla husnika ma ra-ina

Never, O face of happinessWe have not seen anything similar to your beauty

Repeat Chorus Anta noorun fauqa noori Anta shamsun anta badrun

You are the super light .You are the sun, you are the full moon

Anta miswbahu sswuduri Anta ikseerun wa gwali

You are the lamps of the heartsYou are the Elixir of life and precious.

Repeat Chorus Ya aroosal khafiqaini Ya habeebi ya muhammad

Oh the bridegroom of the east and westOh, my intimate one, O Muhammad

Ya imamal quiblataini Ya muayyad ya mumajjad

O, Imam of the Two Qiblas(Note: Qibla is the direction towards which Muslims face in prayer. Firstly, Rasulullah was ordered to face towards Masjidul Aqaswa inPalestine. Later he was asked to turn to the Kaaba. These are two Qiblas.)Oh The Supported(by signs, proofs and help from Allah SWT and the best companions), O Glorified

Repeat Chorus Ya kareemal walidaini Man ra- wajhaka yasa-d

O, the one whose parents are very nobleWhoever has seen your face, they are very fortunate.

Wirduna yauma nnushuri Hauluka swafil mubarrad

Is our gathering point on the day of resurrection.Your pure, cooled Haulul Kauthar

Repeat Chorus Bissura illa ilaika Ma rainal eesa hannat

At night except towards youWe didn`t see the camel yearning

Wal mala swallau alaika Wal gwamama qad alallat

And all in the earth and the heaven greeted youAnd clouds gave you shade (while you travelled) .(Note: This was a common occurrence even before the prophethood was bestowed upon Muhammad (SAW).)

Repeat Chorus Wa tazallal baina yadaika Wa atakal audu yabkee

It stood infront of you very humblyAnd the old camel came to you crying.

Intaka llabyu nnafooru Wastajaraka ya habibi

The frightened deer with you,Oh, my Dear, sought asylum

Repeat Chorus Wa tanadau lirraheeli Heena ma shaddul mahamil

And announced the starting of the journey.When they prepared for the journey to Madheena(Note: Here the poet expresses his eagerness to visit the tomb of Rasulullah (SAW) and to send salam to his holy presence)

Qultu quif li yadaleelu Jituhum waddamu saail

Please stop for me a while. Oh guideI went to them with flowing tears.

Repeat Chorus Ayyuha sshauqul jazeelu Wa tahammal li rasaail

This extreme desire (yearning)And carry this messages

Fil ashay awal bukoori Nahwaha tilkal manazil

At night time and day timeTowards those houses

Repeat Chorus Feeka ya bahil jabeenu Kulluman fil kauni hamu

In understanding you, Oh Handsome!Everyone in this universe would lose his consciousness

Washtiyaqu wa haneenu Walahum feeka garamu

Yearning and passionate towards youAnd they have been keen on you

Repeat Chorus Quatta baddat haaereena Fi maaneekal anamu

All have become amazed(Thinking) about your character

Anta lil maula shakooru Anta lirrusuli khitamu

You are very grateful to the LordYou are the last Prophet

Repeat Chorus Fal lakal jammal gwafeeru Abdukal miskeenu yarju

Your extreme bounties.Your poor servant(refers to the great love)wishes

Ya basheeru ya nazeeru Feeka qad ahsantu lannee

Oh Forerunner and Warner (from Allah)I have very good expectations on you.

Repeat Chorus Ya mujeeru mina ssaeeri Fa agithnee wa ajirnee

Oh One who safeguards from hell fire.So help me and protect me

Fee mulimma til umoori ya giyathee ya malazee

In all dangers for me.Oh my help and my asylum(refering to the time of shafa-a)

Repeat Chorus Wanjala anhul humumu Faza abun qad tamalla

And he is free from all sorrows.The person who is filled with your love has won

Falakal wasful haseenu Feeka ya badrun tajalla

You have only good characteristics.In you, Oh The Revealed Moon,

Repeat Chorus Qattu ya jaddal husaini Laisa azka minka aswla

No one, Oh Grandfather of Hasan and Husain.(Note: these are names of the Prophets (SAW) grandsons.)No one is more righteous than you at all

Daiman twula dduhuri Fa alaikallahu swalla

For ever, all the time.May Allah bestow His blessings on you

Towards AllahRepeat Chorus Ya rafeea- ddarajati Ya waliyyal hasanati

O, One who is above all in status.Oh, Master of all good deeds (Allah)

Wagfiran li sayyiaati Kaffiran anee zunubi

And forgive me all offences.Remove all my sins

Repeat Chorus Wazzunoobil moobiqati Anta gwaffarul khataya

And especially of all major sins.You are the Forgiver of all sins

Wamuqueelul atharati Anta sattarul maSAWi

And the Remover of falls and slips.You are the Hider of all defects

Repeat Chorus Mustsjeebudda-wati Alimusirri wa akhfa

The one who responds to invocations.You are the one who knows all secrets and all hidden matters.

Li jamee- sswalihati Rabbanarhana jameea-

For all kinds of good deeds.Oh our Lord, bless all of us

DhuaNote: It is said that some parts of this dhu a were added by Sheikh Ibnu HajarHaitami Makki(RA), when he visited Ponnani during the life of the authors grandson, Maqdoom the Second. (Ibnu HajarHaitami Makki (RA) was Ustad of Maqdoom the Second, while Sheikh Zakariyyal Answari from Makkah was Ustad of Maqdoom the First.)

Note:this Dhua may vary according to the Imam conucting the Moulid.

Meaning of Dhua

Allahuma swalli ala muhammadin wa-ala aali sayidina MuhammadinOh Allah, bestow Your blessings on our leader Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his kins.

swalatan tunjeena biha min jame-el ahwaliwal baliyyat ,And grant them peace, which protects us from all horrors and disasters,

wa tusallimunabihamin jame-el asqami wal aafaat,which helps us escape us from all ailments and calamities

,wa tuthahhiruna biha min jame-essayyiaat,which cleans us from all sinful activities

wa tagfiru lana biha jame-eal khatweeaat,and (by which) you will forgive us all for our mistakes

wa taqlee lana biha jame-eal haajaat,and fullfill all our needs

wa tarfauna biha indhaka a-aladdharajatand elevate us to top positions

wa tuballiguna biha aqswal gaayaati min jame-el khairaati fil hayaati wa baadhal mamat,and raise us to the highest level in all our good deeds in this life and hereafter

Allahumma inna natawassalu ilaika bismikal aleem Oh Allah we plead to You by Your Greatest Name,

wabijahi nabiyyikal kareem,wa waliyyikal aleemAnd Your Holy Prophets position, and Your Great Waliys status

(Note: Waliy here refers to the author (the Sheikh Maqdoom) himself, as people had required him to find a remedy for their calamities. Ibnu Hajar the Ustad of Sheikh Zainudden Maqdoom (RA) had said that his student was a Waliy and so we accept it.)

an tukaffira anna ddhunoobto forgive us our sins,

wa tastural uyoob wa tuhassinal akhlakhto conceal our disabilities, and improve our characters

wa tuwassial arzaaq, watashfiyal asqaam,to increase our livelihood, and heal our ailments

wa tuaafiyal aalaam,wa an tadfa anna waan ahli baladhina wa baitina haadha ssumma nnaqiuto remove our pains, and protect us and the people of this country and house from this dreadful toxin

wa ddha al qamiu, wal waba al quatiu innaka mujeebun saamiuand deadly disease, and other contagious diseases.(Note: As has been said in the introduction, the continuous natural calamities and diseases plaguing the Malabar community was the main reason for writing this Moulid.)Verily You are the Best to Respond (to Prayers) and All-Hearing

waan taswrifa anna ttwaaoona wal balau, waan taswimana min inzali qahrika wal wabau,to eradicate the plague, small pox

wahtajibna bi noorika min sharri aduwwina washarril maloonto keep away from us, to keep us away from Your anger and all disasters,and cover us with Your Nur from all foes and sides,

wamin sharril wabae wa ttwaoon,to save us from the plague and small pox.

Allahumma la tuaakhizna bi soo e afaalina wala tuhlikna bi khatwayaana,Oh Allah, do not punish us due to our bad deeds and do not destroy us due to our mistakes.

Allahumma inna nasaluka an tueedhana min adhabil qabriOh Allah, we seek refuge in You from the torment of Qabr and from the worst tensions of the Day of Judgment, and to guard us from hellfire,

wa tuminana minal fazael akber watunjiyana an dhaaril bawarWhen we are most afraid, please calm us and make us unafraid and save us from Hell

wa tuskinanal firdausa min dhaaril qararand allow us to stay in Firdaus in paradise(Note: 7thlevel of paradise),

bi haqqi Muhammadin waaalihil abrar, wa aswhabihil akhyarby the status of Muhammad (SAW) , by his excellent kins, and by his great companions,

bi rahmatika yaa arhamarrahimeenby Your mercy, Oh Most Merciful.

Waswallallahu ala khairi khalquihi sayyidhinaa Muhammadin waaalihi wasahabihi ajmaeenMay Allah bestow His blessings upon the best of His creatures, our leader Muhammad (SAW), and on his kin and all of his companions,

wal hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameenAnd all praises belong to Allah the Lord of All Worlds.

******************************* END *******************************