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Sherbrooke Informatique Expert in data science sherbrooke.co

Sherbrooke Informatique

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Sherbrooke Informatique

Sherbrooke Informatique

Expert in data sciencesherbrooke.co

Who is Sherbrooke Informatique ?

Dominique Loyer, owner and founder of Sherbrooke Informatique has more than 15 years in the IT fieldMr. Loyer, the President, owns both a MBA in e-commerce and a Master degree in IT managementHe is also a PhD student in computer sciences

How I can help youI can help you giving intelligence to your data using my expertise in machine learning of data scienceI can help pour predicting and forecasting the future

ExpertiseMachine LearningRandom ForestText-miningClusteringDeep learning (Big Data)

Some clientsCanadian Armed ForcesRevenu QubecBombardier recreational products (BRP)

ContactDominique Loyer, President Sherbrooke Informatique2, rue des Frnes, Orford, Quebec, Canada, J1X7A91-873-888-8234http://sherbrooke.cohttps://www.linkedin.com/in/dominiqueloyerhttps://twitter.com/DominiqueLoyerhttps://www.facebook.com/SherbrookeInformatique/

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