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Last assignment


  • Social ConsciencePoster - Postcard - Toy Mascot

  • Style 1 - Expressive Typo My first poster + postcard theme is

    AIDS infection through blood

    (international), most of the case people

    are infected because of using

    contaminate syringe.

    My inspiration: David Carson

  • Style 1 - Expressive TypoMy sketches: Material use on the Internet:

  • Style 1 - Final Artwork

  • Style 1 - Mock Up

  • Style 2 - Bauhaus Style Theme for the second style is pinprick

    attack - using syringe tainted with AIDS

    virus to threaten people (local).

    My inspiration My sketch

  • Work Progress

  • Style 2 - Final Artwork

  • Style 2 - Mock Up

  • Style 3 - Photo Montage The theme for my third poster

    + postcard is supporting the

    AIDS children (national) - the

    case of kids that have AIDS

    being discriminated in schools

    is not rare in Vietnam.

    My sketch Work in Progress

  • Style 3 - Final Artwork

  • Style 3 - Mock Up

  • Toy MascotA syringe wearing a suit with

    a tie looks like an aids ribbon,

    its quote is Towards HIV

    free generation (the suit

    means clean and tidy -

    meaning to say if you use

    clean syringes you are

    unlikely to be infected by

    AIDS through blood).