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There are many things without which our lives will be better

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  • SoS project

    Getrid ofdependence

  • there are many thin our liveS will be bet

  • millionS ofpeople Sufferfrom variouSkindS ofdependencieSworldwide

    nGS without which tter

    Alcohol Smoking Drugs Gambling Excess weight

  • There are dierent types of addictive treat-ment based on dierent approaches andhave varying degrees of success.

    One of the most eective method - supportgroups, where people are united by oneproblem can help each other.

    but what to doin the reSt ofthe time?

  • thefailure

    canoccurat any


  • but if will

  • f the Support Groupl be alwayS around?

  • Instead of smoking, drinking and other, aperson just clicks the help button in the ap-plication.

    After this his support group receive a helprequest message.

    And the whole process of support goesonline.

    A person nds himself in the company ofhis friends, in full communication withthem


  • You have no idea how much thisapplication is in demand

    Natti Ronel PhDBar-Ilan university, Israel

    thiS technoloGybaSed on many yearSof pSycholoGiStSand medicalScientiStS reSearcheSand addictiontreatment practice

  • Different centers in Israel and Ukraineare already interested in this technology

    Addiction treatment clinics

    Social organizations that help peoplesuffering from addictions

    In plans worldwide applicationdistribution


  • Dmitriy Bechutskiy+972 58 774 74 72

    Pinchas Rosenfeld+972 58 519 70 09

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