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  • I I - _ ` ' , I I ` L, . . ' ' '' -- . ' r .

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  • Heinle would like to thank the following consultants and reviewers:


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  • '

    'IIIInformational Writingan informationalsurvey ij ICapitalization:sentences and propernouns ' 2 Describe Your t-amlly anu riomepage 13

    Descriptive Writing: - Spatial Order: - Sentences: ,

    - -seniejices Practice Pages Units 1 & 2 page 25

    Group Writing page 25

    3 Explain How to Do Something page 27

    Technical Writing: a recipe poster

    Sequential Order: organize using sequence words

    Punctuation: using end punctuation

    4 Write about a Holiday or Celebration page 39

    Expository Writing: a celebration poster

    Order of Importance: organize by priority

    Sentence Combining: using signal and connecting words

    Practice Pages Units 3 & 4 page 51

    Group Writing page 51

    5 Persuade Your Classmates page 53

    Persuasive Writing: a persuasive paragraph

    Main Idea and Details: organize by connecting to main idea

    Paragraphs: writing a good paragraph

    6 Describe a Favorite Place page 65

    Descriptive Writing: a descriptive paragraph

    General to Specific: organize by level of detail

    Spelling: correcting spelling errors

    Practice Pages Units 5 & 6 page 77

    Group Writing page 77

    7 Write a Message to a Friend page

    Writing a Friendly Letter or E-mail: a message about last weekend

    Letter Form: organize the parts of a letter

    Style: mailing addresses

    8 Invite People to an Event page 91

    Writing a Formal Letter: a formal invitation

    Chronological Order: organize by time

    Planning: form, audience, topic, purpose

    Practice Pages Units 7 & 8 page 103

    Group Writing page 103

    9 Tell a Story page 105

    Personal Narrative: tell a story about a trip you took

    Beginning, middle, and end of a story with character, setting, plot

    Style and usage: , [

    I niie I raiisiuori worus - 10 Summarize Information page 117

    Writing a Summary: read a story and write a short summary

    Summary Paragraph: Summarizing Main points


    ag en StylCiti

    Practice Pages Units 9 & 10 page 129

    Group Writing page 129

    lv Table of Contents

  • mm . classroom words with articles ' adjectives . numbers 1 to 20

    ' home and family (singular/plural) ' adjectives action verbs


    statements with be subject pronouns

    ' simple present tense . have/has prepositions ' possessive form

    searching the Internet with keywords

    citing Internet sources

    Self-Check page 26

    Timed Writing page 26

    narrowing a keyword search

    imperative statements count and noncount nouns

    foods action verbs

    . celebration words months and ordinal numbers ' countries and nationalities

    ' wh- questions and answers ' prepositional phrases adverbs of frequency

    expanding a keyword search

    Self-Check page 52

    Timed Writing page 52

    things in a neighborhood sensory adjectives

    ' descriptive adjectives ' location phrases . activities

    There is / There are ' quantity adjectives ' the modal should for suggestions

    present continuous ' object pronouns adverbs

    finding maps online

    comparing online resources

    Self-Check page 78

    Timed Writing 78

    ' days of the week free-time activities ' time expressions ' feelings and moods . event words ' time expressions ' comparative adjectives

    Timed Writing page 104

    sending an electronic message

    ' future tense with be going to ' formal requests and invitations

    Self-Check page 104

    simple past tense with regular verbs simple past tense with be and have

    finding local events

    ' travel and transportation words syn onyms and antonyms for

    adj ectives

    Simple past tense of irregular verbs wh- questions with the past tense

    finding specific Information

    Life events tam ily

    review of simple verb tenses review of subject-verb agreement

    finding Reliable Sources

    Self-Check page 130

    Timed Writing page 130

    Table of Contents V

  • 0 1 h nl

    9 Q C2mPI*t tfl2 f[)2fi,. C,mF2,. wr,2Itb2FF!,.,

    O h

    em-.,. ] I l

    O Myh,n,.h.s. (,.2 th.& , mbl L__ .'fi)


    R.mmb ' A '" n

    b, l h m,on Ino do.`

    h . m

    R.m.mb.rl bn P, m "' n"` u,.1 , .n 2' u slno ,1u,'l b.dDom t b,dro r 'h ,", ffomth. Page 1 U I

    2 koo _

    dae ' 09 _

    , "15 -- 6 si]lne -- 7 du _

    n m m h n,m n 11

    alld h..h'nm Th.t, apo,d,,,o, n.. ,fl,,, Il al h a ving rom. a

    ,Om'"m" 'hv n t O elt 4tnt

    Ber a gu F , Maria J. F o F,,,,o,.,o,, M,t,k,

    F,.od.,o, ___________________ ,, , mPu Prog"mmer Hi. _ L'Tks 1

    The Ga amily li m an _ Tl dn - l1

    F,,,d.o&, I.t.t,.' b.d,,o,to n 0xl

    'm" r I Fran.,c room Th, al,d a ` rn

    M Garcla s M G'Jt]a ork` J"`d M la ry 'm F MaTJa are b ud Th' aPren. h m,

    Th..p,tt,,,,,,, :2 Sop

    T Crl M Z

    'r."I"' . "ml b" 'nd M" Gl' h 1 b


    and Marn (dt,,tII,,k/d,o lootS) bool S Th (90o) ID

    ` Tho(.lod,,./ 1.0,,, day la L rhDn- Ft0l01t0lt (pHys / FI2Y)

    " ,. l "l.'O v 0h k M G'"l .pnt


    "V On Ell" Stl Il i" hu

    .,.O". dn = d

    Grammar Practice new grammar.

    Fto0,10olhot/flo, fo 1ll hi m", F,,,,cl.,,(H,..,,I fl,oo/d, h J hroth Mr Gala d Z rd b m h dm.,,I,,,, /h,l,,olI,olo,i,S'tK..,ho

    2. F,l:,,1,0,,,, d0 lit. / 0,,2,115 0,5 SI,,,,., L,.A,g,l,n 0.51,, 10 v 1 1l x rD m` m .PaTlm""

    U ,

    Wri ,matlve or ga t mll th.

    Ol th. `'ht U th. ng ar .hd n. m th br ,dt,tt,t,,Ofl,t to,g,o,o, 2,1,5,, I.,

    brhrom .l.t" h . brh ""

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    F,an to.,, 0 hi. I oily It,. l4 oak r H,. Aog.I.2, C,liI,,oi, Tb,y do 001 I,,, it, a H,o. Tb h . m,.2p,,tm,,t. Tfl.,, op,t,,,,, So. In,,, b,d,,,t002, . lmng room a he". ."d . bhrom M al Mr' Garci bm i' ]1r"lO lb, lotog,00,, M.d. . bodt., 10 Inel [0000 Fali.,,, b.d,o,,i. ar,,.. hoot, M,,,o. h.drom Th. baLhrool hn F"n.`co . bedrooln .1,5 Motto. 5.1,00,2,, Th.y 2t.o't Hg fl,d,,,,,. Tfl,y ar ,mall T are can d mforbl. Th Gard mlly ,.ry happ, in b bom

    Wft forOnp9.15U""nt

    Read' Read a short passage. This models new language you can use for your writing.

    Z D v Fl Y d H l 1 5

    Captions Write captions to describe the pictures. This helps to understand how to use new words and sentences.




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    1 1 r bj


    es esl

    es =


    es, es


    es !

    `'` ~~ A

    !! es esJ we1

    h -I' es es


    Voca ba ry Practice the words you need.

    1 6 ...p b, st.p w .

    Remember! / Learn language points and ways to improve your writing.

    Vi To The Student

    u.l, ' rib llv .nd H01 SI

    Glossary Terms \,