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  • 1. COMPARATIVE STUDYON IDIOMEnglish and Indonesia

2. Makan garam: have seen the elephant- Mempunyai banyak pengalaman, have manyexperienceExample in sentence:- Ibuku banyak makan garam dalam hidupnya- I have seen the elephant in my live Naik darah: angry as a bull, angry as a bear, mad as a cutsnake- Sangat marah, very angryexample in sentence:- Andi naik darah karena Dodi merusak laptopnya- Mery angry as a bull after she get bad mark 3. Bermuka dua: A walf in sheeps clothing- Pura-pura terlihat baik, who seem to be a goodperson but reall a bad personexample in sentence:- Mansur bermuka dua dihadapan teman-temannya- Be careful of that man. He is a wolf in sheepsclothing Murah hati: good samaritan- baik hati, very kind/kindly/nobly 4. Example in sentence:- Irma sangat bermurah hati kepada orang disekitarnya- Ilham is a good samatiran boy Otak udang: dumb bunny- Bodoh/mudah tertipu, stupid/gullible personExample in sentence:- Anak itu berotak udang dalam pelajaran matematika- He really is a dumb bunny 5. Gulung tikar: to go to the wall/to go bust/to go belly-up- Bangkrut, to become bankruptExample in sentence:- Para pedagang emas gulung tikar karena emas susahdidapatkan- My uncle go to the wall after rising prices of fuel Kambing hitam: scapegoat- Orang yang disalahkan atas segala sesuatu yang terjadi 6. - People are blamed for every thing that happenedExample in sentence:- Vina menjadi kambing hitam atas kesalahan itu- He becomes the scapegoat of that problem Lapang hati: hold ones horses- Sabar, wait/be patientExample in sentence:- Ayahku adalah orang yang lapang hati 7. - Hold your horses for a moment while I make a phonecall Banting tulang: eager beaver- Bekerja keras/rajin bekerja, a person who is alwayseager to work or do something extraExample in sentence:- Orang tuaku membanting tulang setiap hari agar aku bisasekolah- She is a real eager beaver and I am sure she willdo very well in this company 8. Tinggi hati: get on ones high horse- Sombong, behave with arroganceExample in sentence:- Rio tinggi hati setelah mendapat nilai bagus- She is always getting on her high horse and tellingpeople what to do Rendah hati: get off ones high horse- Tidak sombong, begin to be humble and agreeable 9. Example in sentence:- Walaupun menjadi orang kaya Rini tetap rendah hati- I wish that she would get off her high horse andbegin to think about how other people feel aboutthings 10. THANKS A LOTMay it happen benefit for usCreated by:Wahyu dyah nur anis wachidah