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Tireseal - Tri-Fold - 2014

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    TIRESEAL Prevent this headacheWith Texas Refinery Corps

    TIRESEAL the original Pink Stuff






    REDUCES DOWNTIME Texas Refinery Corp has a long history

    of developing and manufacturing premium maintenance products with one thought in mind... unprecedented quality for our customers.

    Texas Refinery Corp understands that protecting your investment is paramount, and offering solutions to achieve this is what we do, and have done since 1922.

    With countless years of experience our well qualified Sales Team, Factory Personnel, Lab Technicians, and Management Team, can deliver what few others can . . . a history of success.

    Individuals and companies who choose TRC are not only customers, they are part of the TRC family, and treated as such.


    With over 90 years of experience in our industry, we are ready and

    waiting to assist you.

    Contact your local representative today or contact TRCs Home Office.

    840 N. Main St. Fort Worth, TX 76164(800) 827-0711

    [email protected]

    Texas Refinery CorpMade in the USA Since 1922

    PRINTED IN U.S.A. 1/2015L031101 - TF

    Our first piece of equipment to use TIRESEAL was a 4500 gallon manure

    tanker. This tanker has tubeless flotation tires. The flotation tires have a habit of

    finding every loose screw and nail around. One tire in particular had so many small leaks that it needed to be re-inflated twice

    per week. As a result of being frequently run with low inflation pressures, this tire began to show severe wear and was almost to the point of requiring replacement. When you combine the time and repair savings with the reduced

    risk of injury from re-inflating a tire, it is clear that TIRESEAL saves us money.

    Roy Champlian

  • TIRESEAL is a very safe product that will not attack or damage your tires or rims. As a matter of fact, TIRESEAL actually extends a tires life by absorbing the heat caused by friction in the tread area, holding the heat in its liquid solution and transferring this heat to other parts of the tire. TIRESEAL also contains special rust inhibitors, which keep the rim from rusting and welding to the tire.

    TIRESEAL is not a quick-fix just to get you down the road. TIRESEAL remains liquid in a tire and stops leaks by actually forming a pliable plug at the puncture site. Most customers dont even know a puncture occurred! Should a tire need to be dismounted, TIRESEAL can easily be washed out of the tire with normal water. While it is recommended for off-road use only, TIRESEAL did not separate when tested at 2,000 rpms.

    TIRESEAL is sold in a 6 gallon pail. A pump (sold separately) makes installation of TIRESEAL quick and easy. Simply re-move the valve core, attach the pump hose

    with the quick-connect coupler, pump in the amount of TIRESEAL needed, replace the valve core and air up the tire. Each stroke of the pump dispenses pint of TIRESEAL. A list of tire sizes and amounts to install are

    available in the complete TIRESEAL bro-chure.

    TIRESEAL is also available in gallon containers with pump and extension hose, as well as pint containers. Pint containers come with valve core remover and application tubes. The complex liquid solution contains a very effective anti-freeze, which has been specially designed to alter the formation of ice crystals in TIRESEAL at subfreezing temperatures.

    From the largest earth-moving equipment tires, to farm tractor tires, ATV tires, dolly tires, lawn mower tires and even wheelbarrow tires. TIRESEAL

    can be your answer to reducing repair costs and the expense of downtime. This product is for use in tires operating 45 miles per hour or less. TIRESEAL is designed to be installed in the tire as a preventive product, before running over a

    puncturing object.

    TIRESEAL isnt made with ground rubber or cellulose fibers

    in a thin, latex base like some products. Instead, its complex formula includes special synthetic fibers suspended in a gel-matrix solu-tion.

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