Twelve years of animals

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  • pn sun (v) calculate

    He has calculated to do something in his miind.

  • q qi (n) pray

    Mom prays for dad that he can discharge the hospital early.

  • shng xio (n) Chinese Zodiac

    The pig is the last one in Chinese Zodiac.

  • wi w

    (adj) mighty

    He wearing the military uniform looks so mighty.

  • ch zu (v) cut

    Mom says dont cut when old man is talking.

  • jio hu

    (adj) cunning

    The Chinese consider that the fox is a cunning animal.

  • yn xin

    (adj) insidious

    A insidious person is always not popular.

  • tio p

    (adj) naughty

    Ming is a naughty Child.

  • zhng hu(adj) honest and kind

    Mr.Wang is an honest and kind man.

  • (adj) body wet sh ln ln

  • (n) Chicken sounds like the sound gu g g of the word simulation

  • q chun x x

    (adj) out of breath

    Bao running out of breath says that opposite is on fire.

  • (adj) all talking at once q zu b sh

    Classmates are talking about that Ming gets the first place all talking at once in the classroom.

  • (adj) bling jn gung shn shn

  • (adj) scrambling zhng xin kng hu

  • z sh

  • chu sh

  • yn sh

  • mo sh

  • chn sh

  • s sh

  • w sh

  • wi sh

  • shn sh

  • yu sh

  • x sh

  • hi sh

  • sh(East)z z(West) squeak(Please press the picture)

  • (East)mu (West) moo ni(Please press the picture)

  • sh (East)s(West) sss

  • m (East)s(West) neighwhinny(Please press the picture)

  • yng(East)mi(West) baabaaah(Please press the picture)

  • j(East)Gu g g (West) cock-a- doodle- doo(Please press the picture)

  • gu (East)wng(West) woof bowarf(Please press the picture)

  • zh(East)hu hu hu(West) oink(Please press the picture)