Unit 2 Looking Different

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Unit 2 Looking Different. Topic 1 I have a small nose. One-minute dialogs. Group1: Group2: Group3: Group4:. boy 男孩 look 看 has 有 big 大的 head 头 wide 宽阔的 mouth 嘴 short 短的;矮的 face 脸 small 小的;少的. eye 眼睛 long 长的;远的 hair 头发 nose 鼻子 have 有;吃 we 我们 round 圆的 ear 耳朵 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Unit 2 Looking Different

  • Unit 2 Looking DifferentTopic 1 I have a small nose.

  • One-minute dialogsGroup1:Group2:Group3:Group4:

  • New wordsboy look hasbigheadwide mouth shortfacesmall

    eyelong hair nose have we round ear girl favorite

  • New wordsfilm star guess Chinese very strong know again leg hand foot arm right come come form student sister different knife dont =do notdoes (dodoesnt =does not

  • Talk about it in pairs according to the information.Name: Lin TaoAge: 12Class: OneGrade: SevenFrom: ChinaPhone number: (0596)7237459

  • He has

    a big heada wide moutha round facea big nosesmall eyesbig earsshort hair

  • Learn:I have a big nose. a long face.We have small mouth. big eyes.They have round faces short hair.

  • She has long hair. big eyes.He has small eyes. a wide mouth.It has big ears. a long nose.

  • Listen to 1a and answer the questionWhos that boy?What does he look like?