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  • 1. bespoke digital

2. Do YOU have aStory in you?(we all do, right?) 3. We can help youmake it as 4. But why choose us? 5. RewardsWe believe in fairly rewarding authors,simply and transparently.Everything we publish gives you a45% royalty, based on net 6. INNOVATIONWe dont have the corporate constraintsof bigger publishers.We believe boundaries are there to bepushed and that smart marketing isour biggest 7. CREATIVITYA small team means quicker decisions -and no design by committee.Creative publishing is what we do best,and everything is tailored, bespoke 8. ExperienceWeve worked for big fiction publishersand know the industry inside-out.So a smaller publisher doesnt mean lessknow-how - just more can 9. Digitally SavvyDigital marketing is our speciality.Well create a website for you, deviseeMail and publicity campaigns andgive you social media advice by thebucketful. 10. And Fun!We love our work. We hope you will too.We think publishing should be smart,creative, commercial and fun too.Come along and enjoy the 11. So what are YOUwaiting for? 12. Chase happinessFollow your dreamsWork with smart peopleWho will help YOU get 13. Join us today