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Art Appreciation

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  • 1. Deriving Meaning Criticism and Analysis

2. Form & Content Form= visual, art elements, principles of art Content= interpretation of themes, messages Subject Matter Context Subtext 3. Janine AntoniGnaw, 1992six hundred pounds of chocolate before bitingsix hundred pounds of lard before biting Consider the possible subtext and context of Antonis art. 4. Iconography Visual METAPHOR-image or element that isdescriptive of something else. SYMBOL-image or element that stands for orrepresents some other entity or concept. ICONOGRAPHY-system of symbols that allowsartists to refer to complex ideas. 5. Process Is there any METAPHOR, SYMBOL orICONOGRAPHY present in Gnaw? 6. Writings about Art Art critics, art historians, museum curators Writing helps develop ideas about art. Content is not fixed, rather is reevaluated overtime. Contradictory and opposing viewpoints over oneartwork. 7. Modernist Criticisms Formalist Idealogical Psychoanalytic Structuralism 8. Postmodern Philosophical Positions Post-structuralism Deconstruction Feminist 9. Cindy Sherman 10. Guerilla Girls 11. Personal Interpretation based on your own ideas, personaltastes, experiences, and historyemotional response, p.102 Meaningoften shifts