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Storyboard rnei rem AYDIN MENDERS


This unit focuses on how to write a letter to introduce oneself.At the end of this unit, students will be able to - understand how to form a paragraph- in which order they should be used - want a similar response from the recipient.

Before we write it is better to practice on a sample. So here is a sample letter


Match each photograph with part of the letter. Find and write a sentence about the photos from the letter.Photo 1. ..Photo 2. ..Photo 3. ..Photo 4. ..Photo 5. ..

2. Correct the false sentences.- Dorita is from Argentina.- Shes in Miami.- Doritas happy in New York.- Shes on holiday.- Its a very big class.- The students in her class are all from South America.- Annie and Marnie are both students.- The subway is easy to use.

3. Write the questions about Doritas letter.- Where is Dorita from?Argentina.

- .?Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, Poland and Italy.

- ?Isabel.

- .?They are sisters. They live with Dorita.

- .?Annies twenty and Marnies eighteen.

- ..New York.?Yes, it is.

* This weeks task is to write a similar letter introducing oneself. After writing, please upload it to our Facebook group. * Dont forget to tag the recipient you want to post your letter to. And if the recipient you want to send your letter is chosen before, please find another recipient and tag him/her.

Before starting to write, you may need to have a look at some sample letters.Have a good week!

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