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  • Week FourDiem

  • I finally got to play Silver Bend!!!! Were back for Week 4, with the Diems. Pony married Ambi and they so far have five children. Left to Right, Delilah, Heather, and Jonah.

    Pony is holding Julie and Ambi is holding Rebecca the most recent set of twins. Both Pony and Ambi want ten kids, so

    theres bound to be a few more by the end of the week.

  • Baba. Rebecca cooed when Ambi picked her up.Someones a stinky baby. He told her fondly. And

    awake too early.Soon Rebecca would be toddling around getting into

    everything. And then she would be a child going off to school. They grew up so fast.

  • Speaking of growing up too fast. The school bus came shortly after the sun came up. Delilah heaved a sigh,

    theis was her last day in elementary school. Tomorrow she would go to the high school all by herself. Being the

    oldest sucked.

  • So the kids are gone and the twins asleep. Wanna try for number six? I suggested.

    Are you sure you want ten kids? Ambi asked, leaning back against the headboard.

    Youre kiddin right? I see your want panel, you see mine. And its great for a BACC and points for the legacy.

  • No lullaby, but I pasted a smile on her face as I headed off to Diem Digs. We still had time, thanks to the elixir of

    life. It gave Ambi and me time together. Im going to enjoy every moment of it.

  • Diem Digs was coming along slowly. I was accumulating more and more permanent inventory. Eventually I would have to finish the walls, but I wasnt in any

    particular hurry.

  • Silver Bends newest resident makes her first public appearance.

  • Pony when do I get a house? All I have is a phone. Gabie complained

    All in due time. Do you have it?Of that thing, yes. I still dont get what I have to do with

    it.Just keep it close.

  • I closed up shop when Gabie left. I spent some time digging to replenish her wares.

  • Back home Bane was starting to show his age. Im not ready for him to grow old. Losing him again so soon.

    Even if it was only temporarily.

  • Happier news was that the crops were growing rapidly. Her peppers and eggplants were ready for harvesting. I would have to think of something to do with the excess

    pretty soon.

  • Mom why doesnt Jonah have to do homework? Heather complained with a whine.

    Hell do his too. Now whats 9 times 9?81. Heather sighed resigned.

    I will get my kids to college, which meant no skimping on the homework.

  • You cant hold me for long Copper! Bran protested.Youll never steal in this town again you dirty rat!

    Jonah said trying not to giggle.He tried to get Bran to come with him everyday. His

    mom would give him an extra couple hours to play if he brought a friend home.

  • Bran had to miss Delilahs birthday party. The first teen birthday in Silver Bend.

    Make a wish Delilah. Ambi shouted.I dont know what to wish for. She said.

    Anything you really really want. I encouraged.

  • I got it. Delilah shouted and blew out the candles.

  • So this is what being a teenager is like.So what did you wish for? Heather wanted to know.I want to own five level 10 businesses. Im gonna be

    the most successful person in Silver Bend.

  • Being the birthday girl didnt exempt Delilah from her share of caring for the garden.

  • It was my night to take care of the twins. When one went to sleep the other woke up crying.

    I got to quit have twins.I sighed.

  • I managed to catch some shut eye. I spent the next morning checking up on the other residents of Silver

    Bend. My little town was off to a good start.

  • Hey sweet thang, wanna go on a date? Ambi said seductively.

    Why are you talking like that? I giggled, I guess going on a date is the only way I can fix your English.

  • Ambi left Pony to catch up on her sleep. He headed to Ambian Sounds with Delilah in tow. She wanted to learn

    how to operate a business.

  • This is the hardest skill to learn so well start here today.

    Come on Dad, Ill hire people to do this. Youre not going to be that successful out of the gate.

    Youll have to start small like your mom and I did. Ambipointed out, Success is a marathon not a sprint.

  • This place is really coming together Ambi. Sandy said as she gave Ambian Sounds rank 4.

    Thanks Sandy.Putting the kids to work I see. Sandy grinned, hope it

    goes well.

  • Shes getting the hang of it.Frammit. Delilah swore as the drawer rammed her

    stomach yet again.

  • In no time they were out of stock. Alright Delilah, time to start on that next badge.

    Im coming. Delilah sighed.

  • Back home, I finally corralled Jonah into doing his homework.

    Alright spell Melanurus Wrasse. I instrusted.Mom why is half our vocabulary words the names of

    fish?Why are. I corrected.

  • Do I have to eat the cake? Heather complained, it was yet another birthday at the Diem house.

    No, just have to sing happy birthday to your sisters. I said thankfully, who knew kids could get tired of cake.

  • Julie and Rebecca looked a lot like theyre older siblings. Julie (long hair) had my nose, while Rebecca (short hair)

    had Ambis.Julie was very playful but a bit on the shy side. While

    Rebecca was more outgoing, but lazy.

  • Potty-training began immediately, even with out smart milk to aid in the progress.

  • Heather and Jonah took outrageous advantage of their parents preoccupation. They snuck outside in their

    pajamas to build sand castles.

  • Even though Jonah and Heather didnt sleep well, I sent them to school. I had a plan to get her kids into college. Im opening up a club. I bought a stretch of land for the

    new College Club.

  • Right before I could leave, her latest pregnancy popped. Im going anyway. I told my baby.

  • Are you sure this isnt cheating? Ambi asked.Yes, everybody does it. Keika gave me the idea on the phone yesterday. I said huffing and puffing a bit, they needed to get a car. I decided not to charge $9,999 an hour. Only $1,000. I cant bring myself to charge that


  • With some frenzied building and almost all of their funds, College Club was built and furnished. I figured poker tables were the biggest draw, but I want to test out some other things too. So I added a hot tub and

    karaoke machine.

  • Amanda was the first playable to visit. I didnt charge her to come in, not wanting to bankrupt my neighbors. Amanda could read Ambi like an open book and made a

    killing of him in poker.

  • The townies of Silver Bend had a chance to show of their dances moves. Toby had some anger issues he worked

    out on the dance floor.

  • Even Ambi couldnt resist the call of the dance floor. Its time to go, hun. I said, my feet and back hurt

    despite the energizer.One more song! Ambi insisted.

  • After a short rest, it was back to work. This time toddler training. Ambi loaded both girls with smart milk and we

    got busy.

  • Thursday morning they were back at it. Bottle! Julie said proudly.

    I think you two switched places. I sighed because of Rebecca silence.

  • Ambi went to work briefly, only to be met by a pretty but unforgiving reporter.This place is horrible, who even likes jukeboxes anymore. She sneered. Im giving you

    a bad review. This is not the kind of place the people need in Silver Bend.You realized my wife is the founder right? Ambi asked dumbfounded

    Dont you try to change my mind. She snapped and stormed out.

  • Delilah took a stab at making mac and cheese. Is it supposed to be black? Jonah asked.

    Its Cajun style. Delilah said crunching through a mouthful.

  • Heather crept downstairs early Friday. She was tired of the same old hair style. She played with her hair in the

    mirror until she found a new style that suited her.

  • Hey Hanna! Dagmar said when the dogs rushed to greet her. Is that Courage? Hes gotten so big.

    Wuff Hanna yipped and wagged her tail.

  • I skipped working Friday and spent some time in my garden. The kids had been doing most of the work. But

    I liked getting back to earth.

  • I try to lay down for a nap, but the moment I got comfortable I went into labor.

    AMBI!!!! I screamed.

  • Emma was soon born. Another red hair blue eyed baby.Just one blonde baby is all I ask. How do six of you have

    red hair? I sighed, I still love you though Emma.

  • Emma washed and fed. It was time for her older sisters birthday again.

  • Yay. Were big now! Julie clapped her hands together, I can build suncastles now!

    Look at my hand its all blurry. Rebecca laughed.Oh dear, Come downstairs with me Rebecca. I called to

    her daughter.

  • There is that better? I asked fitting glasses on Rebeccas nose.

    So my hands arent supposed to be blurry?Not ideally. I replied. Those glasses suit you perfectly.

  • I think Im ready to stop having babies. I said relaxing with Ambi.

    You sure, were not far from ten. Ambi asked, You still want a blonde baby.

    I guess one more try wouldnt hurt.

  • I love you Ambi. I sighed happily snuggling up to him.Right back at you. He murmured.

  • Saturday morning I rounded all her able bodied children outside for an early morning hike. I wanted them out of

    the way for renovations.

  • Only Ambi and Emma