Sweet dreams

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You will definitively sleep well after THIS! ;-)

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  • Crash Course on Creativity Assignment onGetting an easy sleep

The ChallengeDo you remember your most stressful day? Aday when you could not get sleep for beingexcited, worried or angry?Or was it due to noises, health problems or alack of a comfortable place for rest?Ever wondered how to resolve the problem?! The SolutionFollow our tips and get over your sleepproblems faster and easier than youveexpected.Ready to go for a nice sleep?! Preparatory stepsMake sure you have a calm, confortableplace, big enough for you to lay down.Somethinglike thiswill do: Preparatory stepsDepending on your needs, get plenty ofsunlight or create a nice darkness lit onlyby candles.Whateveryou prefer! Preparatory stepsUse pillows, nicetextiles, curtainsand some blanket.Best if freshlywashed and driedon the sun! Preparatory stepsUse traditional pillows, orget creative and dosomething different.Kids will certainly likeplaying with somethingsmooth and funny.But why not to do it yourself? Preparatory stepsGet your sleeping placesmell nice and relaxing.Try lavender for a start.Avoid strong odors andaroma. Think of yourmemories from childhood.What smell did you like?! Preparatory stepsPlay a nice, relaxing music.It will help you stay in thepresent moment, stopworrying about yourdaily to do list andfocus on yourself.Try Tibetan music. Preparatory stepsLet yourself be drawn bynice toughts, imaginea situation you wish tobe in Relaxing on thebeach? In the mountains?Anything can do.DREAM FREELY. Extra help Start moarning? Saying Oaaahmmmm?!Or still not asleep? A tiny little bit of stress isstill present in your body? No worries!Check out our extra idea for some additionalsleep help on the next slide! Extra help If you need some additional help for a nicesleep, get someone you like and trust hug youbefore sleeping.Simple as it is, a hug makes miracles! Try it! Thank you!And SWEET DREAMS!