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The problem + Our solution

In spite of the plethora of video apps, the average user still finds it difficult to produce good quality videos.

Vidoos mission is to make simple footage strikingly effective.

But there is a problem and weve all had friends whove faced it, or faced it ourselves. All to often only to lose the battle.

The problem is that were running a mid 20th century era immigration technology. A technology which assumes that productive people have advanced degrees and work for big established companies. A system that creates bureaucratic hurdles and huge costs for the few that get sponsored by big businesses. And which unfortunately provides no mechanism whatsoever for founders and entrepreneurs who wish to come here and test our their ideas.


In fact:America's immigration system has never been well run What fraction of the smart people who want to come to America can even get in? I doubt even half. Which means if you made a competing technology hub that let in all smart people, you'd immediately get more than half the world's top talent, for free.

But dont take my word for it these are Paul Grahams of Y combinators words.

Companies, investors, and great minds from around the world face this problem every day. And all efforts to tackle the problem head on politically have thus far failed1

What are the tricksHand-picked high quality music. Most video apps understand this poorlyHow many times have people asked in their YouTube comments: whats the name of the song Change of speed and paceFast forward funny; slow motion epic/touchingBeautiful special effectsFrames / subtitle / etc.

Special effectsUnique FramesMagic bottleArtistic subtitling

Crystal heart

Our offering revolves around three key components:


Cost effectiveness: A Streamlined legal and regulatory environment.


Comfort: An environment that inspires creativity, innovation, and fun. We want the environment to be so alluring and conducive to success, that even completely home-grown American entrepreneurs consider starting their companies on board. In a name, a googleplex on the water.


Convenience: Quick and easy access to the bay area through daily ferry and helicopter service whether youre visiting the land or visiting Blueseed.



What about competition


VineInstagramMixbitViddySocialCamGivit Utility Oriented:


Putting this project together is going to require addressing a number of challenges including:


Securing the relevant partnerships


Designing the right on-board environment


Establishing a positive and productive relationship with the US government and the public at large


Creating the optimal legal environment


Successfully addressing these components is very important4

Competition, cont.The majority of video apps are social platforms, we are one of the few focusing on video quality. As a result, their editing techniques are homogeneous and unimpressive. Vine: mostly for pros, not average usersSocialCam: SocialCam videos are not made with SocialCam, and the most popular channel on SocialCam is Best of YouTube

One Thousand and one filtersViddyInstagramGivitQuPai

Our team = hacker + video geekBryan Wong, CEOEx-Tencent software developer, holds two patents5 years of experience in photo & video processingEntrepreneur since 2008, built multiple websites & 2 apps.Baoguang Zhai, 21, presidentMovie maker since 15, produced high school student documentary for Beijing OlympicsSeasteader, Peter Thiel under 20er, Blueseed entrepreneur, tech journalistStopped out of college twice to pursue startups

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