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Terrestrial Ecosystems

Terrestrial Ecosysytem

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  • Terrestrial Ecosystems

  • Forests

    Many trees

    temperatures vary

    plenty of rainfall

  • Deciduous Forest

    has 4 seasons

    trees that lose their leaves

    Plants trees, ferns, mosses, shrubs, grasses

    Animals bears, foxes, rabbits, deer, snakes, cardinals, owls

  • Coniferous Forest

    Colder temperatures

    Trees that produce seeds in cones and have leaves shaped like needles.

    Do not lose leaves in fall

    Animals elk, moose, beavers, wolves, finches, and jays

  • Rainforests

    Very warm, very rainy, humid

    Rich in plant and animal life

    Animals monkeys, panthers, snakes and other reptiles, spiders, parrots, and toucans.

  • Grasslands

    fertile soil covered by tall grasses and some woody shrubs, hardly any trees


    some rainfall

    gently rolling hills

    Animals prairie dogs, grasshoppers, birds, bison

  • Grasslands

    In North America the grasslands are called Prairies

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