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  1. 1. Born on October 21, 1963 In Columbus Ohio Attended Worthington High School
  2. 2. Attended the University of Michigan. Played Baseball from 1983-1986 Made Captain as a Senior Big Ten Conference Player of the Year(1986) First Team All-American Big Ten Medal of Honor Winner
  3. 3. Drafted 7th round by the Yankees (1986) Played three seasons in minors for Oneonta Yankees(1986) Alabany-Colonie Yankees(1987-1988) Transferred to Seattle Mariners AAA Club(1989-1990) Ended Pro Baseball Career in 1990
  4. 4. 1992, Became associated with IMG Baseball Division 1993 , Began Representing Derek Jeter 2000, 3 year $189 million Contract for Jeter 2006, Left IMG and Joined Creative Artist Agency 2007, Signed Ryan Howard Negotiated a 5 year $125 million 2010 2011, Left CAA to start Excel Sports Management
  5. 5. When you put so much of your life into the practice and preparation of being the best thing you can be, you kind of expect to reach the pinnacle of that and you expect all of your hard work to come into fruition," Close said. "When it doesn't, obviously, there is a level of disappointment. Realized he wouldn't make it in the majors Wanted to build off his experiences He had always been fascinated with numbers and negotiations.
  6. 6. Always on the Clock Researching players Talking/meeting with clients No daily routine Lots of traveling
  7. 7. That's just the way I've always wanted to live my life, You're always going to have people that fall on the good side of the fence and people that are going to fall in the not-so-good side. "There's been some great people out there in the business and there were guys to emulate, but I always wanted to do it my way. If you're going to have any amount of success, you ultimately need to choose your own path that fits in your personality and what you're all about. His philosophy of fair-dealing has and allowing his work - not his name
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  9. 9. Cooperating with other Volleyball Organizations Deals with Competition and Player issues In front of the media Promoting Sport through Sponsorships and Television
  10. 10. Interested in Volleyball at an early age Earned AAA ranking at 15. Attended SDSU on a basketball Scholarship Drafted in 10th round by San Diego Clippers Back to SDSU for Volleyball
  11. 11. 1980, Joined the Men's National Team 1982, Left to Italy to play Beach Volleyball 1982-1997, Played for AVP 1994-1997, AVP Best Defensive player 1996, Won Olympic Silver Medal 1998, AVP Broadcast Team 2000, Beach Analysts for Olympic Games 2004, Indoor Analysts for NBC 2008, Coached Team USA for Beijing Olympics 2010, Named AVP Commissioner
  12. 12. Im a student of the game and always looking for different ways to teach and inspire, whether its on a volleyball court or now, in an office. Every day I wake up excited to go into an office.
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