Better Tools, Better Mindset

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I did a presentation@Almas software inc.

Text of Better Tools, Better Mindset

  • 1. Better tools, Better mindset Yusup Ashrap

2. Who am I ? 2011 2011-2013 3. Tool 0. Survival tools for a Engineer GoAgent & VPN Rosetta Stone Torrents,,, PluralSight, Lynda.. Google , Wikipedia, Baidu, Slideshare, Prezi, Youtube, Viemo. IRC, Facebook , Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn Coursera, EDX,Khan Academy Hacker News Github, Bitbucket, Google Code Java Code Geeks, Mechanical Sympathy java 4. Topics Better mindset, What am I ? Better tools, Automation 5. Better mindset Neuroplasticity, your brain is changing Brain Structure , its complex , so god damn powerful. Consciousness, Subconsciousness, Environment is stronger than Willpower. How our memory works ? Decay Theory . Its a compression algorithm with connection to your past memory. Attention Span Information overload 6. Recommended Resources Behavioural Economics in Action Know Thyself 7. Why we need computer programs ? to control the complexity, to make it easier to achieve our goals. 8. Tool 0, last but not least Popcorn Time 9. Better tools Tools Systems 10. PeopleSoft Goals, You idea dies from the moment you stop working on it and there not much relics left in your environment to revive that idea again. // () 11. Tool 1: Intellij IDEA Eclipse vs Intellij IDEA Killer Features 12. IDEA appearance settings project settings plugins, JRebel, Regex, Python.. 13. Why IDEA, fast Different inspections for the same file run in parallel on multiple cores. Different occurrences of target identifier are checked in parallel Indices for everything literally 14. Why IDEA, Editor Code Completion Custom template code completion Command History Compare with clipboard Inject Language anywhere 15. Why IDEA, Navigation Quick handy navigation features go to class, command + n go to file , command + shift + n go to variable , command + shift + alt + n todo navigation, todo view jump to navigation quick doc lockup, control + j Basic Search find in editor, command +f find in path, command + shift +f structural search , command + shift + s Intelligent Replace in project rename a file 16. Navigation II Tool Window manipulation command + shift + up/down 17. Tool 2: Git & Bitbucket Git vs SVN Git workflow Bitbucket How-tos 18. Tool 3: Youtrack Why Youtrack? features how-tos wiki, internal use for various purposes. 19. Agile Issues UI is all keyboard centric HelpDesk Notifications Customized Workflow 20. Tool 4: TeamCity Why TeamCity? Features Intellij IDEA Integration Youtrack Integration 21. *nix,Command Line zsh, oh-my-zsh linux,os x vim ,plugins tmux, tmux powerline 22. Environment Setup Puppet Vagrant 23. Chrome Developer Tools features killer features developer extensions vimium, ruler, color picker 24. AngularJS Mentality shift in the front end. 25. Android Testing 26. Web Testing