Industry trend of HTML5 in 2012 (2012년 HTML5 총정리)

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This is a summary for HTML5 in 2012 which is based on HTML5weekly(


  • 1. HTML5 in 2012

2. From Jan. to Nov. in 20122 3. Jan. 2012 3 4. Jan. 2012 A Recreation of Command and Conquer using HTML5 andJavaScript Introducing the Kendo UI Mobile Beta Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 Released Firefox 10 Released - Adds Powerful New Developer Tools WebGL Implementation for Xperia (Android) Phones MadeOpen Source Using the Vibration API (Part of WebAPI) The World of Pain that is HTML5 Video4 5. Feb. 2012 5 6. Feb. 20126 7. Feb. 2012 W3C Draft of a Spec for CSS Variables SPDY Brings Responsive and Scalable Transport to Firefox 11 Firefoxs 2012 Roadmap Firefoxs 2012 Roadmap for Developer Tools Encrypted Media Extensions: A New Draft Proposal for Browsers Sencha Touch 2.0 Released Opera Mobile 12 and Opera Mini Next: Android Gets WebGL! Game Closure Turns Down Facebook to Raise $12M forHTML5 Mobile Gaming Export to HTML5 Coming to Adobe Flash Soon7 8. March 20128 9. March 2012 WSX: VMware Working on Virtual Machines in the Browser PhoneGap 1.5 Released (The HTML + JS to Native MobileApps Tool) BrowserQuest: A Massively Multiplayer HTML5 Experiment Speed and Mobility: An Approach for HTTP 2.0 to Make theWeb Faster Chrome Beats IE Market Share.. For One Day PDF.js powered built-in PDF support added to Firefox nightly9 10. April 201210 11. April 2012 Introducing Sencha Architect 2: An Upgrade of Ext Designer The BBC Bets on HTML5 Games, Investing In Mobile GameCreation Platform WebKit Announces Remote Debugging Protocol v1.0 Opera Confirms WebKit Prefix Usage11 12. May 201212 13. May 2012 14. May 2012 WebKit is the Most Popular Mobile Browser in the World Adobe Releases ColdFusion 10; Now Builds HTML5 Webapps Facebook App Center Takes on Apple and Google with HTML5and Webapps Microsoft Bans Firefox on ARM-based Windows, Mozilla Says Test the Web Forward: Browser Tech Hackathon in SanFrancisco, June 15-1614 15. June 201215 16. June 2012 Accelerated CSS Filters Have Landed in Chromium iOS 6 Adds Web Audio API and CSS Filters to Safari Announcing WebMatrix 2 RC: Microsofts Free Webdev IDE Shumway: Mozillas Flash VM and Runtime Written in JavaScript Metro-Mode Chrome Coming for Windows 8 Mozilla Aims At The iPad Browser Market With Junior Beta SPDY Support for nginx Unveiled First W3C Working Draft of Web Intents Spec Released16 17. July 2012 17 18. July 2012 Mozilla Gains Global Support For a Firefox Mobile OS CSS Transforms and IndexedDB Unprefixed in Firefox 16 Opera Demos SPDY Support in Experimental Browser Release getUserMedia Now Usable on Latest Nightly Builds of Firefox Adobe PhoneGap 2.0 Released: A Vastly Improved DeveloperExperience Google Wants WebM, Not H.264, for HTML5 Video Chat18 19. Aug. 201219 20. Aug. 2012 HTML5-Centric Artillery Raises $2.5M to Make the Browser theConsole Canvas Conf: Colourful Ideas for The Web - Sep 7, 2012(Birmingham, UK) RIP Adobe Flash on Android Firefox 15 Released: Background Updates, SPDY v3, WebGLEnhancements Adobes Create The Web Tour: Free Events in SF, London,Tokyo and Sydney20 21. Sep. 2012 21 22. Sep. 2012 23. Sep. 201223 24. Sep. 2012 Adobes CSS Shaders Now an Official W3C Editors Draft IonMonkey JavaScript JIT Now Enabled in Firefox 18 Web Crypto API Advances to First Public Working Draft Intel Announces New HTML5 Programming Tools Google Apps to Stop Supporting Internet Explorer 8 inNovember appMobi Unveils privateStack, a Full Enterprise HTML5Backend Stack to Self Host Mozilla Announces the First Beta Release of Persona, Its IdentitySystem24 25. Oct. 201225 26. Oct. 2012 Speech JavaScript API Specification: Editors Draft The New York Times Launches HTML5 Webapp for iPad Firefox 16 Released to Public: More HTML5 Features MadePrefix-Free The Xbox 360 Gets Its Own Internet Explorer Oracle Releases ADF Mobile, An HTML5 and Java BasedMobile Dev Toolset W3C Proposes Push API Specification26 27. Nov. 2012 27 28. Nov. 2012 A Forthcoming HTML5 Game Development Course on Udacity Chrome 23 Released: WebRTC Goes Public W3C Pointer Events Working Group Launched IE10 Release Preview Now Available for Windows 7 Opera 12.10 Released Firefox 17 Released Content Security Policy 1.0 Is Officially Awesome Font Custom: Generate Custom Icon Webfonts from theCommand Line28 29. HTML5 in 201329 30. May 2012: The Open Web Platform ishere!30 31. GARTNER: ZDNET Tech Trends 2013 2014 Magic Quandrant for Mobile Application DevelopmentPlatforms 2015 80% Hybrid 31 32. GARTNER: Tech Trends 2013 (fromOctober)32 33. Web OS era is coming33 34. Firefox Marketplace< Source:>34 35. 35 36. HTML5 in W3C36 37. HTML5 37 38. Plan 2014 for HTML5 Goal: How to get HTML5 to Rec in 2014? Plan 2014 proposes how to get there: Charter timeline revisions: HTML 5.0 REC: 2014 Q4 Add HTML 5.1 for further feature development Permissive CR exit criteria to focus testing Modularity Address remaining open issues via extension specs Provide opportunity for extension specs to merge back38 39. HTML 5.0 and 5.1 schedules HTML 5.0 milestones:1. CR: 2012 Q4 2. LCf: 2014 Q33. PR: 2014 Q4 4. Rec: 2014 Q4 HTML 5.1 milestones:1. FPWD: 2012 Q4 2. LC: 2014 Q33. CR: 2015 Q1 4. Rec: 2016 Q4 39 40. System Applications WG Define a runtime environment, security model, andassociated APIs for building Web applications withcomparable capabilities to native applications. Chartered Sep 2012 through Oct 2014 Chaired by Wonsuk Lee, Samsung and Adam Barth, Google Initial focus on execution and security models Getting our feet wet (phase 1) Alarm, contacts, messaging, telephony, raw sockets Applying what weve learned (phase 2) Bluetooth, browser, calendar, device caps, idle, media storage, network interface, secure elements, system settings40 41. (Wonsuk Lee) / / Ph.D. W3C HTML5 KIG / W3C System Applications WG W3C Spec Email:, Phone: 010-5800-399741