Selling Windows 8 to Businesses

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A presentation sponsored by UK IT Distributor Avnet and delivered to UK User Groups exploring how Windows 8 is a good fit for Small Businesses.

Text of Selling Windows 8 to Businesses

  • 1. Selling Windows 8 to BusinessesRichard Tubb Providing Expert Advice to Help Your IT Company Grow Accelerating Your Success

2. Agenda The facts How we now work Brief overview of Windows 8 What this means for you 8 Client Conversation Starters about Windows 8 How to Make Money with Windows 8 Next Steps2 Accelerating Your Success 3. The facts How we now work 1 billion 82% smartphones byof the worlds 50% of enterprise 2016, 350M of online population customers those being usedengages in social are on the at work networkingroad to cloudAccelerating Your Success 4. Brief overview of Windows 8 Accelerating Your Success 5. What this means for you BYOD means Windows 8 machines *will* start appearing on your client sites now. Eat your own Dog Food Drink your own Champagne deploy Windows 8 internally. Learn how to use and sell Windows 8 today.5 Accelerating Your Success 6. 8 Client Conversation Starters AboutWindows 81. Improvements in WiFi and 3G/4G Connections.2. Improved Encryption with Bitlocker.3. Windows 8 RT Surface devices.4. Live Tiles Bring relevant info to Desktop.5. Exchange ActiveSync in Mail App.6. Offline files much more robust.7. File History roll-back to earlier versions.8. Refresh and Reset Windows.6 Accelerating Your Success 7. How To Make Money with Windows 8 Upgrades - Windows XPsupport ends April 2014 Revenue with deploymentprojects and training Compliance InTune Selling new devices peoplewant touchscreen!7 Accelerating Your Success 8. Next Steps - What you need to do Take your training to the next level by participating in the MPN Sales / Pre-SalesSpecialist Programme to: Increase your technology competencies Help you close more deals Enable you to achieve your sales and revenue goals Each Sales / Pre-Sales Specialist Accreditation covers: Private cloud sales Virtualisation Server platform Broader market information, for example cloud in SMB How to sell the relevant products customer scenarios and the best option for each customer Key messages for each product i.e. why upgradeExam approx. 30-40 questions (time requirement depending on the level of the partner 20- 40minutes)Visit for more informationor contact Accelerating Your Success 9. Avnet Here to support you SupportAssessment Pre-Sales Consultancy Training Readiness: Bespoke Service migration into cloud Vendor Business IT Partner Presentations Asset Discovery Services CustomerPresentations Manufacture SupportServices Avnet Support For DesignPartners Infrastructure Design Technical Consultancy*Customisation Licensing Services Advanced Technical Services*Integration Infrastructure Customisation* Integration Services Business Process Automation* Implementation Consultancy Best Practice Analysis* Multi-vendor Integration Accelerating Your