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2. GENERAL FACTS ABOUT SOLAR PV INDUSTRY Solar energy is the most Abundant, Sustainable and Renewable source of energy. Global Solar Energy Capacity has increased >600% in the last 5 years. The cost of photo voltaic panels came down 75% in the last 5 years. The world's top solar market (as off now) is China, Followed by Germany and USA. The matured markets are Germany, Spain, Italy and California (USA) and the new markets are India, Australia, South Africa and Ontario (Canada). Around one third of Indians do not currently have access to electricity. Solar industry is a policy driven market, therefore the Government's role is key to the industry. India has a separate ministry called Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, with the motto of reaching parity for solar power by 2022. 100% FDI allowed in RE sector in India with no prior approval. 3. GENERAL DESCRIPTION Overall size (volume, value) Global PV installations: - 32 GW in 2012 - 35GW in 2013 (projected) Indian PV installations: - 1GW in 2012 - 2GW in 2013 (projected) Global Solar Energy market: $77billion 4. GROWTH RATE The 5 year growth rate from 2007 to 2012 was approximately 55% per year! 5. PV Solar Installations by Country 6. FUTURE OUTLOOK After 2013, the growth estimates range from 15% to 25% globally. The Indian solar energy sector is estimated to grow at 25% year on year in next few years. India is expected to install 12 GW by 2016 7. SWOT ANALYSIS OPPURTUNITIES Increased awareness on green energy India is a Tropical country embraces more production India is a power deficit country Attractive Feed in Tariff State/central governments subsidies and tax exemptions Government mandation on electricity from renewable sources THREATS Policy driven market Dependency on dollar market Cost of silicon Grid must be maintained well 8. STRENGTHS Among the other sources of energy Wind- Erratic power supply Hydel- Not a single dam is not cash flow positive and high risk of flood Thermal- Coal cost is high and it is depleting Bio Gas- Heavy maintenance and waste management is a challenge Decentralized and Lots of business opportunities Government support WEAKNESS Relatively high consumption of water, especially under southern weather conditions High consumption of agrarian fields comparing to other energy production methods Returns only after 7 years 9. GENERAL SKETCH LOCATION CONCENTRATION 10. PRODUCT/SERVICE PORTFOLIO ON GRID Grid connected power (solar power plants) OFF GRID Solar lanterns Emergency lights Street lights Solar Power Plants for village Solar Pumps Solar water heaters Solar home lighting systems Solar power plant for industries 11. TARGET MARKET Residential sector (in KWs & Stand alone) Commercial sector (in MWs & Stand alone) Utility sector (in MWs & Grid-connected) 12. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE OVER RIVAL INDUSTRIES Oil, coal and other fossil fuels are a finite resource they will eventually become depleted. As these resources become depleted they will rise in costs. Solar industrys competitiveness depends on the sunlight. Hence solar power industry stands competitive in tropical country such as India. 13. DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT/SERVICE ON GRID (in MWs) (For Utility Scale) Products Capacity Range Grid connected power (solar power plants) 1MW & above OFF GRID (in Ws & KWs) Solar lanterns, Emergency lights, Pumps and Street lights to Regulatory bodies/panchayats Solar home lighting systems and solar water heater systems (roof top systems) to End customers Stand alone solar power plants usually (