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  • 1. All your information, how you like it, wherever you are.Steve SchoeldCEO & Co-Founder Private & Condential, Do not distribute
  • 2. Problem Team Market Timeline Product Problem: We are drowning in a sea of content, tools,apps, services and feeds, of which we canonly ever use one at a time.Solution:We need something to make sense of it all, inreal time, every day, wherever we are mysparebrain for consumer
  • 3. Problem Team Market Timeline Product Problem:Information overload signicantly impactsemployee performance and costs companiesmoney.Solution: Using proven techniques for visualisation,storage, organisation and prioritisation ofinformation using cloud-based technology. mysparebrain for enterprise
  • 4. Problem Team Market Timeline Product Alfredo Violante Creative Director Creative Strategist and Brand Expert. Brand consultant for Lynne Franks and Renee Carayol. Steve Schoeld Tim Meadowcroft Celebrated Italian musician. Co-Founder and CEO Co-Founder and CTO Global business Highly experienced engineer, development and project specialising in tools for management for large interpreting big data, international brands. security, scaleable systems Technology consultant, and building high quality project leader and social technical teams. media strategist. MD of Lead engineer for i2 law Samantha Harvey Client Services Director Digital Services enforcement and information consultancy business, visualisation software, sold to New technology business with distributed teams in IBM for 450m. development director and champion. Eastern Europe, Chief architect for Creative/New Business Development Philippines, India and Swapswire, swaps nancial Director EMI Studios Group, BAFTA Interactive and DVD Steering Vietnam. Organiser of This trading platform owned by Committee Member, External Week in Startups London. consortium of 21 investment Examiner MA Interactive Production. banks. Sold to
  • 5. Problem Team Market Timeline Product Early Adopter Groups | 0 5 million Entrepreneurs, developers, designers and startups founders. Educators and Students