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I LIfe ScIenceS InveSt

The FirsT LiFe sciences invesT inTernaTionaL Forum


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I LIfe ScIenceS InveSt

The FirsT LiFe sciences invesT inTernaTionaL Forum


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Dear friends, St. Petersburg has recently hosted the international Life Sciences Invest Forum. This large-scale event was an important step in fostering development of the pharmaceutical, medical industry, and biotechnology sector that demonstrated new scientific breakthroughs in these areas and triggered establishment of business contacts between drug manufacturers. Building a pharmaceutical cluster is one of priorities of economic development in St. Petersburg. Our city which has a high HR and R&D potential provides Russian and foreign investors with attractive conditions for business development and implementation of largescale projects in this industry. There are short-term plans to build 15 pharmaceutical plants in St. Petersburg. This will make us independent from imports and will significantly improve the quality of local drugs. I am confident that similar events held in the city will contribute to the improvement of the entire pharmaceutical industry and enhance the attractiveness of the capital of the North as a large innovative drug and medical equipment centre. I hope all Forum participants will see their plans through to completion and achieve business success.

Georgiy S. Poltavchenko, Governor of St. Petersburg


I LIfe ScIenceS InveSt

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Dear friends, The First Life Sciences Invest International Forum has just completed its work in Saint Petersburg. It successfully brought together investors and business partners working in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. It was no accident that our city was picked to be the venue for this new and promising event. Currently experts assess Saint Petersburg as one of the most investment-attractive regions of the Russian Federation specifically due to the fact that this is where the project on forming pharmaceutical cluster has been successfully implemented. Its residents include the well-known Russian and foreign companies, which benefit from tax incentives offered by the state in facilitating achievement of their highly ambitious goals. The volume of investment in this area is continually growing. I am certain that the Forum was yet another opportunity for the business community to establish new contacts and to find new partners. The business program of the Forum included a series of discussions on critical strategic projects that have the potential to become the driving force to pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and medical industries in Russia.Sergey Vyazalov, Vice Governor of Saint Petersburg

The FirsT LiFe sciences invesT inTernaTionaL Forum


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Dear friends, Today we can say that Russia has a consistent policy directed at development of pharmaceutical and medical industries and biotechnology. These industries are universally viewed as the constituent elements of so-called science of life. The priority of the Saint Petersburg Government is to ensure the high standard of living of its citizens. Access to the modern innovative medicines and to the quality healthcare are key factors in creating comfortable living conditions and establishing the basis for active development of individuals and maximizing peoples potential. To balance the Russian pharmaceutical market and to increase the share of high quality affordable nationally manufactured drugs from 20% to 50% by 2020 is the goal set by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Striving to achieve the set targets, the Saint Petersburg Government is actively working to create and develop a pharmaceutical cluster in our city. The legal grounds and organizational structure of the clusters have been already developed. As a result, major domestic and foreign companies have become permanent residents in the pharmaceutical cluster of Saint Petersburg. Thirteen investment projects in construction of new production facilities with the total investment fund of 29 billion Rubles are underway. Most of the projects will undertake to establish research units to develop new medicines. Moreover, the issue of granting the city a status of the prospective region engaged in registration of innovative medicines is currently under review, as this may positively impact the development of the industry. Today Saint Petersburgs pharmaceutical cluster is among the fastest growing types of innovative businesses in the region. The Saint Petersburg Government will continuously support the Life Sciences Invest Forum, aimed at boosting the appeal of this industry to investors. It should be noted, that the area of competence of the Life Sciences Forum primarily lies in the development of partnerships with the world leading clusters, dissemination of technology and creation of infrastructure for innovations in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical industry not only in Saint Petersburg, but in Russia as a whole.Evgeniy Elin, Chairman of the Saint Petersburg Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Commerce


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The FirsT LiFe sciences invesT inTernaTionaL Forum


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Revival of National Pharmaceutical Industry and BiotechnologiesAn unusual forum took place in St. Petersburg the First International Forum Life Sciences Invest. The event was attended by the worlds leaders in the field of pharmaceutics, biotechnologies, and healthcare industry.The forum became Russias first partnering event in the field of Life Sciences as well as a productive venue for direct contacts of key players and experts in the global market of Life Sciences, thus facilitating the activation of partnership and business relations, implementation of new ideas, and start of projects. The International Forum which lasted in St. Petersburg for two days was not of quite regular nature, since it was one of the components in creation of St. Petersburgs pharmaceutical cluster, which encompasses both healthcare industry and many other aspects which define our life. The event was arranged as a part of the project directed at implementation of principles of the federal strategy aimed at pharmaceutical industry and biotechnologies. Evgeny Yelin, the Chairman of the Committee for Economics, Industrial Policy, and Trade with the St. Petersburg Administration, informed of the decision of the St. Petersburg Administration directed at optimization of purchasing policy in the field of drugs and medical systems which represents a strategically important step for all market players. The total amount of the investment into the pharmaceutical market of Russia in the next 35 years may constitute more than 40 bln Rubles. Today, the territorial range of the Russian Federation is 2 to 3 times larger than the territory of leading nations, while at the same time, the volume of its pharmaceutical market is in several times smaller than that of the Western nations. It is with consideration for perspectives of this growing market of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, that the Pharma 2020 Strategy of the Pharmaceutical Industry Development was designed. This optimistic forecast is based on an increased interest demonstrated on the part of foreign partners in the Russian market. The development of Pharma 2020 program allowed for the Western colleagues to pay a more detailed attention to the Russian pharmacological market. This increased interest was confirmed by Jeroen Tonnaer, Senior Director in International Research Relations of Merck & Co. /MSD: The West now realizes that the Russian science is open to the world.


I LIfe ScIenceS InveSt

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