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به نام خدا oمقدمه تعريف Campaign تعريف Campaign Management Campaign Management And Marketing Campaign Management And CRM اهداف Campaign Management نيازهای

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  • Campaign Campaign ManagementCampaign Management And MarketingCampaign Management And CRM Campaign Management Campaign Management Data mining Campaign Management Campaign Management

  • Campaign Campaign Campaigner

  • Campaign


  • Campaign?Campaigns are Marketing Activities or Marketing Programs. A campaign delivers one or more offers to a target segment through customer touch point (Mail, Email, Website, Telephone, Fax, Face to Face, etc.) base on scheduled or on the occurrence of a business event .

  • Campaign Management?Is managing and monitoring customer communications across multiple touch points.Allows you to build, manage, track and analyse powerful one to one marketing campaigns and their messages over a certain period of time and channels.Uses information in a DW or marketing DB to plan, manage and assess marketing campaigns designed to impact customer behavior.

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  • Campaign Management Campaign Offer .

  • Campaign Management SoftwareCampaign management software automates and integrates the planning ,execution, assessment and refinement of possibly tens to hundreds of highly segmented campaign running monthly, weekly, daily or intermittently.

  • CRM and Marketing

  • Marketing Campaign Management and Execution of Campaign is intended to Achieve any of the fundamental Marketing Objectives:Acquire new customersRetain existing customersCross-sell, Up-sell and promote productsImprove brand equity and customers experiences with your brand.

  • Campaign Management and MarketingOther Large Groups: Data acquisition, Marketing, Sales,Service & Support, Analysis

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  • Promotions:

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  • Campaign Management and CRMToday, Marketing campaign management is a vital tool to every company. your profits are only as strong as your customer relationships. The science of marketing campaign management is to meet your prospects and customers needs with the right time and in the right context .

  • What is CRM?

    Automating The Right OfferTo the Right PersonThrough the Right ChannelAt the Right Time

  • CRM - A Closed LoopAnalysis and discovery to determine opportunitiesRefine and improve strategiesMeasure the resultsContact the customersDetermine the value proposition and campaign strategy to influence customers

  • Classification of the CRM fieldCampaign Management

  • Campaign Management and CRM

  • Campaign Management One to one marketing two-way dialogue Multi channel communication Rule base scenario efficient tracking 20% 80% Time to Market

  • Campaign Management Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign

  • Campaign

    Campaign Campaign . ... Campaign ( ) offer

  • Campaign

    Campaign Campaign Management . : Campaign Offer offer Touch point offer

  • CampaignProspectsPromotions: are the offers for campaignProjectsScenarioScore

  • Projects .

  • Projects:

  • ( ) Promotion Promotion

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    Campaign . Optimization

  • Campaign Direct Style Campaign ( ... ) .Interactive Campaign .

  • Campaign Campaign . Campaign ....

  • DM CM Campaign .

  • Marketer .

  • DM Campaign Management

  • Building A ModelAnalytic user creates a model using data mining systemThe model is then exported into campaign management system

  • Model-Based CampaignsCampaign management system invokes model-based customer segmentsThe customers in those segments are passed to the data mining server where they are scoredCustomers are then selected based on score results

  • Campaign

    Campaign offer .

    Offer Contact CenterE-commerce Web Application .

  • Campaign

    Campaign (RoI) Campaign Campaign Campaign

  • Campaign Management

    Tracking Complex Campaign Ease of UseCampaign Cloning or templateOptimization Analytics

  • Sharp Electronics LCD Products Groups

  • A Very Simple CampaignControl group introducedStatistically validate the offerSplit to test offer strategyIdentify target audienceOutput to touch point systemsand databasesDefine the campaign universe

  • Wave CampaignIntroduce follow up andmultiple contact strategyIntroduce New Channel

  • Continuous Marketing

  • Campaign Preparation Process Flow 1. Defining the method of communication: 2. Viewing your campaigns in the Marketing Calendar: 3. Creating or copying campaigns and campaign elements: 4. Creating and generating allocations: .

  • Campaign Planning Process Flow1. There are a variety of ways in which you can use SAP SEM planning and SAP BW reporting to optimize your campaign. You can plan the distribution of products available to the customers or business partners available. You can analyze the success of your campaign and use this for future campaign planning. You can plan the costs and how you wish to distribute your budget amongst your customers. You can then check your budget to simulate whether this will work and if necessary, adjust your figures to get the best possible value from your marketing activities. You can carry out a what-if analysis and determine what the return on investment would be from your campaign.2. At any time you can create a snapshot of your planned data so that you can compare different versions. This snapshot is user or system status-dependent.3. Once you have finished planning the product quantities that you wish to offer to each customer, you can compare this with the product quantities available in SAP SCM and determine whether you are actually able to supply.

  • Campaign Execution Process Flow1. A campaign cannot be transferred to the SAP R/3 System until it has the system status Released. It can be transferred to the R/3 System either in the background via Middleware or manually by triggering the release from the Marketing Planner.2. Once this transfer has been triggered, the marketing hierarchy is sent to the R/3 System where the costs are settled.

  • Campaign Monitoring and Success Analysis Process flow 1. The system provides campaign, sales or profitability data from SAP CRM. 2. The system provides profitability data from the SAP R/3 System. 3. This data is used to update the campaign in SAP BW. 4. You can monitor the response rates. To do this, you use the query Campaign Monitoring 0CRM_MC05_Q0008. 5. You can analyze the contribution margin per product. To do this, you use the query Contribution Margin 1 by Product 0CRM_MC05_Q0011. 6. You can analyze success across different execution channels. To do this, you use the query Campaign Success by Distribution Channel/Comm. Channel 0CRM_MC05_Q0004. 7. You can analyze account contacts and campaign activities. To do this, you use the query Campaign Execution Monitor 0CSAL_C01_Q0012.

  • LASERCOM Campaign Management solutions Personalised document creation Design attractive templates for all your messages Manage white space Manage multiple languages for messages Dynamically include and manage the following over all delivery channels: Text messages, graphics and adverts; Data from legacy systems and databases; Dynamic charts; Inserts; Mathematical functionsTargeting Track what was sent to each customer Analyse campaign effectiveness through responses Control message distribution Send personalised messages to each customer Apply powerful conditioning to all levels of the message and its content Prioritisation Easily establish rules for powerful 1-to-1 marketing campaigns Set-up constant rules Lifecycle Management Define active periods Set expiration periods Architecture and performance Integrates with your CRM tools Native Internet support (XML, PDF, etc.) Support for Windows, Unix and IBM Mainframe platforms User interface Simple visual interface for faster time to market and maintenance No programming required

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