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01/2014 – 12/2014 - · PDF file 2014-10-02 · China Int’l Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning (Guangzhou) Trade Fair

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    01/2014 – 12/2014


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    HRONOLOĢISKI 06.01-09.01.2014 Honkonga Hong Kong International Stationery Fair Hong Kong Int’l Stationery Fair 06.01-09.01.2014 Honkonga Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair 13.01-16.01.2014 Honkonga World Boutique World Boutique 13.01-16.01.2014 Honkonga Hong Kong Fashion Week Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 14.01-17.01.2014 Pekina China Fur & Leather Products Fair China Fur and Leather Products Fair 16.01-16.01.2014 Honkonga TMT Finance & Investment Asia Mobile and broadband investment strategies for the next generation

    13.02-16.02.2014 Honkonga Education & Careers Expo Education and Careers Expo 17.02-19.02.2014 Ganžou AAITF Guangzhou China Int’l Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning (Guangzhou) Trade Fair 18.02-20.02.2014 Šanhaja SIOF Shanghai Int’l Optics Fair 19.02-22.02.2014 Pekina Ispo Beijing Int’l Trade Show for Brands in Sports, Fashion and Lifestyle in Asia 19.02-21.02.2014 Šanhaja PCHi Personal Care & Homecare Ingredients 22.02-24.02.2014 Ganžou AAC China Guangzhou Int’l Automotive Air- conditioning and Cold Chain Technology Exhibition

    24.02-27.02.2014 Ganžou Prolight + Sound Guangzhou China (Guangzhou) Int’l Professional Light and Sound Exhibition 25.02-27.02.2014 Honkonga China Maritime China Maritime 25.02-28.02.2014 Honkonga HKFF Hong Kong Int’l Fur and Fashion Fair 26.02-01.03.2014 Pekina AMR - Auto Maintenance & Repair China Int’l Auto Maintenance, Test Tools and Equip Expo/Auto Supplies 26.02-28.02.2014 Pekina Cidbe China Int’l Fitness and Beauty Expo 26.02-01.03.2014 Šenžeņa China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair China Int’l Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair 27.02-01.03.2014 Ganžou GITF Guangzhou Int’l Travel Fair

    28.02-02.03.2014 Šanhaja OPI Overseas Property and Immigration and Investment Fair (Shanghai) 01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou TTUS China Int’l Trenchless Technology and Tunnel and Underground Space Equipment Exhibition 01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou GIMF Guangzhou Int’l Interactive Multimedia Fair 01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou Block & Brick Exhibition China Int’l Block and Brick Technology & Equipment Exhibition 01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou KDB China Guangzhou Int’l KTV, Disco, Bar Equipment and Supplies Exhibition 01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou TPAE China Guangzhou Intļ Theme Parks and Attractions Industry Exhibition


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    01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou CIAE China Guangzhou Int’l Game and Amusement Exhibition 01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou Boat China Boat China and Water Sports Expo 01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou CME China Int’l Construction Machinery Exhibition 01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou CTES China Int’l Concrete Technology and Equipment Exhibition 01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou Guangzhou Game Show Guangzhou Game Show 01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou Fish Guangzhou Guangzhou Int’l Fishing Trade Exhibition 01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou China Outdoor China Int’l Outdoor Trade Show

    01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou HAVF China Guangzhou Home Audio and Video Integration Fair 01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou ILE China Int’l Street Lighting Exhibition 01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou GBE China Guangzhou Int’l Billiards Exhibition 01.03-03.03.2014 Ganžou CCTEE China International Crushing Technology and Equipment Exhibition 03.03-05.03.2014 Ganžou PFP Expo-Printing South China South China Int’l Exhibition & Symposium on Prepress and Printing Industries 03.03-05.03.2014 Ganžou Water China Int’l Water, Wastewater & Water Treatment Show/Pump, Valve and Pipe Trade Show 03.03-05.03.2014 Ganžou PVP China Int’l Pump, Valve and Pipe Trade Show

    03.03-05.03.2014 Ganžou SIAF / SPS Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou 03.03-05.03.2014 Šanhaja Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics China Int’l Trade Fair for Apparel Fabrics and Accessories 03.03-05.03.2014 Šanhaja Yarn Expo Spring China Int’l Trade Fair for Fibres and Yarns 03.03-05.03.2014 Šanhaja Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles Int’l Trade Fair for Home Textiles and Accessories 04.03-07.03.2014 Honkonga Asia’s Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair Asia’s Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair 04.03-07.03.2014 Pekina Build+Decor China Int’l Building Decorations and Building Materials Exposition

    05.03-09.03.2014 Honkonga Hong Kong International Jewellery Show Hong Kong Int’l Jewellery Show 06.03-09.03.2014 Ganžou Dental South China Dental South China Int’l Expo 06.03-09.03.2014 Ksiamena Stone China Xiamen Int’l Stone Fair 07.03-09.03.2014 Venžou China Int’l Machine Tool & Plastics Industry Exhibition China Int’l Machine Tool and Plastics Industry Exhibition 09.03-11.03.2014 Ganžou Windoor Expo Int’l Aluminium Window, Door and Curtain Wall Exhibition 10.03-13.03.2014 Šanhaja Breakbulk China Int’l Exhibition on the Shipping of Heavy-lift, Project Cargo and Traditional Breakbulk


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    11.03-14.03.2014 Pekina WMF China Int’l Exhibition on Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Manufacturing Equipment 11.03-14.03.2014 Pekina FAM Int’l Exhibition on Furniture Accessories, Materials and Wood Products 11.03-13.03.2014 Šanhaja SpinExpo Trade Fair for Yarns and Fibres 12.03-14.03.2014 Šanhaja Mode Shanghai Shanghai Int’l Fashion Expo 12.03-14.03.2014 Šanhaja CIHF China Int’l Hardware Fair 13.03-16.03.2014 Ningbo ChinaMach China Int’l Machinery Industry Exhibition 13.03-16.03.2014 Pekina Gifts & Home Beijing China Beijing Int’l Gifts, Premium and Houseware Exhibition

    13.03-15.03.2014 Šanhaja IWF China (Shanghai) Int’l Health, Wellness and Fitness Expo 13.03-15.03.2014 Šanhaja InterHeatex China Shanghai Electric Furnace, Ovens & Refractory Materials Exhibition 13.03-15.03.2014 Šanhaja IEHE China Shanghai Induction Heating Exhibition 13.03-15.03.2014 Šanhaja ChinaEHE China Electric Heating Exhibition 18.03-22.03.2014 Ganžou Intertextile Guangzhou Hometextile China China (Guangzhou) Int’l Trade Fair for Home Textiles 18.03-22.03.2014 Ganžou CIFF - Home Furniture China Int’l Furniture Fair

    18.03-20.03.2014 Šanhaja Semicon China Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Exhibition 18.03-20.03.2014 Šanhaja electronica China Int’l Trade Fair for Components and Assemblies 18.03-20.03.2014 Šanhaja FPD CHINA Int’l Flat Panel Display Trade Show 18.03-20.03.2014 Šanhaja CPCA Show CPCA Show 18.03-20.03.2014 Šanhaja Solarcon China Solarcon China 18.03-20.03.2014 Šanhaja Laser World of Photonics China Int’l Trade Show for Optical Technologies in China 19.03-21.03.2014 Honkonga interstoff ASIA essential Int’l Textile Show

    19.03-21.03.2014 Pekina Cippe China Int’l Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology & Equipment Exhibition www.cippe