B4Unit 2 词汇练习

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  • Smart Cars

    By Michio Kaku

  • Time allotmentWarming Up Text Explanation Writing strategy of Resume

  • Warming UpAutomobile ()Car () ()Sedan ()

  • Types of AutomobileConvertible SUV-Sports Utility Vehicle Off-road vehicle Sports Coupe

  • Types of AutomobileMPV-Multi-Purpose VehicleClassical car Recreational Car Conceptual Car Pick-up()

  • Automobile BrandsFerrariCitreoenPeugeotMitsubishiHondaToyotaPorscheChevroletVolkswagenFordBuickLamborghiniRolls Royce

    BMW-Bavarian Motor WorksJaguarBenzHummer ()Cadillac the Cadillac of sth

  • BrainstormingWhat functions do you think a smart car should have? Discuss and list

    Lets take a look at an intelligent car in a movie.

  • Unit 2 Text A Smart CarsExcerpted from Visions: How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century

    Michio KakuAn internationally recognized authority in theoretical physics and environmentA professor of theoretical Physics at the City College and Graduate Center of City University in New York

  • Smart CarsText OrganizationPart One(Paras 1-3)Part Two(Paras 4-9)Part Three(Paras 10-13)

  • Part One, Paragraph 2Language PointsLucrative (L4): adj. producing much money syn.profitablelucrative business / market / contract / job The lobbies of Baghdad's five-star hotels are packed with businessmen fighting over lucrative contracts. There is still an illegal but lucrative trade in ivory between Africa and South-East Asia.

  • Part One, Paragraph 2Language Pointspresently (L5): adv. especially American English at the present time, (syn.-now); in a short time, (syn-soon) This is a relatively clean source of energy compared to presently available nuclear power. Tea will be served presently.

  • Part One, Paragraph 2Language PointsManufacture (L7): v. 1) make goods on a large scale using machineryThe car was designed, developed, and manufactured in collaboration with Honda. 2) n.During World War II, steel supplies were used in the manufacture of weapons.This country imports many foreign manufactures. (pl)Cf- manufacturer

  • Part One, Paragraph 3Background InformationITS (L13): Intelligent transportation systems; encompass a broad range of wireless and wireline communications-based information, control and electronics technologies. Functions of ITS: Help monitor and manage traffic flow Reduce congestion Provide alternate routes to travelers Enhance productivity Save lives, time and money. Examples of Intelligent transportations systems include: Advanced Traveler Information Systems Advanced Traffic Management Systems Incident Management Systems

  • Part One, Paragraph 2ExerciseL4: The automobile industry ranks as among the most lucrative and powerful industries =rank as one of Rank as / among Today's match ranks as one of the most exciting games that these two have ever played. We rank among the safest countries in the world.Double prepositionEx P52

  • Part OneQuestion How important was the automobile industry in the twentieth century?What will happen to cars and roads in the twenty-first century?

    Main idea of Part One: New technology will have a dramatic impact on cars and highways in the 21st century.

  • Part Two, Paragraph 4Language Pointseliminate (L19): v. to completely get rid of sth. that is unnecessary or unwanted; to defeat a team or person in a competition~ sth: eliminate a need/possibility/risk/problemThe credit card eliminates the need for cash or checks.eliminate sth/sb from sthTheir team was eliminated from the World Cup in the first round.Cf-Select the superior and eliminate the inferior (survival of the fittest)

  • Part Two, Paragraph 4Language Pointsvapor (L21): n.The atmosphere always contains some moisture in the form of water vapor. in the air (L21): in the earths atmosphere; if a feeling is in the air, a lot of people feel it at the same timeOr be (up) in the air: uncertain, not yet decidedThere is a strong smell of burning in the air before the eruption of the volcano.There was a sense of excitement in the air.Our trip is still very much (up) in the air.

    Cf- be on / off (the) air/ put on airs airs and graces

  • Part Two, Paragraph 4Language Pointsstart up (L21): if an engine, car etc starts up, or you start it up, it begins working; if you start up a business, company etc, or it starts up, it begins to exist; if a sound, activity, or event starts up, it begins to exist or happen;

    Tax breaks help new companies start up.The anti-virus icon should appear whenever you start up your computer.

  • Part Two, Paragraph 4Language Pointsalert (L22) v. alert sb; alert sb to sthOne fireman alerted the residents and helped them to safety.Campaigns have been carried out to alert the public to the dangers of HIV.adj. be alert to sth. The authorities should have been alert to the possibility of invasion.n. be on the alert for sth. / sb.Be on the alert for anyone acting suspiciously. on full alert / on high alert (=completely ready to deal with a dangerous situation)

  • Part Two, Paragraph 4Background InformationThe latest personal police system that prevents drunk driving

  • Part Two, Paragraph 5Background InformationBlind spot (L27): 1) the part of road that a driver cannot see from the rear-view mirror 2) sth that you are unable or unwilling to understand I have a blind spot where computers are concerned.

  • Part Two, Paragraph 6Language pointsprototype (L29): n. the first model or design of sth. from which other forms are copied or developed Bell uttered to his assistant the words, Mr. Watson, come here; I want you, using a prototype telephone.

  • Part Two, Paragraph 6Language pointsmonotonous (L31): adj. boring because of always being the sameRobots are used in repetitive, monotonous tasks in which human performance might degrade over time.The explorers lived on monotonous diet of rice and vegetables.

  • Part Two, Paragraph 6Language pointsgrossly (L32): adv. extremelyMedical records were found to be grossly inadequate.Cf- gross adj. 1) ant. net Gross profit / weight GDP GNP2) clearly wrong and unacceptable soldiers accused of gross violations of human rights

  • Part Two, Paragraph 6Language pointshazard (L33): n. a danger or riskHazard to/for sth.Polluted water sources are a hazard to wildlife.health/safety hazard- The lead in old paints is a real health hazard.Cf.- hazardous adj.be hazardous to health

  • Part Two, Paragraph 6Language pointstrain sth on/at sb/sth. (L34): aim sth such as a gun or camera at sb or sth

    She trained her binoculars on the bird.Train ones gun on the enemy

  • Part Two, Paragraph 7Language pointsGet/be stuck in sth. (L38): impossible or unable to move; informal unable to escape from a bad or boring situation

    Getting stuck in the traffic for two hours, John was late for his first date with Annie.Mum resented being stuck at home with two young kids.

  • Part Two, Paragraph 7Cultural NotesNavstar- 24 navigation satellites GPS- Global Positioning System

  • Part Two, Paragraph 7ExerciseThey make it possible (L43): review the sentence structurev + it + adj. + to do sth.it: used as object of a verb when the real object is later in the sentence

    P52 structure exercise

  • Part Two, Paragraph 7Language pointsvibrate (L46): v. (cause sth to) move rapidly and continuously backwards and forwards; shakeThe floor was vibrating to the beat of the music.Microwave ovens operate by agitating the water molecules in the food, causing them to vibrate, which produce heat.

    Cf- n. vibration

  • Part Two, Paragraph 8 and 9Language pointsconvert (L52): v. to change sth into a different form of thing, or to change sth so that it can be used for a different purpose or in a different way

    Convert sth. into/to sthStocks can be easily converted to cash.Solar cooking requires a dark pot to absorb the suns rays and convert them into heat energy. Cf- adj. convertiblea convertible currencya convertible sofa

  • Part Two, Paragraph 9Background informationJapans smart car system Associated Press December 27, 2004Our Country V-type Smart Car by Qinghua University

  • Part Two, Paragraph 8 and 9Language pointsCorrelate (L54): v. have a mutual relationship or connection, in which one thing affects or depends on anotherCorrelate (strongly/significantly/closely) with/to sthPoverty and poor housing correlate with a shorter life expectancy.Obesity correlates closely with increased risk of stroke.

    Cf- n. correlationThere is a direct correlation between the best-known brands and the best-selling brands.

  • Part TwoText OrganizationFunctions brought by Advanced technology eliminate traffic accidentswarn of traffic jamsdetermine cars precise locationsParas 4-6 drunk electronic sensors driving warning radars sleepy driving monitoring cameraParas 7Paras 8-9 time taken for signal from satellite to arrive rotations in the steering wheel and position on map sensors in cars tuned to radio signals from Navstar for traffic jamsMain idea of part two

  • Part Three, Paragraph 10Language pointsdrastically (L56): adv. Drastic adj: extreme and sudden, having a strong or violent effect

    The size of the government was drastically cut. ()Drastic changes are needed if environmental catastrophe is to be avoided.()NATO threatened drastic action if its terms were not met.()

  • Part Three, Paragraph 10Language pointsBe poised to (L57): be ready to take action at any moment

    The automobile company is poised to launch its new advertising campaign.The company seems poised for success.The economy is poised on the edge/brink of collapse.