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Name: Crash Recovery SystemPlatform: Alle platformsAbout: This document contains information about all CRS editionsand options, training programs and multiplatform software Contact:

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  • The information in this brochure is carefully compiled and verified by Moditech Rescue Solutions BV.

    Moditech Rescue Solutions BV reserves the right to alter product specifications and/or package components without notice.

    Moditech Rescue Solutions BV does not claim any responsibility for incorrect, incomplete or obsolete information as published in this brochure.

    more information:

    Moditech Rescue Solutions BV

    Herenweg 44, 1718 AG Hoogwoud, The Netherlands

    e-mail:, url:

    Training programsIn addition to the Crash Recovery System information, Moditech Rescue Solutions BV offers a number of training courses on

    emergency response to incidents involving modern vehicle technology and alternative propulsion systems. The set of training

    courses cover everything that rescue workers need to be prepared for. The courses covers information on vehicle safety and

    body construction, restraint systems and alternative propulsion systems as well as general guidelines for emergency operati-

    ons. Participants will also learn how to use the Crash Recovery System with maximum impact.

    emergency response to incidents involving neW vehicLe technology

    In this course participants will get to know the latest in vehicle technology in regards to vehicle rescue and extrication. Follo-

    wing an interactive classroom session, covering aspects like body construction, restraint systems and alternative propulsion,

    participants will directly apply their gained knowledge in both, virtual reality as well as hands-on extrication scenarios. Cut-

    ting and spreading techniques to cope with modern technology challenges are also part of the program along with informa-

    tion on setting up scenarios for practical training.

    emergency response to incidents involving vehicLes With aLternative propuLsion

    In this course participants will get an in-depth view on all important alternative vehicle propulsion systems, their built-in

    safety features and the limitation thereof. Students will learn to adequately assess emergency situations, such as car acci-

    dents, fires or submersions and to take the necessary action focused on maximum efficiency and safety. Emergency response

    will be trained using virtual reality scenarios. Vehicles with alternative propulsion will be on display for a hands-on


    certified instructor program

    The Moditech Certified Instructor Program (MCIP) has been developed specifically to provide rescue instructors with the

    latest knowledge in vehicle technology and how to implement that in their own courses. Members attend training courses at

    Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. where they are trained to deal with all vehicles equipped with new vehicle technology and/or

    alternative propulsion. They learn how to use the information provided in the Crash

    Recovery System efficiently and with maximum impact. This knowledge will enable

    them to incorporate CRS in the emergency response process and during emergency

    services training.Once certified, Instructors become members of the Moditech Cer-

    tified Instructor Community (MCIC). Members of our Certified Instructor Community

    will frequently receive updates on new vehicle technology, training materials and

    virtual reality scenarios helping them to maintain their expertise and build profes-

    sional and up-to date training programs. Refresher courses are also offered on a

    regular basis.

    About Moditech Rescue Solutions BVModitech Rescue Solutions BV is a highly specialized automotive data provider for the worldwide rescue industry based in the

    Netherlands. This includes the development and implementation of mobile information systems for emergency responders.

    The Crash Recovery System, which is used by rescue organizations worldwide, is one of the core products. Moditech maintains

    a close cooperation with the vehicle manufactures and their organizations, to make sure that the data for all mass-production

    vehicles with airbags and/or hybrid propulsion is available in the Crash Recovery System. Moditech works exclusively with

    experts from the rescue industry to prepare vehicle safety information for use on the scene of the accident. The results are uniform

    and interactive vehicle graphics with comprehensive background information and deactivation instructions. In addition Moditech

    provides consultancy for vehicle manufacturers on vehicle rescue related matters and provides new vehicle technology training for

    emergency responders all over the world.

    Extricate occupants quickly and safely using a digital mobile information system

    Crash Recovery System



    Mr. Paul van der Zwaan


  • The conflict between safety and accessibility In the automotive industry new developments and technologies are evolving quickly. The use of high-strength steel, additional

    reinforcements and numerous safety restraint systems in modern vehicles provide excellent protection of the occupants during a

    crash. Due to all these built-in safety systems the occupant survival rates during traffic accidents has increased significantly. Also,

    vehicles are more and more equipped with alternative propulsion systems, making them environmental friendly due to their low


    After the crash however, all these new technologies present new safety hazards and challenges to the emergency services when

    responding to the incident and extricate occupants trapped in the vehicle. Not only the safety restraint systems like airbags

    and seatbelt pretensioner, but also the environmental friendly propulsion systems present

    new safety risks. What does a first responder need to know when such a vehicle

    is involved in an accident? What exactly are the challenges and hazards

    that such vehicles present? What do rescue workers need to now

    to respond safely and efficiently, but most important, what

    knowledge is irrelevant and overkill? It is the mission

    of Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. to provide

    the relevant tools and knowledge required

    to effectively respond to todays traffic

    accidents around the world.

    Extricate occupants safely from crashed vehicles!

    Editions and optionsThe Crash Recovery System software is available in 5 editions: the Lite edition, the Standard Basic edition,

    the Standard Full edition, the RDW edition and the VIN edition. All editions feature manual selection of the vehicle

    through make, model, type and year of the vehicle and have their data stored locally on the device.

    The solution: Know whats inside!Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. has recognized the need of an effective and practical solution for these challenges at a very early

    stage. More than 10 years ago, this awareness led to the development and introduction of the Crash Recovery System: a mobile

    vehicle safety information database available for virtually every laptop or tabletPC and in 18 languages. Using this information

    system at the scene of the accident, emergency services can easily access all rescue relevant information about the vehicle. Today,

    Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. offers emergency services the missing link in emergency response: digital vehicle information

    available on all mobile computer platforms like Windows, iOS and Android.

    The selection of the correct vehicle model is automated by entering the license plate or VIN number (RDW Edition / VIN Edition).

    Using any mobile (3G) internet connection, the correct vehicle model is then selected within seconds. As a backup method in case

    the mobile network is unavailable, manual selection of the vehicle model is always possible as all vehicle data is stored on the

    local hard drive.

    Immediately after completing the selection, an interactive and model-specific top- and side view graphic is displayed on the

    screen. The Crash Recovery System enables emergency responders to access a comprehensive database including all airbag

    equipped passenger cars, buses and trucks (EU only). All the latest technology is included (hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles,

    new airbag technologies and advanced steel reinforcements). The Crash Recovery System contains databases for Australasia,

    Europe and North America. Depending on the country, right hand drive or left hand drive vehicles are available in the database.

    The interactive top- and side view of the vehicle displays all restraint system components as well as other relevant items such as

    the battery, reinforcements, the fuel tank, etc. in a single window. In case of a vehicle with alternative propulsion, a notification

    screen is automatically displayed. In addition, all required disabling procedures

    for a quick and safely deactivation of the vehicle are shown.

    In the graphic display, component information and deactivation instructions for

    hybrid vehicles are easily accessible by clicking on the component of choice in the

    diagram. With this unique functionality, the Crash Recovery System ensures an

    effective and safe extrication process and supports first responders in choosing

    the best and safest methods.

    Official OEM partnerDue to our expertise and experience built up over the years, Moditech Rescue

    Solutions B.V. is exclusive partner of all major car manufacturers (Volvo, Ford,

    Opel, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Renault, Nissan, Mercedes, MAN, etc.). We

    maintain close cooperations, resulting in a an unmatched