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 E E n n n R RR e e e a a a c c c h h  ENERGY RESEARCH CENTER Faculty of Science and Technology University of UIN Suska Riau, Indonesia ENERGY RESEARCH CENTER (EnReach) Address: Level 1, Faculty of  Science and Technology Building University of  UIN Sultan Syarif  Kasim Riau. Jl. HR. Soebrantas No. 115 Km. 15 Panam, Pekanbaru, Indonesia, 28292 Website: www.enreach.or.id eMail: [email protected] Amidst the increasing world’s population and energy consumption, fossil fuel reserve depletion, lack of energy supply in developing countries, and climate change issue, EnReach was established to provide real contribution to help realizing the sustainable energy future, where the economic, social, and environment aspects are approached in a balance.

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    EEEnnnRRReeeaaaccchhhENERGY RESEARCH CENTERFaculty of Science and TechnologyUniversity of UIN Suska Riau, Indonesia

    ENERGY RESEARCH CENTER (EnReach)Address:Level1,FacultyofScienceandTechnologyBuilding




    eMail:[email protected]

    Amidst the increasing worlds population and energy

    consumption, fossil fuel reserve depletion, lack of

    energy supply in developing countries, and climate

    change issue, EnReach was established to provide

    real contribution to help realizing the sustainable

    energy future, where the economic, social, and

    environment aspects are approached in a balance.

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    RationaleEnergy plays an important role for modern society to get a betterquality of life. Various energy resources have been exploited in anincreasing quantity and quality; lightings, house appliances,communication, industry, transportation, and even man-made objectson space.

    However, not everyone have sufficient access to energy. The IEAreported that over 1.4 billion people worldwide, mostly indevelopingcountries, do not have access toelectricity and around 2.7 billion people

    are without clean cooking facilities.In addition, the past and current energy production and consumptionpatterns, have not only been advantaging people and thedevelopments, but unfortunately have also been causing varioussocial and environmental issues.

    The future strategy for energy development must apply the principlesof sustainability which puts the economy, social, and environmentalaspects of energy supply in a balance.

    Improving renewable energy deployments that Indonesia and manyother developing countries are largely endowed, but yet optimallyutilized, is a wise option. This should also be supported with energy

    efficiency actions to provide more useful works with less energyconsumed.

    EnReach was established in 15 September 2011 at the Faculty ofScience and Technology of the University of UIN Suska Riau as amanifest of awareness to help people enlightened with futuresustainable energy.

    EnReachwas established in 15September 2011 at the Faculty of

    Science and Technology of theUniversity of UIN Suska Riau as a

    concern to help people enlightenedby sustainable energy.

    EnReachs vision: become theleading research institution that

    offers a global solutions for localenergy problems

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    Kunaifi - Chief of Board. Areas: renewable power generation systems, energyefficiency, and sustainability principles and measurements. Education: B.Eng inElectrical Engineering, PgDip. in Energy Studies, and M.Sc. in Renewable Energy.E-mail: [email protected]



    Kunaifi Novriyanto Petir Papilo Nesdi Evrilyen

    Rosanda Liliana Zulfatri Aini Yenita Morena

    Novriyanto - Board Member. Areas: Green ICT, IT project management, IT strategyand assessments. Education: B.Eng. in Informatics, M.Sc. in I T Strategic Planning.E-mail: [email protected]

    Petir Papilo - Board Member. Areas: Energy policy and quality control. Education:B.Eng. in Industrial Engineering, M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering.E-mail: [email protected]

    Nesdi Evrilyen Rosanda - Board Member. Areas: green ICT, IT projectmanagement. Education: B.Eng. in Information System, M.Sc. in Information System.E-mail: [email protected]

    Liliana - Board Member. Areas: renewable energy, power systems, power systemprotection. Education: B.Eng. in Power Engineering, M.Eng. in Power Engineering.E-mail: [email protected]

    Zulfatri Aini - Board Member. Areas: Energy efficiency, power systems, powerplanning and analysis. Education: B.Eng. in Power Engineering, M.Eng. in PowerEngineering. E-mail: [email protected]

    Yenita Morena- Board Member (ex. officio as the Dean of the Faculty of Science andTechnology at University of UIN Suska Riau). Areas: Architecture. Education: B.Sc. inCivil Engineering, M.Sc. in Architecture.

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    Installation and monitoring ofa 1.7 kWp PV system on the

    rooftop of Riau Governmentoffice [a collaboration withHAW Germany and RiauProvince Government]

    Energy audit for office building[a collaboration with the Directorate of

    New and Renewable Energy and EnergyConservation of the Ministry of Energyand Mineral Resources of Indonesia andPT. Energy Management Indonesia]

    Memorandum ofUnderstanding with HochschuleAmberg-Weiden, Germany[research and projectcooperation on renewableenergy, energy efficiency, andsustainability in forestry]

    Research collaboration with a studentform Hochschule Amberg-Weiden,Germany on bioenergy.

    Biogas energy potential study[field surveys]

    Develop a Solar Home SystemImplementation concept for Riau Miningand Energy Office

    Contribution to Riauregulation on electricity

    development[policy formulation]


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    How can you help to improve energy supply forless-advantaged eo le in Riau Province?

    EnReach activities you cansupport:

    Research and Development:o Study on sustainable energy project

    potentials [solar, wind, biomass, and micro-hydro]

    o Development of a weather station forrenewable energy researches.

    o Development of renewable energylaboratories and facilities for trainings,workshops, and researches.

    o Development of renewable energy systemdisplays for sustainable energy promotions.

    o Development of a zero emission house.

    o Support for sustainable energy policyformulation [in Regencies and Provinciallevels of governments].

    Real world applications:o Improving sustainable energy access for

    communities in rural villages [electricity forhomes, schools, public facilities, smallenterprises, and health clinics; alternativefuels for cooking; etc.].

    o Energy audits and energy management foroffices, business, and, industries.

    Capacity building support [experts and

    consultations].o Trainings, workshops, and seminars for

    EnReach team members [national oroverseas].

    Together, we can build a

    better Indonesia for our

    children. Please contact our

    Chief of Board at

    [email protected] to

    discuss about your support

    either in the form of donation

    or collaboration of programs.

    Thousands ofhousehold in Riau

    Province are currently

    relying on traditionalbiomass for cooking.

    Many others neverhave electricity.

    You can help them forhaving a better life.

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    ENERGY RESEARCH CENTER (EnReach)Address: Level 1, Faculty of Science and Technology Building

    University of UIN Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau. Jl. HR.Soebrantas No. 115 Km. 15 Panam, Pekanbaru, Indonesia,28292

    Website: www.enreach.or.ide-Mail: [email protected] @2011