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GoJek 'Karya Anak Bangsa' Campaign Analysis

Text of GoJek Campaign


    by Larasati Hapsari 19013031

  • Gojeks Challenge

    To create massive and instant brand awareness

    To create competitive awareness toward

    competitors (GrabBike, BlueJek, etc.)

    To change society perpective about online Ojek and change it into


  • Storytelling Campaign

    Regarding to some controversy between conventional Ojek and Gojek, Gojek launch a storytelling campaign on Youtube and mass media,

    covering how Gojek change the life of the Gojek driver in a video campaign.

  • Through the video campaign series, Gojek is focusing on the social

    impact of how Gojek change people from various background and various

    problem. Starting from single mother with economic problem, ojek driver with community problem and

    how it now changes after they

    joining Gojek.

    Through this campaign, Gojek is trying to deliver social value as a service that is so Indonesian, created from Indonesian, deried from Indonesian culture, to change the live of Indonesian. Gojek also comes with a new tagline Karya Anak Bangsa.

  • Even though the competitors of Gojek provide cheaper fare, Gojek consistenly provide service that claimed as the work of local Indonesian or karya anak bangsa as added value proposition.

    -Nadiem Makarim, CEO of Go-jek Indonesia

  • Why is it interesting?

    By highlighting social impact on the campaign,

    it provides reason why the society of Indonesia

    should accept Gojek service. Instead of

    focusing on why their service is better, Gojek

    tries to associate its company with the social

    impacts it created.

    We know that in Indonesia, there are some objection toward online transportation, due to cultural shock of technology application.

    Therefore for company like Gojek, their first challenge is to educate the market toward technolgy adoption, which is a very hard task to accomplish.

  • It is considered creative because it provides a new approach of branding through delivering a social value rather than technical value.

    Moreover, storytelling methods also provides society a deeper engangement with the brand itself, since it evokes viewers emotions. And brand is about emotion.

  • The channel of this campaign, which is Youtube channel, is also a great channel choice to create more impact through number of viewers. One of the video in this campaign has

    reached more than 2 million viewers.

  • GrabBike Campaign

    Through Youtube Ads, GrabBike also launch an advertising campaign. It only uses song to deliver its brand message Gapake macet, gapake mahal, gapake lama with the melody similar to dangdut and video of Ojek driver dancing. Compared to this ads, Gojek campaign is relatively more emotionally appeling because of the story, value and video quality delivered.

  • Result

    Currently, Gojek is the top of mind brand in term of online ojek transportation in Indonesia

    with an estimation of 60-70% market share in ojek online market and have already reach

    more than 1 million order in 2015.

    Reference: https://id.techinasia.com/perbandingan-layanan-gojek-grabbike-di-indonesia


  • Is it implementable

    in other country?

    Since this campaign objective is delivering a brand message

    through highlighting on social impact, theres a high

    possibility of success if similar campaign is delivered

    in other country toward different product.

  • However, since Gojek campaign include delivering it brand as a part of Indonesian culture, from Indonesian to

    Indonesian therefore these value might only be applicable in Indonesia. If Gojek wants to expand to other

    country, it should change its brand message.