HeMin 14106. He likes fishing, singing,travelling and playing table tennis in his spare time

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Text of HeMin 14106. He likes fishing, singing,travelling and playing table tennis in his spare time

  • HeMin14106

  • He likes fishing, singing ,travelling and playing table tennis in his spare time .

  • Unit 4How do you spend your spare time?

  • Teaching aims:1. Train the ability of speaking.2. Master some useful expressions from the dialogues.3. Try to use some sentences in our daily life.

  • Words and Expressions_____ ______3.____ 4._____5._____ 6._____7.____ 8.____hobbyclubrelaxdefensein ones spare timesharewithhardly evera friends

  • Warm-up Read the activities in the box. Then match them with the correct pictures.singingplaying chessoutingplaying gamestaking photosdoing sportscookingdancing

  • Task Which of the activities above do you like best? What other activities do you enjoy? Discuss your favorite activities with a partner.

  • ExampleA:I like singing. What about you?B: I like singing too. And I also like taking photos.

  • SpeakingWhat is your Part A

  • Task2Read the dialogue and then underline the questions about hobbies in it.

  • Useful Expressions Asking about Hobbies

    What do you do in your spare time?

    Whats your hobby?

    What are you good at?

    Can you play

    What kind of things do you do to relax?

    Possible Reponses

    In my spare time, I like to

    I have many different hobbies.

    I dont have a lot of hobbies .

    Im good at

    Yes, I can play

    I play to relax myself.

  • Pair workTask 3

    Use the expressions youve learned to talk about hobbies with your partner. Then complete the chart With the information you get.

  • Your partners hobbies

    How long has he/she been interested in it?

  • Work in pairs and complete the conversation below.You and your friend are talking about hobbies.You: What do you do in your spare time ?Friend: .You: How long have you been doing that?Friend: Since . What about you? What do you like to do?You: .Friend: I can too, but Im not as good as you.I like to play the violinI was six years oldI like to play table tennisdo that

  • Part BA nice weekend

  • Task 4Ask two classmates about their spare-time activities: what do they do for fun and how often do they do them? Then complete the chart and share your answers withthe class.Time Expression Classmate1 Classmate2Every dayOnce a weekOnce a monthHardly ever

  • How do they spend their spare time? (Talk about your family.)TalkingExtension

  • Homework Master the expressionsand try to make use of them.

  • Thank you!