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HES-HKS & KaoS meeting Toshiyuki Gogami 8/Nov/2012 From Mainz 5/Nov/2012 @ A1 Exp. Hall

HES-HKS & KaoS meeting

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HES-HKS & KaoS meeting. Toshiyuki Gogami 8/Nov/2012 From Mainz. 5/Nov/2012 @ A1 Exp. Hall. Contents. Energy loss study K + : HKS Geant4 e’ : HES Geant4 e : Modified POSI Geant4 . Energy Loss. Prediction ; Landau distribution with uniformly floating peak value. Log scale. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of HES-HKS & KaoS meeting

HES-HKS & KaoS meeting

HES-HKS & KaoS meetingToshiyuki Gogami8/Nov/2012 From Mainz

5/Nov/2012 @ A1 Exp. HallContentsEnergy loss studyK+ : HKS Geant4e : HES Geant4e : Modified POSI Geant4 Energy LossPrediction ;Landau distribution with uniformly floating peak value

Like these ??Log scale()Energy loss simulation by HES,HKS and POSIPOSI for beam energy lossHarver foil is already implemented in this code.Implemented Raster newly.HKS, HES for K+ and e energy lossTransplant harver foil into these code from POSI.

(HESHKS)(POSI)Raster.etcNew ver. GEANT (HES,HKS)G4ThreeVector..etcBeam Energy Loss studyUsed Geant4 simulation code Modified POSIWater ( + harver ) target in the display

Virtual DetectorTargetGeneration point(Uniform in z-direction)SIMULATIONEnergy loss distribution of the simulationFitted by landau function just for edge and tail portionBoron , 56.1 mg/cm2

Determination of the value of energy lossThis edge is the peak value which is derived by the fitting resultsEDGE31 keVBoron , 56.1 mg/cm2Water target with Harver foils

EDGE371 keVHarver foil effectWaterwaterFoilSimulation ResultsTarget< 5 MeV< 1 MeV< 0.5 MeV KawamaToshi7Li160137141121133115133103899Be161141140122132115177 (Chen)1019010B55484740453945


665852Cr15114011310110493947971Water + Harver552429251442*1.6371Polyethylene500436406362240241440 * 0.8349296Unit : keVFilling Blanks nowWikihttp://lambda.phys.tohoku.ac.jp/~db/mediawiki/index.php/%E7%99%BA%E8%A1%A8%E8%B3%87%E6%96%99


Outlook cross sectionPolyethyleneDivide by several bins (