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HES-HKS meeting 2009/2/2 4 T.Gogami

HES-HKS meeting

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HES-HKS meeting. 2009/2/24 T.Gogami. EHODO timing resolution. Run54. Run54(last week)  Run56 difference Change HV With Slewing correction Run54 164[ ps ](last week). ADC. Run56. Setup of Run56. EHODO timing resolution(Run56). With Slewing correction. 2 ch. 1ch. 3 ch. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of HES-HKS meeting

HES-HKS meeting

HES-HKS meeting2009/2/24T.GogamiEHODO timing resolutionRun54(last week)Run56 difference Change HV

With Slewing correctionRun54164[ps](last week)


Setup of Run56Run54Run56EHODO timing resolution(Run56)With Slewing correction

ADC vs TOFTOF=161[ps]1ch2ch3ch4chFormer EHODO timing resolution(Run65)With Slewing correction

EHODO(used in previous experiment)

ADC vs TOFTOF=171[ps]1ch4ch3ch2chCut coercively ADC 1chThen, TOF =150[ps]

Cut coercivelyEHODO timing resolution(Run56)1ch3ch4ch2chIf the slewing correction could be more better, TOF sigma~=150[ps]. UV curing glueUV curing glueHas not arrived

So I tried to bond PMT and scintillator(HTOF2Y) using the glue used Hampton group.

Mission failed ..(Exp. date 20Jan2009)

summaryEHODOTiming resolution TOF sigma~=160[ps](sigma~=150[ps] )UV curing glueIt has not arrived.I cant work on assembling of EHODO & HTOF1Y.

To doEDCCheck assembled EHODOs PMTsTaking data of EHODO, WC