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Introducing Healthy Beginnings Unit 1

I ntroducing Healthy Beginnings

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Unit 1. I ntroducing Healthy Beginnings. Quick Write. Write a definition of what the word health means to you!. Health is a combination of. Physical. Social well-being. Mental/ Emotional. These parts of your health work together to build good overall health. Health Triangle. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • IntroducingHealthy BeginningsUnit 1

  • Health is a combination of These parts of your health work together to build good overall health.

  • Health TriangleWhat do you notice about this triangle?

  • Involves the health of your body.Do you exercise for about an hour a day?

    Do you get plenty of rest each night?

    Do you eat healthy snacks?

  • Physical Health Stays healthy by.Avoid harmful substancesTobaccoAlcoholOther drugsGet 60 minutes of exercise a day.Eat healthy foods Get plenty of rest

  • Involves the health of your mind.Do you feel good about who you are?

    Do you know how to handle stressful situations?

    Do you have a positive attitude about life?

  • Mental/Emotional Health Stays healthy by.Thinking positively Expressing your feelings in healthy ways.Asking for help when needed

  • Involves the health of your relationships.How well do you get along with others?Can you work through problems with others peacefully?Are you a good listenerCan your friends count on you when they have a problem or need advice?

  • Social Health Stays healthy by.Communicating well with others.Having respect for family, friends and acquaintances.Build relationships.

  • Wellness is a state of well-being or total health. All three sides of your health triangle are balanced. A habit is a pattern of behavior that you follow almost without thinking.

    Healthy Habits and Wellness



  • Good Health habits include.Choosing Healthy foodsParticipating in regular physical activityLearning strategies to handle stressGetting along with others.Brushing your teeth.

  • Thinking Critically!Alexandra is feeling upset because she didnt do well in her piano recital.Does this mean that she does not have good total health? What can she do to keep her mental/emotional health in balance.

  • Jordan spends most of his time getting together with friends. They play video games and skateboard. Jordan is not doing very well in school. What do you think his health triangle would look like?

  • Lesson 3Take out your ASSIGNMENT BOOKS!!!HOMEWORK: Individual Health Triangle Project. Due WED: 10/12Get started on. BALANCE YOUR HEALTH worksheet

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