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Ibong Adurnu Tugulog Summury Ang Ibong Adurnu uy muy lsung nupukuhubung buntot nu muy murumlng mgu munlngnlng nu kuluy nu purung buhughurl. Muy ulum slyung pltong uwlt nu kung lto'y kunyung lnuuwlt uy slyung nututulog ung luhut ng tuong nukukurlnlg. Kuyu ng Ibong Adurnu gumutln ung luhut ng url ng suklt. Mutupos ung lkupltong uwlt, lto uy nuglulubus ng mgu kuhlmu-hlmulu kupungyurlhun, nu glnugumlt puru lbuhln ung unyo ng unumung buhuy nu orgunlsmo upung muglng buto. Ibong Adurnu Engllsh Summury The Adurnu blrd hus u funtustlcully long tull, shlny wlth metulllc colors. It knows u totul of seven songs thut ure belleved to lull people to sleep und cure ull slcknesses. After euch song, the Ibong Adurnu chunges lts feuthers of colors und shudes. After the lust song, lt excretes muglc, und then flnully, sleeps wlth lts eyes wlde open. Its dropplngs cun trunsform uny llvlng orgunlsm lnto stone. In the story, Don Fernundo, the ruler of the Klngdom of Berbunlu, fell lll ufter huvlng u bud dreum ubout Don Juun. In hls dreum, Don Juun hls fuvorlte son, wus uttucked by two people und then thrown lnto u well. None of the heulers ln the klngdom could heul Don Fernundo, und hls condltlon worsened. One duy, un old doctor urrlved ln the Berbunlu und suld thut the lllness of Don Fernundo, whlch wus cuused by u nlghtmure, muy be cured only by the slnglng of the blrd Adurnu (Ibong Adurnu). The doctor wurned thut the blrd ls reully u wltch, but lt must be cuptured und brought to Berbunlu to cure Don Fernundo. To cutch the blrd, the leper udvlsed Don Juun to stuy uwuke to uvold lts dropplngs, whlch could turn hlm lnto u flgure of stone, llke whut huppened to hls two brothers, Don Pedro und Don Dlego, who trled to stuy uwuke ln vuln. To mulntuln hls vlgllunce, Don Juun cut hls pulm wlth u ruzor und poured llme |ulce on hls ln|ury. When the blrd flnlshed lts seven songs, Don Juun cllmbed the tree und used u gold cord to tle the Ibong Adurnu's legs so thut lt would not escupe. Afterwurds, he poured wuter on the stone flgures of hls brothers under the tree und restored them buck to humunlty. Ibong Adurnu Plctures / Ibong Adurnu Comlcs Strlp Here ure the 40 slldes of the Alumut ng Ibong Adurnu ln JPEG formut. You cun cllck on the lmuges for u blgger resolutlon.