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Places to go, things to do and people to see in Indiana; featuring food fun, festivals and fairs. Weekend getaways. Travel. September 2015 issue.

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  • On The Cover

    4 l, September, 2015

    Wagnu Beef is a Japanese

    breed of cattle known for its

    intense marbling, production

    of a high percentage of un-

    saturated fat, and delicious

    flavor. Shown is an abundant

    serving from the Joseph De-

    cius Restaurant, raised right

    on the retaurant owners

    farm. See page 10 for details.

    The Indiana WeekenderPublished monthly online by BarnettPRO,

    71 Plymouth St., Plymouth, OH 44865.


    419-687-0002 Email:

    Publisher - Michael Barnett Sr.

    Managing Editor - Kathy Barnett


    Places to Go Editor: Norman Reed

    Things to do Editor: Sheeree Oney

    People to See Editor: Lisa Rhoden

    Graphics Design

    Savannah Mosely / Norman Reed

    Visit our website for event coverage

    between regular issues

    Lets Eat!I admit it. I love food. I tried a diet once or twice.

    Maybe even three times. Didnt like it. Choose notto ever try it again.

    Ive learned, however, that eating healthy is a dif-ferent topic entirely. I feel better and Im happierwhen I make wise choices about what I eat. Thatdoesnt mean I cant go and have loads of fun withthe rest of them while doing so.

    This months special feature is Fabulous FoodieFun. And believe me, there are somefantastic food - related destinationsacross the state. Any time you canblend a meal with another activity,youve got double the fun. Right? Forinstance, have you ever tasted Japan-ese beef? Get ready because we cando it in Roanoke, outside of Ft.

    Wayne. Shown on the cover, see page 10 for details.Now what in the world is a moveable feast? Eatingon the run (or walk) Take an Indy Indie Food Tour tolearn about the latest at a number of restaurants inone evening.

    Its harvest time in Ohio and time for celebrations.Festivals named after the produce are as numerous asthe alphabet. To name only a few, there is the Can-died Apple Festival (P. 18), Wine & Cheese Festival (P.9) and Blueberry Festival (P. 21) All have scheduledfun activities for members of the whole family toenjoy while eating the delicious fruits of the farmerslabor. Even if a festival isnt named after a food,theres sure to be delicious entrees served at the gath-ering. After all, what is a festival or fair without cot-ton candy, elephant ears, a corndog or a candiedapple?

    Last, but certainly not least, theres the popularchile cook os. See them on pages 2 and 20.

    So what is YOUR favorite foodie place to go,food event or culinary person to see? Share withus on facebook for a chance to win a FREE week-end getaway! Results - next month!!

    And as the French chefs say, Bon Appetite

    Kathy Barnett, Managing Editor

    UP CLOSE From the Editor

  • September, 2015, l 5

    Places to Go:

    Chili Cook Off Contest 2Traders Point Creamery 8Greensburg 16

    Whats Inside...

    Special Feature

    Fabulous Foodie Fun 10

    Things to Do:

    Take an Indy Indie Food Tour 6At Caramel Apple Festival 18Watch a Movie 19Calendar of Events 20

    People to See:

    Michael Angelo Caruso 12 Gary Pucket & Union Gap 13Ruby Payne 14

  • Places to Go

    Traders Point CreameryVisitan or-ganic

    dairy farm, anaward-winning artisan cream-ery, and farm-to-table restau-rant in the historic ruralTraders Point area, just 20minutes from downtown In-dianapolis. The happy herd ofBrown Swiss cows providesmilk for the creamerys or-ganic, 100% grassfed dairyproducts, including creamlinewhole milk, chocolate milk,European-style yogurt inplain and fruit avors, Greekyogurt, ice cream, and artisancheeses. The Loft Restaurant,housed in one of the antiquebarns, oers a farm-to-tableexperience for a cozy and ca-sual Lunch, an elegant candlelitDinner, or a leisurely SundayBrunch. Features dishes with or-ganic ingredients, many raisedand grown right on the farm.Dairy Bar serves ice cream andother frozen treats. Restaurant,dairy bar, and farm store opendaily year-round. Daily milkingopen to the public. Self-guidedtours available. During the sum-mer, events include a weeklyfarmers market and Dinner on theDeck on Friday nights.

    THE LOFT RESTAURANTOn the picturesque grounds of

    Traders Point Creamery, an or-ganic dairy farm just outside Indi-anapolis, sits The Loft Restaurant,oering a true farm-to-table expe-rience for Lunch, Sunday Brunch,or a candlelit Dinner. Dine underthe timbers of the restored historicbarn or on the balcony, with a

    view of the pastures and garden.Seasonal menus feature organicand sustainably-sourced ingredi-ents, many grown and made rightat the farm and creamery. Enjoyhomemade soups, unique salads,wild-caught seafood, pasture-raised meats, and fresh vegetablesdishes in the place where food isthoughtfully raised and prepared.The Roost, the private event room,oers beautiful views of the farmand a unique space for your nextprivate or corporate party.

    OKTOBERFEST Saturday, October 10, Noon-

    7pm Celebrate with a whole hogroast, German biergarten, freshfarm fare, PolkaBoy band, artisanfarm market, hayrides, pony rides,and fun farm activities for thewhole family! Dust o yourlederhosen and come celebrateOktoberfest on the farm in the

    German tradition!Theres food,music, and fun forthe whole family

    Live Music AllDay!

    Airstream Betty[12-3pm]

    PolkaBoy Band [4-7pm]Whole Hog Roast + Ger-

    man Farm FareBiergarten + Sun King

    Brewery + Wine Tent

    All day families canenjoy fall farm fun, suchas hayrides, a petting zoo,games, crafts, facepaint-ing, an artisan farm mar-ket and picking apumpkin from the pump-

    kin patch. And while youre hav-ing fun, youll be helping the farmraise money for the Traders Pointpolkaboy2Rural Historic District,a nonprot organization that pro-tects green space around EagleCreek for the enjoyment of gener-ations to come. An additional2,600 acres have been added to theNational Register of HistoricPlaces with the help of our Okto-berfest. This rare honor is only thethird rural historic district to benamed in Indiana. The fundraisrhas donated over $120,000 to theTraders Point Rural Historic Dis-tricts in the last 8 years.

    Tickets are $10, $8 in advancewith children 10 and under free.

    *Note: The Loft Restaurant will beclosed for Lunch and Dinner on Oc-tober 10th to accommodate the Okto-berfest festivities

    8 l, September, 2015

  • 12 l, September, 2015

    People To See:

    Michael Angelo Caruso Red Skelton Theatre - Oct. 28


    DBA/ The Missouri Weekender

    71 Plymouth Street

    Plymouth, Ohio 44865


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