NYPD Reputation Management Plan Kelly Orzechowski

Nypd Rep Mgmt Presentation

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NYPD Reputation Management Plan

Kelly Orzechowski

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Situation Analysis

Occupy Wall Street controversy & allegations of brutality

Stop and frisk program: racial profiling and attempts by officers to “escalate the incident”

Undercover surveillance of Muslim mosques

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Involvement in Occupy Wall Street

Began in September 2011 in Zuccotti Park in NY financial district

“We are the 99%” Clashes with NYPD that often involved

excessive force and brutality WikiLeaks van confiscation

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Zuccotti Raid Footage


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Stop-and-Frisk Program

Controversy that is hurting NYPD’s reputation In Brownsville, Brooklyn in 2009, 93 out of

every 100 residents were stopped A hugely disproportional number of African

Americans and Latinos are stopped and frisked

With huge increase in stop and frisks, only minor increase in guns found

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Community Safety Act

Proposal of Community Safety Act Intro 800-A and Intro 881-A

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg are opposed to the act’s passing

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Internal Issues

Quota for stop-and-frisk needs to be met, otherwise officers face penalization

Causes officers to “escalate incidents” in order to create issues

Corruption at heart of department

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Programming: Issue a Public Apology

Currently does not acknowledge any wrongdoings by the department

Show willingness to address issues regardless of the costs this might present to the department

Do not shift the blame

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Programming: Support Passing of Community Safety Act

NYPD needs to publically support the passing of Intro 800-A and Intro 881-A

Further promotes transparency and drive to address and solve issues

Bloomberg and Kelly: “Will not curtail corruption, because so little exists” This comes across as denying the real problem

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Programming: Third Party Oversight

Involve more third-party organizations to oversee department

Bring in inspector general Currently one of last NYC agencies to operate

without independent oversight

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Programming: Emphasize the Good

Draw focus back to the good things that the department is doing

Create infographics that show decrease in crime over past 23 years

Disseminate using social media, namely FB and Twitter Infographics are shown to get more


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Infographic Example

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Programming: Create Transparency

Heightened level of interaction with the public Mostly through Facebook and Twitter Host weekly Q&A sessions Updates on progress made with internal

affairs Emphasize messages of unity

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Programming: Ad Campaign

Social and traditional media Facebook and Twitter Billboard ads, metro, bus stops

Focus on the members of law enforcement on a personal level

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Programming: PSA Campaign

“Know Your Rights” campaign sponsored by NYPD

For example, citizens are legally allowed to film officers as long as they are not causing an obstruction of justice.

Inform of the need for probable cause for conducting stop and frisks

Shows concern with protecting citizen’s rights

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Opinion polls Sample questions

How is NYPD doing in terms of transparency? How does it compare to transparency in the department in 2011?

Do you feel comfortable and safe around law enforcement officials? How satisfied are you with NYPD’s crime prevention? Are you aware of your rights in regards to the stop-and-frisk policy? Does NYPD live up to its creed of courtesy, professionalism, and

respect? Describe any recent interactions you may have had with a law

enforcement official. Were your rights respected? Did you feel respected as an individual?

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Media impressions for social media campaigns

Number of “shares” for infographics Crowd-sourcing public opinion towards NYPD Assessment of two-way communication

between public and the department

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