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PREPARATION FOR VISA Four Group Exchange Visitors for FSU

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PREPARATION FOR VISA Four Group Exchange Visitors for FSU Slide 2 (A-R) J ( ) J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa J-2 (spouse) (child) Slide 3 NECESSARY EXPRESSIONS Visa Exchange Visitor Hundred Thousand USD 340 ( ) USD 3000 USD 4500 Slide 4 1. Why do you want to go to America? We go there for cooperative education and faculty training. 2. Which university will you go to? Where is it? Ferris State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 3.How long will you stay in America? 12 weeks. Slide 5 4. Who will cover the tuition during you stay abroad? Our school, Changsha Social Work College. 5. What is your plan after you finish your study? I will return to my college on time and use my research to improve my teaching. 6. Is your transcript original? Yes. 7. Have you been to other countries? Yes, I have been to Thailand in 2008 and to South Korea in 2009 for traveling. Slide 6 8. How much do you know about FSU? As I know, Ferris State University is recognized as a leader in career-oriented education and offers associate, bachelor s, master s, and doctoral degrees. 9. Can you talk something about its academic colleges and your research program? There are 8 academic colleges and more than 180 educational programs in FSU. I will do the research of hotel management in the College of Business. Slide 7 1.What is your name? My name is Li Ying 2.Where are you from? Im from Changsha, Hunan. 3.Do you have relatives in America? No. Slide 8 4.In your opinion, what is the most favorite part of America/China? The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The Statue of liberty in New York. The Empire State Building in New York. The Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, the Potala Palace, Huangguoshu Waterfalls Slide 9 5. What is your hobby? I like dancing, singing and traveling in my spare time. 6. Where do you live? I live in Changsha. 7. Where is your Hukou? My Hukou is in Changsha. Slide 10 1. What is your education background? I graduated from Hunan Normal University in 2008 and got my M.A there. Master(s) Degree of Medicine Doctor, Master, Bachelor,associate degree Arts, Science, Engineering, Medicine Slide 11 2. What do you think of your English? I can use English to communicate with others fluently. I can do some basic daily communication in English. 3. What is your plan after you finish the faculty training program? I will apply what I have learned to my teaching and research. Slide 12 1. Who is the supporter of this program? Our college. 2. What is your job? How about your salary? I am a college teacher. My salary is about 60000 yuan in each year. 3. Do you have deposit certification? Yes, here it is. Slide 13 1.What is your plan for studying in America? I will attend the program-related arrangements, such as presentations, discussions, and informal exchanges. And I also will engage in independent research and studies which will help me finish my paper and report. 2.What is your responsibility in your work? My work is to do academic research and to exchange teaching approaches. Slide 14 3.Why do you want to attend this program? Because it will improve my teaching level and expand my horizon. 4.Who will arrange your accommodation in America? Robert Ewigleben. He is in charge of our program. Slide 15 4. Who assigned your 2019? Robert Ewigleben in FSU. 5. Where do you live in America? I will live in Big Rapids, Michigan. 6. Who is your contact person in America? Robert Ewigleben. We call him Bob. Slide 16 1. Give me some reasons that you will come back to China? Because I have my Family here, my lovely daughter, my loved parents and husband. Besides, I love my job in China. 2. Will you go shopping and traveling in America? Yes, but not frequently. 3. Is there anyone help you to finish your DS-160? No, I did it myself. Slide 17 1Mjcy.html 1ODI4.html 2Mzg4.html ThtF_Hk4 ThtF_Hk4

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