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  • 1. EMF & The Paranormal Presented by CAPS By Kimberly Raines

2. EMF stands for electromagnetic field. This is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It is called electromagnetic because it contains properties of both magnetism and electricity. What is EMF? 3. MAN MADE SOURCES Electrical appliances X-rays Wi-Fi Modems Remote controls Cordless and mobile phones Earths magnetic field Visible light Lightning NATURAL SOURCES Where Does It Come From? 4. The EM spectrum contains visible light, radio waves, microwaves, x-rays, etc. The Electromagnetic Spectrum 5. EM waves travel in straight lines at the speed of light. All EM waves have a frequency and a wavelength. Frequency is measured in Hertz. These waves are also referred to as ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Exposure to ionizing radiation has known side effects. Basics of Electromagnetism 6. Albert Einstein: E=mc2 Matter/ energy cannot be created or destroyed. Matter and energy are different forms of the same thing. Matter can be turned into energy and energy can be turned into matter How Does This Relate To Ghosts? 7. Tiny electrical currents exist in the human body. Digestion, brain activity, heart function and the central nervous system function through the rearrangement of charged particles. Is it possible that these electrical processes carry on in some fashion after death? Is this the mechanism of a ghost? EMF And The Human Body 8. States that the EMF carried by the brain is the actual carrier of human consciousness. This is also known as the CEMI theory CEMI=Conscious Electro Magnetic Information Field by Johnjoe McFadden (2002) Another researcher, Dr. Susan Pockett , suggests that the EM field comprises a universal consciousness that experiences the sensations, perceptions, thoughts and emotions of every conscious being in the universe. Many scientists refute these theories Electromagnetic Theory of Consciousness 9. EMF is measured in terms of frequency. Frequency is measured in hertz. Some EMF meters measure in milligauss which is a measurement of the strength of the radiant field rather than frequency. These meters can be used to track the source of an EMF. How is EMF Measured? 10. Measures natural and manmade EMFs including radio and microwaves Measures in 3-D (3-axis) Can also measure ELF (extremely low frequency) and VLF (very low frequency) Detects static and fluctuating fields Very sensitive-range of 25ft Audible alarm Types of EMF Detectors Tri-Field Meter 11. Measures manmade EMFs including RF and ELF fields Measures in a single axis. Range of 10 ft Audible alarm Types of EMF Detectors Cell Sensor 12. Made popular by the Ghost Hunter TV show. Detects manmade EMFs including ELF/VLF Measures in a single axis Range of 10 ft LED display Instantaneous response to EMF spikes and fluctuations ONLY detects fluctuating fields Types of EMF Detectors K II meter 13. Inexpensive low tech solution. Allows you to hear EMFs Picks up EMF from electrical motors, electronic equipment, etc. Simply turn the dial to where there is no station and little noise Then walk around and place it close to electrical outlets, exposed wires, fluorescent lights, etc w/speaker facing you. Choose a radio that does not have digital controls as these have built-in anti-static devices. EMF will manifest as static Types of EMF Detectors AM Radio 14. Inexpensive low tech solution. Best for detecting natural fields (Earths magnetic field outdoors) Keep compass flat and walk in a straight line Stand still to take readings Use a compass with a freely moving needle Magnetic deposits (which are linked to hauntings) will attract the needle as will overhead powerlines North NEVER moves, once above interferences have been ruled out, even a slight shift is significant Check again another day, true hauntings are transitive and should not yield the same results day after day Types of EMF Detectors Compass 15. Although EMFs are a scientific, measurable phenomena, there is no way to prove a correlation between EMF changes and ghosts Decades of study have found no verifiable link between NORMAL levels of EMF pollution and short or long term health effects. However, exposure to complex EMF may cause hallucinations EMF-Other Considerations 16. External EMF And The Body Humans have always existed in a sea of natural EMF. However, the increasing use of cellphones, wireless networks, and other technologies has increased our exposure to manmade EMF. How does this increase interact with the body? 17. According to Persinger and St.Pierres 2006 study, 15 years of study have shown that the sensed presence of a sentient being can be evoked by applying a very specific weak magnetic field to the brain. According to a 1999 report from the WHO, ELF electrical fields can induce an electrical charge on the skin causing body hair to vibrate. In the same report, volunteers exposed to an ELF magnetic field experienced faint visual flickering sensations. EMF-Other Considerations 18. I was unable to find any scientific documentation or legitimate study on the subject of fear cages" and manmade EMF. On the other hand, research suggests that infrasound (20Hz-22kHz) can produce feelings of sorrow, anxiety, chills and dizziness in some people Dr. Michael Persinger has linked changes in the Earths geomagnetic field to UFO sightings and other anomalous reports The Fear Cage Effect 19. EHS is a perceived sensitivity to EMF Suffers experience very real symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, headache, heart palpitations, etc seemingly in response to EMF exposure. 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