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Business English Usage2


  • 1. The Abbreviation of the Four Topics

2. verbs

  • 1. Arising Chinaisanew engine of growth for the world economy.

3. 3.(Types of Verb)

  • (Intransitive Verb) (Transitive Verb)
  • 3.1(Intransitive Verb)
  • The official slept well last night.


  • 3.2(Transitive Verb)
  • The customer killedthe companys guard .

5. Three forms of verb

  • 3 3
  • 1Present verb
  • 2Past verb
  • 3Past Participle

6. 1Present 2Past 3Past Participle writewrote written export exported exported import imported imported intend intended intended AllocateAllocated allocated reward rewarded rewarded Perform Performed Performed 7. Past tenses Simple tenseContinuoustensePerfect tensePerfect continuous tensePresent tenses Simple tenseContinuoustensePerfect tensePerfect continuous tenseFuture tenses Simple tenseContinuoustensePerfect tensePerfect continuous tense 8. Helping VerbAuxiliary verb

  • Verb to beis, am are, was, were,
  • Verb to havehave,has, had
  • Verb to doDo, does, did
  • Will, would, shall, should
  • May, Might
  • Can, could
  • must, need, dare, ought to, used to

9. Business-card-sized music CDs

  • GRAMMY Entertainment yesterday unveiled its plan to launch business-card-sized music CDs in mid April, which it expected would sell one million units a year.


  • Thailands biggest entertainment company claimed that it was the first in the world to launch the novelty format.
  • The cards representGrammys aggressive marketing strategy to expand its customer base and its commitment to bringing innovation to the market.


  • Eachcredit-card-style disk, aimed at teenagers, will contain one song from a Grammy artist and feature his or her picture.
  • In the middle of the year, the company will launch a second version of the cards, enabling users to play video and karaoke clips by snapping them into the computer slot.


  • What makes both versions attractive is that they cost only Bt50 apiece.
  • Grammy Entertainment has made an exclusive distribution deal with the leading convenience-store chain 7-Eleven, which will promote the cards at its 1,500 outlets across the country, said Apirak Kosayodhin, president and chief executive of Grammy Entertainment.


  • Grammys aim is for the limited-edition cards to be collectable items among teens.They will feature the labels 20 artists, including LoSo, Mos, Christina, and Nicole.


  • It expects to sell over 100,000 cards every month, accounting for 30 percent of the companys recorded-music Cd sales. Grammy Entertainment has been conduction lab tests on the name-card-sizes adds for six months and has invested in a CD-production line.It has also employed new technology to increase the colour resolution of the cards artist picture.


  • A company source said that after research, it has found that the price or Bt50 was low enough to make them affordable.


  • The music giant is negotiating with foreign record companies to promote the hit songs from artists like Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys via the novelty cards.


  • After each limit-edition card sells out, Grammy will allow collectors to sell them via its e-commerce site know there will be lots of demand and they be sold out, he said.