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Get ready for the lesson!Good afternoon, children! Sit down, please. Lets begin our lesson.

First of all lets practise our pronunciation. The tongue twister.Repeat after me:

Betty bought some butter, but the butter Betty bought was bitter,

So Betty bought some better butter to make a bitter butter better,

But the bitter butter makes the better butter bitter.

Well done!

So, I want to draw your attention to this interactive board with a little game for you. Your task is to split into groupsAnd I will show you some questions and you should give your answers, after that I will display correct answers.( )Thank you very much. Weve got the winner group. So, I wander if youve guessed the topic of our todays lesson? Yes, you are quite right!Today, class, we are going to speak about Art and its genres, we are going to describe pictures, practise listening skills and read the text about art genres in order to enlarge your knowledge in this sphere.So, and first, we are going to practise your listening skills. You know that nowadays there are a lot of modern artists and painters with their thinkings and views. Evhenia Gapchinska is one of them. You will listen about this Ukrainian painter. Your task is to listen to the text and answer the questions.( )Good afternoon, teacher!

Betty bought some butter, but the butter Betty bought was bitter,

So Betty bought some better butter to make a bitter butter better,

But the bitter butter makes the better butter bitter.

( 1)

, , , . .The topic of our lesson is Art, Painting, Genres of Art

d ex. 2 p. 156

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6. At previous lesson we spoke about Art. Nowadays teenagers arent very interested in art, but I think that its important for well mannered person to broaden his horizon. Some of you are interested in music, sport, movie and today everyone will be involved in the world of Art.Painters and their craft are described as:

Fashionable artist, mature artist, portrait, landscape painter, mythological painter, historical subjects, portrays people, emotions with moving sincerity, restraint, reveals the persons nature, exposes the dark sides of the life, executes, conveys, depicts, represents, attains, glorifies, evokes, radiates, penetrates, catches, captures

Colouring(light and shade):

Subtle colouring, combine form and colour into a harmonious unity, pure, vivid, brilliant, intense, soft, delicate colours, light and shade; primary colours; semi-tones; highlights

Impressions/ judgments:

Moving, lyrical, romantic, poetic, exquisite piece of painting, unsurpassed masterpiece, dull, depressing, disappointing

You should describe the given pictures with the help of phrases.Well, now one person from each group should represent your description to the classSo, you`ve made a great work. Well done!And the time for relax has come.

Lets sing a song ( 3)

(ex. 3 p. 157) ( 2)


This painting is made by a mature artist Ivan Shyshkin. The painter depicts forest landscape. We can see beautiful and towering pines, oaks and birches. The artist used subtle colouring, combined form and colour into a harmonious unity. My impressions are lyrical, poetic and romantic.

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) ) ) : 6. So, we continue working on our todays topic.

Of course, you are eager to know more about art genres. And we are going to read the text with some interesting tusks.Look through the words in the Vocabulary File. Consult the dictionary to know their meanings.Please, read the text and try to understand (ex. 6 p. 158)Choose statements (A-L) for the paragraphs (1-5). There are two choices which match each genre. There are two statements which you dont need. Complete the table.

Comment on your choices. Find the correspondent facts in paragraphs and read them aloudRead and complete the sentences

Your task is to choose one art genre and speak about it and explain why youve chosen this genre and the others should understand about what you are speaking.

Excellent! Your answers were brilliant.Thank you for your great answers.

(ex. 5 p.157)


Example: A portrait is an Art genre which depicts peoples facial expressions and their character (G) and can be created not only with the help of brush but with a camera as well(L). Because A Portrait can be a painting, a sculpture and a photograph and the aim of a portrait is to depict the character and the attributes of the subject. (ex. 7 p. 59)Example:

1. The aim of a History painting is to elevate the morals of the whole community.

So, I want to tell you about landscapes. This genre of painting depicts a divine harmony of nature and a calm confidence, the viewer is involved into majestic atmosphere of the scenic view of marvelous meadows, breathtaking valleys and hills. The artist represents his feelings for natures grandeur and immensities. I like this Art genre the most, because I like nature and even if I cant see the landscape in reality I can admire the painting as well.

III. 1. 2. 3.

4. So, children weve learnt a lot of information about Art, Art genres and paintings. And now I suggest you to become real modern artists and paint. We are going to draw a portrait of our class.

Write down your home assignment Ex. 9 p. 160

You have done a great work at the lesson! Thank you!

Your marks for the lesson are

Good bye! Have a nice day! . .


https://yadi.sk/d/46auqUtdcwBCq 2



https://yadi.sk/d/Jb0ZVSiTcwBTvBody Language

If you say something to meAnd you meanYou mean what you sayAnd you're wanting my attentionThere's a game you must play

Body language

Use your eyes and your faceWords have no placeMove your body in a wayThat I will know what you say


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