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Under The Guidance Of Mr. Rakesh Panda(Sales Team Leader)Submitted by:Deepak Kumar KanungoRoll No- 1006292003GEC,BBSR

Summer Internship Project Report Customer Attitude on Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd.Under the guidance Prof. M.S.R SeshagriHOD,(MBA) GEC, Bhubaneswar For the partial fulfillment ofMaster In Business Administration



Coca-Cola was created in 1886 by John Pemberton, a pharmacist in Atlanta, Georgia, who sold the syrup mixed with fountain water as a potion for mental and physical disorders.Coca-Cola was the leading soft drink brand in India until 1977 when it left rather than reveals its formula to the government and reduce its equity stake as required under the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) which governed the operations of foreign companies in India. After a 16-year absence, Coca-Cola returned to India in 1993, cementing its presence with a deal that gave Coca-Cola ownership of the nation's top soft-drink brands and bottling networkInterbrain's Global Brand Scorecard for 2003 ranked Coca-Cola the #1 Brand in the World and estimated its brand value at $70.45 billion

Coca-Cola ranks no.1 brand in the world by the business world survey followed by companies like Microsoft and IBM.Coca-Cola is the market leader in the whole world in beverage industry.Business week magazine ranks coca cola on 4th position in the India fmcg industry.Coca-Cola enjoys approx 60% market share in Indian beverage industry

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYTo find out the present status of THUMSUP, COKE, SPRITE, LIMCA, FANTA, MAAZA at the retail outlets in the area.To study the receipting of brand among retailers.The study helps to know the distribution and marketing strategy of the company.To find out available opportunities in the market by finding gaps in competitors penetration.To collect data from retailers for the activation of new channels.Find out ways increase sales new lunches to different channels.To study the presale concept of the coke. To study the pre-sales concepts of the coca cola company





SWOT ANALYSIS1.STRENGTHS:-DISTRIBUTION NETWORK: The Company has a strong distribution network consisting of a number of efficient salesmen, 700,000 retail outlets and 8000 distributions. The distribution fleet includes different modes of distribution, from 10-tonne trucks to open bay three wheelers that can negative through narrow alleyways of Indian cities and trademarked tricycles.STRONG BRANDS: The coca cola has been named the worlds top brand for fourth consecutive year in a survey by consultancy inter brand, it was estimated that the coca cola brand was worth $70.45 billion. People all over the world enjoy coca cola brand more than 1.3 billion times per day.COST OF OPERATION: The production, marketing and distribution systems are very efficient due to forward planning and maintenance of consistency of operations, which minimizes wastage of both time and resources, leads to lowering of costs.

2. WEAKNESSES:LOW EXPORT LEVELS: The brands product by the company is brands produced worldwide there by making the export levels very low. In India, there exists a major controversy concerning pesticides and other harmful chemicals in bottled products including coca cola. Therefore, people abroad, are apprehensive about coca cola products from India.

SMALL SCALE SECTOR RESERVATIONS LIMIT ABILITY TO INVEST AND ACHIEVE ECONOMICS OF SCALE:The companys operations are carried out on a small scale and due to Government restrictions and red-tapism, the company finds it very difficult to invest in technological advancements and achieve economies of scale.

3. OPPORTUNITIES: Coca cola India claims a 60.1 per cent share of the soft drinks market; this includes a 42 percent share of the cola market. Other products account for 18.1 percent market share, chiefly led.

4. THREATS:IMPORTS: As India is developing at a fast pace, the per capita income has increased over the years. If consumers sift onto imported beverages rather than have beverage industry as a whole in turn affecting the sales of the company.TAX AND REGULATORY SECTOR: The tax system in India is accompanied by a variety of regulations at each stage on the consequence from production to consumption. Therefore, this can limit the growth of the company and pose problems.SLOWDOWN IN RURAL DEMAND: Low per capita disposable income, large number of daily wage earners, poor roads; power problems; and inaccessibility to conventional advertising media. All these problems might lead to a slowdown in the demand for companys products.CHANGING OF CONSUMERS PREFERENCE: The company should keep an eye on the change performance of the consumer.


The research includes the study which was descriptive in nature. It basically aims about how coke schemes plays in the mind of shopkeepers and the consumers.The study includes two methods-PrimarySecondaryPrimary includes the following ways-ObservationExperimentSurveyHere we include the primary method of survey Research instruments-Questionnaire A printed questionnaire was their to make the survey.SECONDARY DATAfor the secondary data was not available so it is taken from company records.

LIMITATIONSTransportation was the major problem we faced during the project.The total market is not cleared. We have to collect information from the people regarding the shops address in different location.Outlets who are interested to cell coca cola products, they generally demand for free company fridge, which is not possible to give to all.The availability of ice box and fridge is limited.FINDINGSAccording to the demand of outlet owners, deliveries of products are not made available in the outlets.Efficient brands of coca cola are not available in outlets.Sales people and delivery persons do not visit the outlets on regular basis.Advertisement material is not available in the right time at the right place i.e. Different channels like Grocery, convenience, E&D.Many outlet owners have complains on improperly working visicooler i.e. its cooling capacity is low or its lights are not working.Improper management is seen as no machines visit the outlet despite of complaints issued by outlet owners.Visicoolers are not placed at their prime locations in many outlets.Many outlets owners express deep in satisfaction towards coca cola as they do not get any prize or cash discount as they receive from other companies.

FACTSThe most popular flavor is THUMSUP in the whole market.Coca cola is the market leader and Pepsi is the market challenger.Thumsup has the highest sales from the coca colas side and from the Pepsis side mountain Dew has the highest sales.Aquafina has more sales then kinley in mineral water segment.Pepsi provides more schemes then coca cola.Sprite has the fastest grownup brand in the clear lime segment in the recent years.In the off season when the sale is reduced retailers want more schemes.Minute maid has not getting good response from the market.

SUGESSTIONSDelivery position should be maintained to get good return from the market.The company must try to make different brands of coca cola available at every retail outlet whether it is large or small, otherwise the consumer may for substitute.Sales person and delivery persons should properly monitor the market whether stocks are available and properly utilized in the market or not.We can provide them beautiful display racks, tablemats, menu- cards etc, containing the trademark and brand name of the company.Display material should be provide to the retailer on more regular basis to increase the sales level.Maintenance work of refrigerator; i.e. purity must be improved.The company should take steps to replace damaged or unsellable coca cola goods frequently from the retailers.The company employees should make direct contact with the consumers, so that they may aware with real situation of the market and consumers attitude towards the product. For this they can arrange awareness camps in different locations.At every petrol pump we should install fountain machine. It will helpful in generating impulse and also was awareness about the products of the company among the consumers.

CONCLUSIONIn the due course of time of project which lasted for 6-weeks, I got the chance of visiting 350 outlets and also interact with each and every person of those outlets in Bhubaneswar. By formal interaction with the dealers and retailers, I got to know many things from the outlets. In this particular city coca cola is doing well as compared to Pepsi. But there are few mixed outlets too. So to increase the market share of coca cola it should tap all the mixed outlets. About 80% of market is owned by it, yet more is expected to be achieved. In khurda if coke will do the direct operation then the margin will go to the company and as result company will generate more profit. The company should overcome the drawbacks also.Companys new them JO DIKHTAHAI WHO BIKTAHAI is working efficiently. Still tent card and combo boards activation is still not there in many eateries and trinkeries. Hence it should be done very soon. Even various promotional schemes and offers should be given in all modern trades.So, considering these problems if coca cola company looks after these problems and tries to rectify it then definitely coca cola would be the numb